Friday, 2017-03-10

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dongfenghello, zhiyuan, for how to deal with the job delete and job redo, should them be written to the spec?03:43
dongfenghere is the simple description of the delete and redo work. the link is:
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joehuangto Dongfeng, it's good to add it to the doc.06:17
dongfenghello, joe, zhiyaun's suggestion: One suggestion, shall we change url from /v1.0/job to /v1.0/jobs? Since we are using plural form for pod API and routing API06:31
dongfengto joe, I will add the description of delete and redo work in doc. It seems that zhiyuan's ieda is good, I plan to change /v1.0/job to /v1.0/jobs.06:34
dongfenghelli, zhiyuan,one question: if the project_id is the one to creates and runs the job, it is not necessary to specify it when create job.06:57
dongfengthe job creation code:
dongfengwe directly extract project_id from context.07:00
joehuangnot from context, the job creation is mostly called by admin, so the project_id in context is admin project, but admin can create a job for specified project(non-admin), so need to provide it in the creation body07:12
dongfengif admin create a job for tenant A, then the project_id of the job is A' project_id?07:15
dongfengin this Admin API, project_id should be specified by user. but in other place, project_id is from the context, is it correct?07:19
joehuangno, job is not visible for general user07:31
joehuangAdmin will create a job in case of something wrong, it's for maintainance purpose07:32
dongfengcurrently when create a job, only job type and resource_id is provided, so if project_id is added to job, where to provide project_id parameter? Many places should be changed.07:33
Yipei@joehuang, have you received my message yesterday?07:36
Yipeii failed creating lb via local neutron07:36
Yipeimcreate failed (client error): The server could not comply with the request since it is either malformed or otherwise incorrect.07:38
joehuangwhat's error in the log07:39
Yipeiline 83 (client error): The server could not comply with the request since it is either malformed or otherwise incorrect.07:40
Yipeii compare the log of local neutron with that of central neutron in the link07:41
joehuangBecause local Neutron can not find the subnet by name, the local plugin can only query the subnet through id, if id is not found locally, try to get it from Central server07:42
Yipeii see, so if i replace the name with id, it may work07:43
joehuangcurrently network/port query from local Nova is supported, so not sure subnet query by ID will work or not. Function is there, you can have a try, and trace the code. If it doen07:46
joehuangif it doesn't work, you may have to add some code07:46
Yipeilocal Nova?07:47
Yipeii tried, and it fails07:47
joehuangI just discussed with ZHiyuan,07:54
joehuangIf there is no network( not found in local neutron), just query subnet, then query from Central neutron use this subnet id, and return the content to the caller in local Neutron plugin07:56
joehuangyou have to add some code07:56
Yipeigot it07:57
Yipeii checked the databases, there do exist an entry of the queried subnet08:02
Yipeiand the get_subnet function is implemented in the local_plugin08:02
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dongfengif project_id is added to job, for Admin API, we can receive the parameter from user, for other job creator, I still don't know the source of the project_id. apart from the Admin API, the project_id of context isn't the project_id of job?08:43
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