Wednesday, 2018-07-18

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openstackgerritJill Rouleau proposed openstack/governance master:     Add Tripleo Ansible repo
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fungitc-members and anyone else: office hour commences01:00
* mnaser is in and out01:01
fungiyeah, i'm technically getting ready to start a two-week vacation tomorrow, but basically around for now01:01
* TheJulia is actually preparing for sleep()01:01
TheJuliaBut the chirp of IRC....01:01
TheJuliafungi: \o/ vacation01:02
fungithere's some visiting family mixed in with it too01:02
fungibut mostly \o/01:02
fungiisolated cabin in the woods, like an '80s horror flick01:03
pabelangerI was on track for vacation before PTG, but have opted to change it now to Oct / Nov.01:03
pabelangernot due to PTG, but didn't want face to melt from being in south USA in August01:04
fungii can sympathize01:04
zanebpabelanger: ah, hurricane season!01:05
TheJuliafungi: enjoy!01:06
fungiyeah, that too. we're taking our vacation before the height of 'cane season sets in01:06
pabelangerzaneb: yah, we've been before in that time frame, worked well last time01:06
funginothing worse than being hundreds/thousands of miles from home and suddenly finding out you need to board up the windows01:08
fungiwell, there's probably worse, but still annoying01:08
pabelangeryah, remember hearing stories from russellb last year and hurricane01:09
fungihe definitely had it worse than we did01:09
zanebon balance I'd say that volcanoes are probably worse :)01:09
fungidepends on the 'cano but can be, for sure01:09
pabelangercrazy people live in the path, but as I say that realize people say the same about living in -40C with lots of snow01:10
fungimontserrat certainly made a mess of antigua01:11
fungithen again, puerto rico is still trying to recover from maria01:13
fungihard to compare them01:13
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* fungi latches the office door and turns out the light02:00
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openstackgerritHa Manh Dong proposed openstack/project-team-guide master: Update documentation
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