Monday, 2018-05-07

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openstackgerritJean-Philippe Evrard proposed openstack/governance master: Add os_blazar to OpenStack-Ansible
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mnasermorning dims13:31
cmurphygood morning from the west coast13:32
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dhellmannmnaser : thanks for that summary of adjutant20:30
mnaserdhellmann: np :) it was what little i can understand from the codebase, looks like `tasks` contained most of the code but i could be look in the wrong place too20:30
dhellmannthat matches my understanding based on past descriptions, where they called them "workflows" and we got off into the whole discussion of whether adjutant was competing with mistral in some way20:31
mnaserwell, we can define these 'workflows' in mistral and have a simple dashboard to call them, but for those unauthenticated requests, i see a bit of value20:32
mnaserbut even that could be workflows defined in mistral that some small plugin calls on behalf of an unauthenticated user or so20:32
dhellmannyeah, I think we came to the conclusion that the mistral thing was a bit of a tangent20:35
dhellmannbecause these workflows aren't user-specific, they're deployer-specific20:35
dhellmannand the authentication angle is an interesting point, too20:35
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/constellations master: initial repository setup
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/constellations master: initial repository setup
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Any devstack job failure due to rsync errors related to tripleo-incubator can safely be rechecked now22:58
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