Thursday, 2018-09-20

zanebnew working title is "Vision for OpenStack Clouds" unless persia can convince me the first thing really was a good idea :)00:06
* persia doesn't even try00:07
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* fungi can smell another office hour about to erupt15:00
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cdenttc-members !15:03
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* dhellmann is finishing up another meeting15:06
cdentI'm still sick/recovering. I haven't got much to add.15:08
smcginnisQuietest first 8 minutes of a Thursday office hour ever, not counting event weeks.15:08
ttxtoo many calls15:08
mnaseryeah ptg catch up time15:09
mnaserturns out work doesnt disappear when you arent doing it for a week15:09
evrardjpmnaser: for realsies?15:09
evrardjpI certainly have wished for it15:09
smcginnismnaser: You haven't used ansible to automate all of your work yet? :)15:09
mnasersmcginnis: rolling reboots across clouds was the coolest and most terrifying thing i've yet automated15:10
smcginnisHah, indeed.15:10
jrollheh, can confirm15:10
mnaserit does live migrations, update, reboot, wait for it go back up, enable service15:10
evrardjpmnaser: I am curious: managed by ansible, or let another tool decide your fate?15:11
lbragstadhow complex was the error handling?!15:11
mnaserlbragstad: a lot of pre-flight validation15:11
mnaserand then "cya please come back in 600 seconds"15:11
mnaserit ended up being pretty cool, we even silence our monitoring system as part of that whole process15:12
mnaserbut now placement is not being nice so i have to write an audit tool15:12
dhellmannTheJulia : do you want to +1 this patch to add tenks to Ironic?
evrardjpI had this thing in one of my previous employers, but not at mnaser 's scale. It was still scary.15:12
dhellmanntc-members: is ready to approve now, in case you were waiting to cast your vote15:13
mnaserwe have some hyperconverged ceph+compute deployments so it even does the whole noout/make sure the cluster is not on fire before rebooting15:13
zanebdhellmann: TheJulia is at a training thing all this week so she might not be around15:13
dhellmannzaneb : ah, right, I knew that. It'll keep until she's back.15:13
mnaser^ btw, that change is *really* cool.15:13
evrardjpmnaser: that would be nice for openstack-ansible-ops :p15:13
mnaseri was going to +1 that but i got sucked into reading the specs15:13
jrolldhellmann: the ironic team hasn't discussed that one so I expect she won't ack it right now15:13
mnaserit's a super cool plan15:13
evrardjp(minus the proprietary bits)15:13
jroll(unless I missed it of course)15:13
dhellmannjroll : ok, thanks for the heads-up15:13
mnaserevrardjp: nothing proprietary here, but just need to take the time to upstream it and everything15:14
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dhellmannis anyone else working on an update (blog, email, or otherwise) from our discussions at the ptg?15:16
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mnaserwhile i'd love to, i've got a few priority things on my list to get to :(15:18
dhellmannI've seen cdent's and lbragstad's; did I miss any?15:19
cdenti've seen a few other general ones, but not tc-related15:19
dhellmannI've been trying to read the others, too, but I was primarily asking about tc-related posts15:20
fungimy mailing list combining announcement is nearly polished, and should serve as a summary of that planning discussion. though i guess it took place in the infra room not the tc room15:22
fungiprobably relevant to tc interests however15:22
cdentIs there a timeline on that yet fungi, even if very hand wavey. I'm kinda ready to take the leap.15:22
fungiyeah, it'll be specified in the announcement but basically subscribe any time between now and november 19 to avoid missing messages15:23
cdentcool, thanks15:23
smcginnisWhat is the new ml?15:23
fungiand messages to the old lists will be copied to the new one for two weeks after that so you can unsubscribe from them any time after the 19th15:23
fungithe old lists will stop accepting new posts on december 315:24
cdentdamn, of all the times to have a typo15:24
fungiobviously the descriptions will be updated on the 19th when the list behavior changes15:25
openstackgerritMerged openstack/governance master: Add openstack/ha-guide repo for Operations Guide team
openstackgerritMerged openstack/governance master: Add openstack/metalsmith to ironic
ttxdhellmann: I was looking at Storyboard vs. the Tracker, and we have deleted things from one and not the other15:27
evrardjpcdent: :)15:27
dhellmannttx: ok, I'll go through storyboard and clean that up, too15:27
ttxI did close another I had on my list15:28
ttx(design tenets chapter to project team guide, marked completed15:28
ttxTheJulia, fungi: we signed up to do a list of suggested questions to ask during health checks, for guidance... How should we track that ?15:31
ttxShould I create an item on the tracker, Storyboard or both ?15:31
fungion sb wfm15:31
* ttx has been hard at work trying to collect everything he signed up for last week15:31
fungiyep, i already forgot i agreed to help with that one ;)15:32
ttxThe etherpad does not lie, jeremy.15:32
evrardjpI'd love see where are those healthcheck questions, and maybe start discussing how to extend those :p15:32
fungievrardjp: well, so far they're nowhere15:33
fungiunless you count the handful dhellmann stuck at the top of that wiki page15:33
ttxwell, it now is a wiki, so anyone can play
fungi" should monitor their groups by...15:34
ttxI just converted into their own section, refresh15:34
fungithat was fast!15:34
ttxfungi, TheJulia:!/story/200382015:37
fungiawesome, thanks15:38
ttxotherwise i expect a bit of hiatus until the elections complete15:38
fungiyeah, catching up is a struggle15:39
zanebfungi: any reason doesn't support https yet?15:39
fungizaneb: um... because we haven't bought a cert for it15:39
fungieasy enough to add15:40
fungiwell, and a minor spit of configuration management to add the necessary options and vhost templating for that15:40
fungiyes, we live in the ancient world of 2016 where certs still cost money15:41
cdenti'm sorry15:42
fungithe (separate) mailman 3 work i've been poking at will require https anyway so i was mostly planning to tackle it then15:44
fungibut if there's a strong interest from the community in switching it to https sooner, that's certainly possible15:45
funginote that with mailman 2 it still sends your site password to you via clear-text e-mail, so https isn't really a huge help15:46
fungiyou'd basically be protecting access to your ml preferences from people who can mitm your http sessions but not the smtp to your mta15:47
cdenti don't want the man to know how often I go back and read fungi's postings15:48
fungimm3 has a modern auth mechanism, so putting it behind https makes a lot more sense15:49
fungicdent: sorry to say that if they sniff your archive browsing even encrypted via https they can probably tell which posts you're reading based on analyzing the payload sizes15:50
fungiyou should use tor if you really care about that15:50
* cdent shakes impotent fist15:51
fungipro tip: if you have an idempotent fist you can shake it as many times as you like15:52
* cdent facepalms15:53
evrardjpI laughed too much on that one15:54
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* jbryce is late to the laugh track, but laughs out loud anyway18:05
persiaSilence having been broken: congrats to everyone on office hour being an hour: this is a big improvement over the recent thursdays :)18:06
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mrhillsmanis there a template for resolutions?20:33
fungimrhillsman: not that i'm aware of20:38
fungipersia: sadly i think we have the post-ptg vegetative state to thank for our more-on-time-than-usual office hour20:38

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