Wednesday, 2017-06-28

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joehuangwe start the meeting at #openstack-meeting now01:01
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joehuanghello, dongfeng02:13
joehuangcurrently we have to cache the neutron url from keyston02:19
joehuangbut in keystone federation scenario, through pod's region name information, we may not able to get the neutron endpoint02:20
joehuangso how to deal with the neutron endpoint url in federation scenario02:20
dongfengyou mean we need access distributed keystone and get info from them?02:24
zhiyuanjoe's idea is to provide an API for admin to configure the endpoint02:28
dongfengchange the path "" to another value?02:32
zhiyuanas you know, endpoints for services(like neutron) are retrieved from keystone and stored in our database02:33
zhiyuanin the keystone federation scenario, we may not directly retrieve endpoints from keystone, so we need to manually configure them02:35
dongfengin federation scenario, how do we know the endpoint?02:37
dongfengget it from each keystone?02:37
zhiyuanwe expose an API and admin manually add it02:42
dongfengread the endpoint from db and show it?02:43
zhiyuanno, admin knows the endpoint, so add it to Tricircle02:44
dongfengCachedEndpoint saves all the values?02:45
dongfengor add it to cached_endpoints?02:46
dongfenganother round of crud operations for endpoints?02:50
zhiyuanhmm, this needs discussion. whether add the endpoint to cached_endpoints table, or pods table02:50
zhiyuanno need for a complete CRUD support i think02:51
dongfengyou mean 1) we can config directly 2) add it to db02:51
zhiyuan1) we get it from keystone 2) admin set it via API, both needs to write to the db02:52
dongfengwe get endpoints from different keystone?02:53
dongfengthe workflow is clear, but I don't know how to implement02:55
joehuangAdmin can know the endpoint url through other ways, then fill it into tricircle02:55
joehuanghow to implement could be discussed02:56
dongfengok. how to fill? zhiuan said it may not through write to pods/endpoints table02:57
zhiyuanthrough write to db, whether write to pods table or endpoins table needs discussion02:58
dongfengif we got the endpoint info, why not write it to endpoints table?02:59
zhiyuan(1) add a new field to pods table to store the manually configured endpoint (2) add a field to endpoints table to mark it as static02:59
dongfengan endpoint is an pod info/03:00
zhiyuanoh, after reading the code, I think no need for a "static" mark, since we only update endpoints that can be retrieved from keystone03:01
zhiyuanif one endpoint is manually configured by admin, meaning that it cannot be retrieved from keystone, it will not be changed03:02
dongfengmanually config won't be troublesome? what if it is changed later/03:03
zhiyuanyeah, the hard work is left to admin03:05
zhiyuanA better solution is to retrieve endpoints from other keystones. I haven't played with a federated keystone environment, so not quite know the details03:07
dongfengcan you show me what's the endpoints info looks like? I mean the data model03:09
dongfengit seemed it not looks like item in pod/cached_endpoint table03:09
joehuangthe priority for this enhancement is not very high03:12
joehuangwe can delay when people ask for it03:13
zhiyuanFirst we better figure out how keystone federation works with a federation environment.03:14
dongfengif federated keystone has shared db then this work may become easier?03:15
zhiyuanas I konw, federated keystone doesn't use shared db03:16
dongfengmy initial idea is to create another table in tricircle to collect the endpoint info03:17
zhiyuanthe challenge is how to collect the endpoints, I think the current cached_endpoints table is enought to store endpoint info03:18
dongfengif collection process of endpoint can be dynamic, then we won't worry whether the collected item is changed later. just update if needed.03:22
zhiyuanyeah, if we can retrieve endpoints from each keystone under a federated keystone setup03:33
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MeherI introduce myself; Meher Hihi; I am doing my internship at Orange Labs Networks Lannion-France for the diploma of computer network and telecommunications engineer.  I am working on innovative distribution solutions for the virtualization infrastructure of the network functions and more specifically on the Openstack Tricircle solution, which is why I join your community to participate in your discussions and learn from your13:23
MeherIndeed, I try to install Tricircle on a single node by following this documentation “”. I managed to install Devstack without any problems, but when I modify the local.conf file by adding the Tricircle plugin integration and the HOST_IP, the script does not want to work and stops on an error of Start of the Keyston13:23
dongfengI am a student but also a developer in tricircle.13:25
dongfengyou mean do you installed a single node of tricircle successfully?13:27
MeherHave you tried installing Tricircle on a single node with Devstack?13:28
dongfengI can install a single node by Devstack.13:28
MeherNo I just managed to install Devstack without Tricircle13:28
MeherWhat is weird, I added only the local.conf file lines HOST_IP and enable_plugin tricircle, and the script no longer works while it was running in the installation Of Devstack without Tricircle, it stops on a startup error of Keystone. I wanted to know if someone has encountered this problem.13:31
dongfenga node with out tricircle is in multi-node installation scenario. under this circumstance, only HOST_IP is need to changed to the central host ip13:32
dongfengI install one node recently.13:33
dongfengplease wait a minute I will show you my local.conf file13:34
MeherOkay thank you!13:35
dongfenghello, this is my local.conf file for one node:
dongfengwhat's the differences in the files between us?13:38
MeherThe address you put in HOST_IP is the address of the machine?13:38
MeherThe configuration I have is minimal since I followed
dongfengthis is my ifconfig info:
dongfengwhen I install a node, I observe the multi-pods installation guide but at last I only install one node.13:40
dongfengbecause I only need one node environment for test use.13:41
MeherI will try to install with the documentation of multi-pods13:42
dongfengyou can run ./ and ./ and then use my local.conf13:42
MeherThank you very much for the help13:42
dongfengthat's all right.13:42
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