Friday, 2016-11-18

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RonghUIhello Someone knows how to use the documentation tools to make the configuration guide ?02:16
joehuangHello, sorry Ronghui that I don't know. But for Tricircle has not provided cli yet, so for CLI part, the tool may not work with Tricircle, but for configuation guide, you can consult in the mail-list, with [doc] in mail subject02:25
RonghUIi just discuss with zhiyuan and find there are three scripts (doc-tools-check-languages, doc-tools-update-cli-reference, doc-tools-build-rst) and i try these scripts but it seems not useful02:30
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zhiyuanit's said in the page joe shared that the tool can help to generate configuration document, no related tool in the tool-kit?03:34
zhiyuan@xiulin, you can find the design document of Tricircle in github03:35
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