Tuesday, 2019-04-09

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dangtrinhntjoadavis, thanks. I will put it in the etherpad04:51
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dangtrinhnt10m before meeting :)05:50
hyangHi dangtrinhnt, this is Hang here, waiting for more people to join :)05:53
dangtrinhnthyang hi, we still have time :)05:53
zhurong_phonehi all05:54
dangtrinhnthi shaoman, before we start the meeting, you can have a look at this and put your name there #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/telemetry-train05:54
shaomank, i have added my name in the etherpad, thx05:58
dangtrinhntGreat. Thanks! 2 more minutes05:58
dangtrinhntok, let's start the meeting06:00
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dangtrinhnt#startmeeting Telemetry for Train06:00
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dangtrinhnthi all06:00
mrungegood morning!06:00
dangtrinhntso we have hyang, zhurong_phone, shaoman06:00
zhurong_phonehi all06:00
hyanghi there!06:01
dangtrinhntjoadavis, are you there?06:01
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dangtrinhntwitek hi06:01
dangtrinhntmrunge cannot join06:01
dangtrinhntlxkong is not here I guess06:01
witekhi dangtrinhnt06:01
mrungedangtrinhnt: sorry?06:01
dangtrinhntyou are here, mrunge06:02
mrungeyes, I am06:02
dangtrinhntok, great06:02
dangtrinhnt#topic Active contributors/cores06:02
*** openstack changes topic to "Active contributors/cores (Meeting topic: Telemetry for Train)"06:02
dangtrinhntanyone of you is the current core of Telemetry?06:03
mrungedangtrinhnt: I am not, but I know who to ping06:04
mrungedangtrinhnt: the list is in gerrit06:04
zhurong_phonenup, I know 2 guys from China are cores, but they leaved06:04
mrungethank you witek06:04
dangtrinhntThanks. I'm expecting some existing core reviewers to join but seems like everyone gone.06:04
mrungeor in US timezone06:05
zhurong_phonealmost gone06:05
dangtrinhntok, no worries. It means that we have to setup a new team.06:05
* mrunge taking notes06:06
dangtrinhntSo, I assume everyone here will be active contributors06:06
mrunge-> etherpad, linked above06:06
dangtrinhntTanks mrunge.06:06
witekdangtrinhnt: that's an optimistic approach :)06:07
mrungedangtrinhnt: yes!06:07
dangtrinhntso, mrunge, witek, zhurong_phone, shaoman, lxkong, hyang I guess you guys somewhat have experience with Ceilometer/AODH06:07
mrungedangtrinhnt: somewhat, yes06:08
witekI would add joadavis to the list06:08
dangtrinhntah, my bad, joadavis too06:08
hyangyes, for me we have Ceilometer/Aodh/Gnocchi/Senlin running in production so I have experience in using but not much about contributing06:09
dangtrinhnthyang, that's awesome as well.06:09
zhurong_phoneyep, we are heavily user06:10
shaomanWe now use ceilometer/aodh/panko06:11
mrungeso, interested folks are mostly users, no?06:12
dangtrinhntOk, It's good. After the meeting, I will try to update the plan for Train and we can officially update the cores. In the mean time, please share your experience with Telemetry via mailing list.06:12
hyangsounds good!06:13
dangtrinhntI will make the process fast, 1 week maybe. To me, the criteria is experience with Telemetry projects and willing to contribute.06:13
dangtrinhntPlease raise your hand if you have any objection for that.06:14
zhurong_phoneI maybe don't have many time on telemetry, but shaoman will be.06:14
dangtrinhntThanks mrunge for taking notes06:14
mrungeI would argue, having experience does not necessarily qualify for code contributions, but let's see....06:14
dangtrinhntmrunge, make senses, that I think will need more discussion.06:15
mrungedangtrinhnt: you are the only core for now left?06:16
dangtrinhntI'm just added06:16
mrungeand nobody really has code contribution experience?06:17
dangtrinhntwith other projects but not with telemetry06:17
dangtrinhntThat's the problem we're trying to solve.06:17
zhurong_phonemrunge: I think we need more contributors, we can do it like the initial repo, first add the actives, and then quickly update06:17
mrungeuhm, no. you're trying to solve something difference, dangtrinhnt06:18
mrungedangtrinhnt: you're trying to keep projects alive06:18
mrungethat is different06:18
dangtrinhntmrunge. Ah yes.06:18
mrungedangtrinhnt: ok, since you are the only core left (for now), mergeing a patch will only require one core +2?06:19
mrungehow about other reviews?06:19
mrunge.... this creates "rules" for merging code06:19
dangtrinhntwe need more reviewers of-course. I'm trying to find other experience developers.06:20
dangtrinhntlxkong and people from zhurong_phone team may help06:20
mrungewe may have some time to review patches06:20
mrungeand also to put up patches06:21
dangtrinhntAlso, I would trying to communicate with the previous cores if I can06:21
dangtrinhntmrunge, I don't think it is a problem since, I believe, all of us have experience in contributing to openstack projects.06:23
mrungedangtrinhnt: let's get started and fix processes when we see issues06:23
dangtrinhntok, anything else?06:24
mrungequestion: what does it take to get a patch merged?06:24
mrungeusual openstack projects: 2 cores +2/A06:24
mrungewith only one core left...?06:25
dangtrinhntI will ask for more cores after this.06:25
mrungenext topic: Current state?..06:26
zhurong_phoneI think we need more cores and more fresh man06:26
dangtrinhntto me, for now, the process could be: 1. Pass the CI, 2. The feature aligns with Telemetry roadmap, 3. well tested,06:26
dangtrinhntok, let's move on the next topic06:26
dangtrinhnt#topic Current state of Telemetry06:27
*** openstack changes topic to "Current state of Telemetry (Meeting topic: Telemetry for Train)"06:27
dangtrinhntSo, now we have ceilometer, aodh, panko under OpenStack umbrella and seems like most stuff were moved to gnocchi06:28
zhurong_phoneyes, exactly06:29
dangtrinhntlike the other day talk to lxkong and someone about cpu_utils has been removed and we have to calculate it in gnocchi06:30
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dangtrinhntWhat do you think about that? what should we move forward with that?06:31
dangtrinhntsapd1 hi06:31
hyangafaik, aodh and panko are in maintenance mode currently?06:31
mrungeyes, that's my understanding, hyang06:31
dangtrinhntI think so.06:31
mrungedangtrinhnt: what is the question, I did'nt really get you06:32
zhurong_phoneafaik panko has deprecated in RHOP06:32
mrungemove forward with what?06:32
dangtrinhntwith the way telemetry has to depend on gnocchi, an external project.06:33
zhurong_phoneI think we can't rollback06:33
mrungeyes, that is my understanding06:33
mrungewhat is the alternative?06:33
witekwe could think about alternative backends, like Monasca06:33
mrungeis monasca a backend?06:34
hyangdangtrinhnt: yes, I asked a similar question about cpu_util last week and lxkong replied me that he also got the same issue earlier. Currently after Ceilometer deprecated the transformer support, there is no clear way to get the cpu_util metric06:34
witekit can be, yes06:34
mrunge... isn't the data store used by monasca the backend?06:34
dangtrinhntmrunge, gnocchi is now a big problem too because Julien changed his jobs and not sure about its health06:34
mrungedangtrinhnt: I agree, yes.06:34
mrungedangtrinhnt: one alternative might be to move gnocchi back under openstack umbrella06:35
dangtrinhntwitek, I believe monasca use InfluxDB as storage backend06:35
shaomanyes, since ceilometer storage(mongodb) and api is removed, gnocchi must be used, and more things moved from ceilometer to gnocchi06:35
mrungedangtrinhnt: yes, that's right06:35
witekdangtrinhnt: mrunge: Monasca officially supports InfluxDB and Cassandra as TSDB06:35
mrungeone possible alternative could be to store metrics in prometheus06:36
dangtrinhntok, mrunge, witek, let's put them into a list and we will select which one will be the first to replace gnocchi if needed.06:37
mrungehow many contributors has monasca?06:37
dangtrinhntnot sure about that06:37
mrunge... don't want to add another understaffed project as dependency06:37
dangtrinhntInflexDB seems like a strong project06:37
witekwe have an active team of around 10 contributors06:37
dangtrinhntprometheus is great too06:37
sapd1If we use prometheus, we can use AlertManager too.06:38
mrungeoh, I didn't knew about that witek, that is great to hear06:38
mrungeyes, sapd106:38
hyangI think both Monasca and prometheus are pretty active06:38
sapd1instead of aodh.06:38
mrungethere are gaps with prometheus, but let's see if that really hurts us06:38
dangtrinhntso, what you're saying is we can possibly remove AODH?06:38
dangtrinhntmrunge, sure.06:39
mrungeyes, that's right06:39
mrunge... shrinking down would be great, imho06:39
dangtrinhntAgree. I would suggest putting prometheus support as a feature for Train.06:39
mrunge... re-scoping06:39
sapd1Oops. So because multi-tenancy feature, We can't remove aodh.06:40
dangtrinhntok, I would suggest talking about it in the team meeting.06:41
dangtrinhntlet's move on to the next topic06:41
zhurong_phonethis is a really big change, I think we need a maillist to discuss more06:41
shaomana lot of work has been done for different publishers, but do we need a offically backend and api?06:41
dangtrinhntok, zhurong_phone06:41
hyangSo maybe I miss something, but what's the difference between Ceilometer and Monasca-agent? If we keeps only Ceilometer in the Telemetry project and integrate with Monasca, why not just Monasca alone?06:42
dangtrinhnthyang, that's a great question.06:42
shaomanyes, agree06:42
joadavisThere are a few differences between ceilometer agent and monasca agent06:42
witekmonasca-agent does not collect information from OpenStack notifications06:42
joadavis(and hi)06:42
dangtrinhntIt's a big question actually, let's talk about it in  the mailing list.06:43
dangtrinhntwe only have 17m left06:43
hyangsure, I'm ok to move on06:43
dangtrinhntlet's move to the next topic06:43
dangtrinhnt#topic Existing bugs06:43
*** openstack changes topic to "Existing bugs (Meeting topic: Telemetry for Train)"06:43
dangtrinhntsomeone put this: ceilometer CI gate telemetry-dsvm-integration seems to be broken for older branches06:44
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joadavisI've noticed that over the last few commits06:45
dangtrinhntI'm trying to fix that. Any ideas? anyone?06:45
joadavisI don't have enough knowledge to know what the hangup is, though I suspect older branches haven't been updated to match current Zuul requirements06:45
mrungee.g this one: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/646055/06:46
mrungethat was a recent change06:46
dangtrinhntjoadavis, it makes sense.06:46
mrungethe error was something with heat06:46
dangtrinhntok, I will talk to the Heat and Infra team for help.06:47
joadavisanother example - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/640223/ (which incidentally may need discussion before merging)06:47
zhurong_phonedangtrinhnt: I and shaoman will take a look too, our teme is heat/ceilometer06:47
dangtrinhntthanks, zhurong_phone06:48
mrungeawesome, thank you zhurong_phone06:48
dangtrinhntok, let's move on06:48
dangtrinhnt#topic TODOs for Train06:49
*** openstack changes topic to "TODOs for Train (Meeting topic: Telemetry for Train)"06:49
dangtrinhnt10 more minutes left06:49
mrungeit seems we need much more discussion06:50
witekis anyone attending the Summit and PTG in Denver?06:50
dangtrinhntI would suggest we focus on setting up the team and the roadmap06:50
joadavisI will be there for Monasca related items06:50
joadavis+1 for roadmap06:51
hyangyes, I'll be in the PTG06:51
dangtrinhntwitek, unfortunately, my visa application has been rejected06:51
zhurong_phoneI am appliying visa06:51
hyangdangtrinhnt: that's so sad to hear...06:51
joadavisI'm sorry you won't be there06:51
dangtrinhntok, let have a quick look at this #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Telemetry/RoadMap06:52
joadavisI'd asked jd about the roadmap not too long ago, and he said there isn't one (I can dig that up in IRC logs if needed)06:52
dangtrinhntwe need to update it06:53
mrungemaybe collecting items in etherpad first?06:54
mrungeand then see what we can do in stein?06:54
dangtrinhntmrunge, sure.06:54
dangtrinhntTrain you mean?06:54
mrungeyes, sure!06:55
mrungeand beyond06:55
* mrunge needs a coffee, apparently06:55
dangtrinhnt#link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/telemetry-train-roadmap06:55
dangtrinhntplease put your ideas to the telemetry roadmap and we will discuss over mailing list06:56
joadavisa clear statement of intended use and architectures would be helpful too.  That may come out of defining the roadmap06:56
dangtrinhntsomething like a vision for Telemetry. +1 joadavis06:56
mrungeyes, that's a good idea06:57
dangtrinhntok, 3m left. Anything else?06:57
mrungenext meeting?06:57
mrunge... in one week?06:57
dangtrinhntok, weekly I think is best06:57
mrungeor can we skip next week?06:58
dangtrinhntWill send out and email asking for update the meeting time06:58
mrungeI'll be on vacation, and can't guarantee on network connectivity06:58
witeksame for me06:59
dangtrinhntok, no problem. We can figure that out, maybe in 2-3 weeks.06:59
dangtrinhntok, time up06:59
mrungethank you dangtrinhnt  for organizing this meeting07:00
dangtrinhntThanks everyone for joining! Let's make Telemetry great again! :)07:00
mrungeoh oh oh07:00
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mrungeno political statements, please07:00
dangtrinhntanyway, It07:00
mrungeseriously, jokes based on political statements often don't end well07:00
mrungeso, please don't.07:01
hyangThanks dangtrinhnt and everyone, seems we'll get lots to discuss in mailing list07:01
dangtrinhntIt's great to see there is still many people here.07:01
dangtrinhntmrunge :) have a great vacation07:01
mrungethank you dangtrinhnt :)07:01
joadavisSome day we will have to share more stories about our observations of telemetry history. :)07:01
mrungeand witek, have a good vacation too :)07:02
dangtrinhnthaha. joadavis, true.07:03
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joadavisgood night all07:06
zhurong_phonebey all07:07
dangtrinhntbye all07:07
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shaomanbye all07:08
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openstackgerritCristian Falcas proposed openstack/ceilometer master: fix metrics names for pushgateway.  https://review.openstack.org/65112307:34
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openstackgerritzhurong proposed openstack/telemetry-tempest-plugin master: [DNM]TEST  https://review.openstack.org/65114108:52
openstackgerritzhurong proposed openstack/ceilometer stable/queens: TEST  https://review.openstack.org/65114208:58
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openstackgerritzhurong proposed openstack/telemetry-tempest-plugin master: [DNM]TEST  https://review.openstack.org/65114110:28
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openstackgerritzhurong proposed openstack/telemetry-tempest-plugin master: [DNM]TEST  https://review.openstack.org/65114111:15
openstackgerritzhurong proposed openstack/telemetry-tempest-plugin master: [DNM]TEST  https://review.openstack.org/65114111:59
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openstackgerritzhurong proposed openstack/telemetry-tempest-plugin master: [DNM]TEST  https://review.openstack.org/65114113:10
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