Friday, 2016-07-29

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tricirclehello morning00:08
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joehuanghello, morning00:08
joehuanghello, consider that TCs are worried about that Tricircle will leads different in OpenStack API, I have one idea00:49
joehuangOne proposal to remove the worries and maintain single version of Nova/Cinder/Neutron API: provide plugin mechanism in Nova/Cinder API layer like what did in Neutron. Then no Nova API-GW/Cinder API-GW needs to be developed in Tricircle, just develope Tricricle Nova Plugin, Tricircle Cinder Plugin and Tricircle Neutron Plugin, and only single version of Nova/Cinedr/Neutron API will be00:49
joehuangdeveloped, tested and maintained in Nova/Cinder/Neutron team. How do you think about this proposal?00:49
joehuangBut this proposal will take at least one cycle to be introduced in Nova/Cinder00:51
ronghuii have no problem00:55
ronghuiand i will discuss it with our team00:55
joehuangTCs also hope we continue our development, and at the same time discuss that in the architecture working group to get broad consensus00:56
joehuangthis is only one proposal(plugin mechanism)to get consensus on the single API00:56
joehuangour development should not be impacted by the proposal before any consensus can be achieved00:57
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shinobu_i'm not completely clear about what "single api" means? the tricircle does not build any api for each component. the tricircle only makes use of api developped under each component, does it?02:09
joehuangbut TCs still worried that Tricircle will touch and change the API02:11
shinobu_we will touch nothing02:11
joehuangI have explained many times that we use tempest to guarantee the API will not be changed02:12
shinobu_we just will refer to each api.02:12
shinobu_i must be honest here02:12
joehuang from 20:27:3102:13
shinobu_we do not touch, modified nothing, even any record in each component.02:13
joehuangthe meeting logs of the last TC weekly meetnig02:13
joehuang20:32:32 <dhellmann>02:14
joehuang20:32:32 <dhellmann> joehuang : we are working very hard to establish a single openstack API even among the existing projects so that we can have deployment interoperability. Tricircle is a proxy layer on top of that with subtle differences, which means it is yet another API. That dilutes the mission.02:14
shinobu_if that's true, no component should have api, shouldn't it?02:17
shinobu_nova makes use of cinder api, for instance02:17
shinobu_nova should not have api?02:17
shinobu_that's not true.02:17
joehuanggood reason :)02:18
joehuangso Sean said: 20:29:36 <sdague> I'm super not thrilled by the proxy API nature of this... especially as we've been deprecating the API proxies in Nova over this cycle02:18
joehuangThey are deprecating the API proxies in Nova, for example Image-list, etc02:19
joehuangMost of APIs are forwarded to the bottom, there are little duplication implemention of APIs like Nova Flavor/Cinde VolumeType, which are not proxied to the bottom OpenStack directly, for they are some global objects.02:22
shinobu_if there are any duplication in the tricircle, we should fix it out. otherwise, if anything happen, nobody know, decide, hey you're wrong.02:25
joehuangAlready answered in the comment to Thierry in the
shinobu_if it's really really difficult to remove those kind of duplications regarding realize any feature in the tricircle, we might give up those kind of feature.02:27
shinobu_but even it's not true and fair enough, if everyone is happy with their proposal, i would be able to agree with team decision democratically.02:34
joehuangMonty(one of TC) will help us to move forwad, waiting for his proposal.02:35
joehuangFlavor and VolumeType are some common attributes, there are should be a place to manage these attributes for multiple OpenStack instances02:39
joehuangThat's why we re-implemented in Tricircle02:39
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