Thursday, 2017-05-04

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lennybmmedvede, I am unable to get/see the logs. #link . Is there anything else that should be configured in local.conf?09:42
isaacblennyb: try to use journlctl -u10:18
lennybisaacb, I am getting 'No data avaliable' Is there anything else I should configure in the local.conf? Is it working for you? can you share your local.conf?10:22
isaacbI did't change local.conf10:23
isaacbI run:10:23
isaacbjournalctl -u devstack@c-vol.service10:23
isaacbthis is for inder-volume10:23
lennybisaacb, no entries #link
isaacblennyb: For which service you want the logs?10:36
isaacblennyb: try: systemctl list-units --all10:38
isaacbthis gives you the list of units available10:38
lennybI see nothing related to devstack :(. I suspect that something should be configured to get systemd logs being logged. I am on Ub16.1010:40
lennybisaacb, #link  my systemd list10:43
isaacblennyb: This is my local.conf:
lennybthanks, I will try to change SYSLOG and USE_SCREEN as in your local.conf10:54
lennybisaacb, thanks, it worked11:27
isaacblennyb: you are welcome11:28
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mmedvedelennyb: on my dsvm servers I also can not see any journalctl devstack logs. I did not really try to figure this thing out yet. Let me know if you do14:06
lennybmmedvede, #link
lennybmmedvede, ops, collect logs should be before stopping stack14:19
mmedvedelennyb: so I assume you are not using d-g?14:20
lennybwhat is d-g?14:20
mmedvedeok. devstack gate usually collects logs for you14:20
mmedvedeok, nevermind. I can actually see journalctl logs live. I was checking on a wrong server before. Your paste helps too14:27
mmedvedehere is the part that collects logs in d-g (stole the link from the mailing thread discussion)14:31
lennybmmedvede, thanks. I will check it next working week. I am done for this week. Have a nice day14:34
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