Thursday, 2017-06-08

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dongfenghi, joe01:26
joehuanghi dongfeng01:41
dongfenghello, when get all the resource routings from the db, I want them to show like pprint--I want to format them01:42
dongfenglike this:
dongfengBut I don't know whether the return value for REST API can be formatted. if not formatted, all values are not human readable. can you provide a trick to handle this?01:47
joehuangyes, if the readable information is managed on server side (with mapping) then it02:08
joehuangit's more maintainable02:09
dongfengas the links( shows, I want to make the 'resource_routings_links' listed after the "resource_routings", "OrderedDict" can help, but I want to make a further step, make the json data more human readable.02:14
dongfengyou mean use mapping?02:16
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joehuangYipei, could you update the document, replace cross OpenStack L2 network to cross Neutron L2 network, because Tricircle can work both in multi-region and nova cells v207:01
joehuangit's good to check other places regarding to cross OpenStack L2 network07:02
joehuangin doc/source07:02
Yipei_ok, sure07:05
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