Thursday, 2017-07-27

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zhiyuanhi dongfeng, you are online02:34
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zhiyuanhi dongfeng03:19
zhiyuanfor the two "verify" scripts, we just leave them there. they will be removed later03:20
dongfengok. so "RegionOne" will be left unchaged03:21
dongfenggot it.03:21
dongfengcan you help me to test a command, my env is crushed.03:22
dongfengI am installing it now03:22
zhiyuanand for the external network creation command, just follow Joe's suggestion to put the name at the ned03:22
dongfengI put it to end03:22
dongfengbut turn up an error03:22
dongfengplease test this command : neutron --os-region-name=CentralRegion net-create --router:external True --provider:network_type vlan --provider:physical_network extern --availability-zone-hint RegionTwo ext-net03:23
dongfengen. I put it to tail and got an error: fail to convert ext-net to bool03:23
zhiyuanoh i see, the "True" is not needed03:24
zhiyuani guess03:24
zhiyuanneutron --os-region-name=CentralRegion net-create --router:external --provider:network_type vlan --provider:physical_network extern --availability-zone-hint RegionTwo ext-net11103:26
dongfengso True is not needed?03:27
zhiyuanand works03:27
zhiyuanrouter:external           | True03:27
dongfengI will update it now. thx03:28
zhiyuanIt's strange that --router:external is not registered as a command parameter03:31
dongfengopenstack neutron --help can find either03:31
zhiyuancode doesn't register it neither03:32
dongfengbut neutron netowrk list can filter by --router:external03:32
dongfengopenstack neutron --help can't find either03:33
zhiyuanyes, because it's only registered in list command03:33
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dongfenghi, zhiyuan09:18
dongfengare you online?09:18
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