Thursday, 2017-04-06

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dongfenghello, joe, are you online?02:46
joehuanghello dongfeng03:24
dongfengI met some questions and sent an mail to you03:25
joehuangcould you send me again, overloaded for there are too many mails03:25
dongfengok, I have sent it agin.03:27
joehuangdongfeng, you need to check the concole.html for the Failed items03:40
joehuangjust reply in the mail03:40
dongfengyes, those errors I have known it.03:42
dongfengI don't know why these errors happens03:42
dongfengbecause it lacks of dependency/03:42
joehuangyou can check it local04:02
joehuangmaybe the client version has to be upgraded04:02
joehuangyou can update the requirements.txt like what has been updated in Tricircle04:02
joehuangand may be microversion support issue, you may have to sync microversion patch first04:03
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dongfengin trio2o, python-cinderclient!=1.7.0,!=1.7.1,>=1.6.0 # Apache-2.0. in Tricircle, python-cinderclient>=2.0.1 # Apache-2.006:55
joehuangplease update requirements.txt test-requirements.txt06:59
dongfengonly for python-cinderclient?06:59
Yipeihi, joe, i checked the log07:00
joehuangif other dependent package's version changed, update them too07:01
joehuanghi Yipei07:01
Yipeiwhen nova use its client to add a network adapter to the amphora07:01
dongfenggot it. I will update all the versions and keep them same with Tricircle.07:02
Yipeithe client use rpcapi to call the operation of attaching interface07:02
Yipeithere is something wrong with messaging07:03
Yipeithe error is MessagingTimeout: Timed out waiting for a reply to message ID XXXXX07:04
Yipeithe error is found in nova api07:06
joehuangNova should call local Neutron api, so please check nova.conf, whether the neutron is point to the local Neutron for nova07:10
dongfengI found commit message for requirement.txt update is only one line, will use one line too?07:11
dongfengwill I use one line too?07:12
joehuangthat was done by bot07:12
dongfenggot it, bot is a robot?07:13
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Yipeihi, joe, please see the detailed configuration of tricircle here #link
joehuangwhat's the message is timeout?09:29
joehuangI have to leave now, discuss tomorrow09:29
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