Thursday, 2017-07-20

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dongfenghi, joe,06:56
joehuanghi dongfeng07:23
dongfenghi, I plan to add pagination/marker/filter to routing list of tricircleclient.07:23
dongfengI'm not sure whether all of them are necessary07:24
joehuangit's good to have07:26
dongfengthen routing list with filter is like: openstack multiregion networking job --resource-type network, is it right?07:28
dongfengopenstack multiregion networking routing --resource-type network07:28
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joehuangyes, filter can be added for list command07:44
dongfenglike this:  openstack multiregion networking routing --resource-type network ?07:44
joehuangopenstack multiregion networking routing list --resource-type network07:44
joehuanglist is missing07:45
dongfengI miss it.07:45
joehuangyou can check network or port, they provided filter07:45
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