Tuesday, 2016-09-06

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joehuangplease vote for the name for gateway project01:04
joehuangdongfeng, your patch needs to be rebased after zhiyuan's patch was merged yesterday01:19
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dongfengOK, got it .02:40
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joehuanghello, do you have any issue in accessing openstack-dev mail-list, some of you not voted yet06:08
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joehuanghello, jiawei, have you seen the mail for gateway project name voting in OpenStack mail-list?06:17
hejiaweihi, how to add the mail-list,and I don't know how to vote06:18
hejiaweiare there some documents to read ?06:20
joehuangone minute06:21
joehuanghello, please follow this http://lists.openstack.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/openstack-dev06:22
joehuangyou need to to confirm that after you subscribe the mail-list06:22
joehuangand you can send a mail in the mail-list with [openstack-dev][tricircle]in the subject, so that I can confirm your mail-list works06:23
joehuangI'll send the candidat list and current vote result again so that you can vote06:24
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joehuangjiawei, do you know how to subscribe and send mail in OpenStack-dev list now?06:41
joehuangI shared the information abovefollow this http://lists.openstack.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/openstack-dev, you need to to confirm that after you subscribe the mail-list, and you can send a mail in the mail-list with [openstack-dev][tricircle]in the subject, so that I/yourself can confirm your mail-list works. I'll send the candidate list and current vote result again so that you can vote06:45
hejiaweiI hava subcribed mail-list, but don't know how to send mail in openstack-dev,I am reading the document06:47
joehuangit's easy, just send mail to openstack-dev@lists.openstack.org, for the subject, with [openstack-dev][tricircle] in the title06:49
hejiaweiI have send it.06:51
joehuangyes, I replied, you are now in openstack-dev list06:58
hejiaweiI receive it ,and then, how to vote ?07:00
joehuangwait moment, ronghui etc not joined in the list yet, after they finished that, I can send the vote mail again, you can refer to other's vote07:00
hejiaweiOK .got it07:04
ronghuihello  joe the title of play_with_tricircle07:32
joehuangyou mean the wiki page title?07:33
ronghuii just can edit the content07:34
ronghuican not edit the title07:34
joehuangyou can edit the link this page:07:34
joehuanghave you subscribed the openstack-dev mail-list?07:34
joehuangI'll try to edit the wiki page for you07:36
ronghuii just see the link in the wiki is the previous link07:38
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ronghuiand can not find the way to edit the title07:38
ronghuiSet up the Tricircle in 3 VMs with virtualbox in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Install Tricircle in VirtualBox07:38
ronghuiOr refer to installation guide in https://github.com/openstack/tricircle for single node/two nodes setup using devstack.07:38
joehuangthe link work now07:39
joehuangI just updated it07:39
joehuangdo you want me to change the title of the page"Tricircle/play_with_virtualbox"07:41
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ronghuii just can edit the content07:42
ronghuiand for the title07:42
ronghuii have no way to edit07:42
ronghuiso if you know the way to change the title07:42
ronghuijust show me or help me to change the title  thank you so much07:43
joehuangjust create a new page, and copy content to the new page07:43
joehuangfor example, https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Play_tricircle_with_virtualbox07:44
joehuanga new page could be created, then copy all your contents from the old one to the new one07:44
joehuangthen change the link in Tricircle wiki to the new page07:44
ronghuii just copy the content to your create the page07:44
ronghuii know07:45
joehuangsaw your mail in mail-list07:47
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joehuanggood job, ronghui, the wiki page has been updated07:57
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ronghuiqiongqiu has something private to manage and will come back to the university at the day after tomorrow.08:07
joehuangso may I send the vote mail for you guys to vote?08:09
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joehuangok, vote list sent again in the mail-list08:27
dongfengHello, Joe, I have a question about tempest test for pod. first, I can run the test cases in the relative directory with command "nosetest -v test_pod.py", and the outcome is at http://paste.openstack.org/show/567100/. Should I just write a simple script to run them in relevant directory? I don't know the relationship between pod test and tempest. Maybe the test for should be done with connection to database ? now I08:30
dongfengjust want to run the test about pod.08:30
joehuangunit test no need to test in running status08:31
joehuangbut for tempest test, it's test when the system is in running08:31
dongfengyes, I have some idea about tempest test, it08:32
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dongfengit's should be done with connection to DB08:32
joehuangyes, with in-memory sql-lite in core.initialization08:33
dongfengtempest contains many test case for testing the functions like volume, but it doesn't contains the pod test cases.08:35
dongfengIf I want to test pod functions, I should write tempest.conf to have the right to access to database, is that right ?08:37
joehuangno need, tempest test is to test a running system from outside08:42
joehuangfor pod, test, using api to do the tempest test08:42
joehuangunit test will load in-memory db08:43
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joehuangfor temespt test, you can refer to https://github.com/openstack/tricircle/blob/master/tricircle/tempestplugin/tempest_compute.sh08:44
joehuangin this script, using curl command to add pod08:45
joehuangsorry, another script https://github.com/openstack/tricircle/blob/master/tricircle/tempestplugin/post_test_hook.sh08:45
dongfengthank you very much , the first url i have learn it for two weeks and can't understand it.08:46
dongfengbut the second url seems relevant to pod test.08:47
dongfengnot relevant, i mean the model.08:47
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