Monday, 2018-04-16

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fungiwe now have 6 tc nominees. need at least one more nominee in the next day or so to have enough to fill the open seats15:46
cdentIf we can't form a government does the queen get to declare one?15:47
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cdentfungi: I've checked in with a few people today that I thought my have some interest, but there hasn't been a lot of enthusiasm15:50
mugsiewhat a difference 6 months makes ...15:51
cdentstill 36 hours15:51
mugsieyup, some of us are a little slower getting these things written :)15:52
smcginnisNot 36, right? Just over 24.15:53
cdentjust before midnight tuesday/wednesday15:54
smcginnisDoh, looking at my Beijing clock and thought I was checking UTC.15:56
cdenttime zones are hard15:56
fungithe deathclock at the top of the elections page should be accurate, but maybe it only is for me because my clock is set to utc15:57
smcginnisfungi: I checked and it is for me.15:57
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mugsiewe have a full roster \o/18:23
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fungiand then there were 719:45
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smcginnisWe don't want to count down though.19:46
* cdent will feel bad unless we get to 1419:57
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* smcginnis hands cdent a g&t19:59
smcginnisI'm assuming you'll need it.19:59
* cdent takes it 20:00
cdentand goes away20:00
* cdent waves goodnight20:00
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dimsneed to rustle up more folks!20:10
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* fungi is just glad he doesn't have to go around knocking folks unconscious and then dragging them onto the boat before we set sail for the next 6-month tour21:55
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TheJuliaI can't help but wonder what if22:27
* smcginnis bets fungi has a really great pirate Halloween costume22:30
fungii don't dress like a pirate. pirates dress like me22:31
smcginnis:D You win!22:31
fungii'm winking, you just can't tell because of my eyepatch22:32
smcginnisLiterally LOL. ;)22:32
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