Friday, 2018-03-02

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fungiin theory we'll know an actual room by then01:21
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pabelangerI'm in the lobby following ttx08:43
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ttxWe'll see where there is space, worst case we'll use the bar08:50
dhellmannwe lost power here last night, so service in the hotel is pretty disrupted. I'm going to see what the options are for breakfast.08:53
EmilienMdhellmann: in the case you can't find anything, they have breakfast here until 10.30am afik08:56
EmilienMcdent / pabelanger / myself are at the bar08:57
dhellmannEmilienM : I'm about a mile away, so I don't think I'll make it there in person.09:02
* dhellmann will return at some point09:02
EmilienMdhellmann: I'll setup bluejeans if it's fine for you09:02
EmilienMI have decent subwoofers (externals)09:02
cdentbut may be some time09:02
EmilienMbj might be proplematic if wifi isn't working well09:02
EmilienMproblematic even09:02
TheJuliaI happen to have a yeti microphone in my backpack... If it could be useful09:07
ttxdhellmann: we can try to patch you in09:23
mrhillsmanscreenshare was problematic for infra at the stadium09:26
mrhillsmanvia bluejeans, audio+video was fine09:26
cmurphytrying to check my rental car status, will be late09:29
cdentjohnthetubaguy: you about?09:32
EmilienMflaper87: any plan to come around this morning?09:33
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dhellmannttx: ok, I'm here if you want to give it a try09:39
EmilienMdhellmann: I'm on it09:40
fungicmurphy: we're in the hotel bar if you're looking for us09:44
dhellmannEmilienM : it might be easier for me to listen and relay questions/comments by text09:46
EmilienMdhellmann: works for me09:46
EmilienMdhellmann: you can also talk, I've put my sound on maximum09:46
TheJuliadhellmann: can you hear it any better now, I just adjusted the gain09:46
dhellmannTheJulia : yes, thanks!09:46
TheJuliaNo problem :)09:46
TheJuliaHappy to help!09:46
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dhellmannwe should encourage the community to encourage people to run10:09
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flaper87I don't think I can make it today. I haven't seen a taxi since I woke up this morning and busses are not running.10:16
flaper87From where I'm staying to the croke holte is quite a hike10:16
jrollEmilienM: ^ wanna get flaper87 in the hangout?10:21
EmilienMjroll: he's here10:21
jrollah cool, thanks10:22
flaper87jroll: thanks, I'm in10:22
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flaper87high levels of FOMO here! This is so frustrating10:25
flaper87one of the harder things of choosing goals is finding a balance between something exciting and important that doesn't requirea super high investment. It's hard to get teams insterest and sometimes it feels like a social problem more than a technical one10:33
* flaper87 is basically agreeing with cdent10:33
EmilienMdhellmann: you're cutting a bit10:35
jrollflaper87: indeed - idk if you could hear me talking, but I think we assumed a higher bar of what teams could get done in a cycle, when we decided we should do the goals process. now teams don't have time for much :(10:36
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EmilienMflaper87, dhellmann: I'll ping you again when we start10:43
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fungidhellmann: flaper87: we're relocating to a less noisy room in a few minutes and will restart once we get settled11:01
dhellmannfungi : thanks11:02
openstackgerritEmilien Macchi proposed openstack/governance master: Include ansible-role-redhat-subscription into tripleo
EmilienMsmcginnis: ^11:03
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ttxdhellmann: we settled in the new room11:26
ttxEmilienM will patch you up again11:26
dhellmannok, flaper87 and I are still in the hangout11:26
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dhellmannis that a blender?11:29
EmilienMthey are brewing coffee11:29
EmilienMit's a vacuum cleaner11:29
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dhellmannhousekeeping just interrupted me, what's the current topic?12:17
EmilienMdhellmann: python support12:18
EmilienMdhellmann: "Accelerating and formalizing the py2 deprecation process"12:18
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EmilienMdhellmann: you're cutting a bunch, we probably missed some words12:29
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EmilienMdhellmann: lunch break12:29
dhellmannwe should base the timeline on dropping support for 2 on what our base OS platforms support12:30
dhellmannso I think it's too early for us to drop 212:30
dhellmannlunch is good12:30
dhellmannack 1:3012:30
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EmilienMdhellmann: ready for a sound check?13:25
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EmilienMflaper87, dhellmann: we're about to start again13:38
EmilienMsame hangout URL13:38
EmilienMwith sound system v2.0 (thx dims)13:38
cdenttonyb: we've talking stable resolution in tc meeting now13:41
dhellmannI'm back13:41
dhellmannlunch here is slow due to power outage this morning and staff shortages13:42
dhellmannwe're talking about LTS?13:42
tonybOh where?13:42
cdenttonyb: breakfast room beyond the bar13:43
EmilienMdhellmann: sound is good?13:43
dhellmannEmilienM : yes, I can hear well13:43
EmilienMdhellmann: current is "Resolution about stable branch EOL and "extended maintenance" (see )13:43
dhellmannEmilienM : thank you13:43
EmilienMdhellmann: we have speakers, we should hear you better. Let me know if you talked and nobody replied to you.13:43
dhellmannI haven't spoken up yet13:45
dhellmannfwiw, I'm starting to agree with notmyname on this13:45
cdentdhellmann: the "we" concept is compelling. we identified earlier that some projects (e.g., nova) have a very different concept of "we"13:46
smcginnisdissociative identity disorder?13:48
EmilienMdhellmann: start over13:48
ttxdhellmann: you're breaking up13:48
TheJuliadhellmann: we can't hear you13:48
EmilienMdhellmann: our internet is slow13:48
dhellmannlet me try text13:48
fungiand overcroded13:48
dhellmannwhat if we changed the proposal to just keep the stable branches open13:48
dhellmannand leave them under the existing stable teams13:49
fungithat's what tonyb also just said13:49
dhellmannso that's 2 votes :-)13:49
dhellmannthe resolution should absolutely be clear about who is managing things13:49
dhellmannwow, that phone is loud13:49
EmilienMdhellmann: can you hear us now?13:50
dhellmannI can hear fine13:50
dhellmannthanks :-)13:50
cdentyou're gonna have to type dhellmann13:50
ttxwe can't her you13:51
cdentyour voice is not happening13:51
ttxit's apparently on your end13:51
ttxWe can call you13:51
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dhellmannok, text again13:52
dhellmannwe've said several times we have trouble getting people to work ons table13:52
dhellmannif the issue is that we're closing the branches before they're useful to those extra people, keeping the branches open may allow more people to contrib13:52
dhellmannEmilienM : ^^13:52
dhellmannI can hear fine so if someone reads what I say I'm good just typing13:52
EmilienMdhellmann: can you call +1 512 808 575013:53
EmilienMdhellmann: it's the OpenStack PBX13:53
EmilienMnevermind, they're calling you13:54
mugsiedhellmann: they are going to find a better speaker / mic13:56
dhellmannok, thanks for your patience, everyone13:56
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cdentreminder: there will be a fire alarm test this afternoon14:00
mugsieaye, at 3 pm?14:01
EmilienMcdent: it wasn't approved by TC.14:01
dhellmannTheJulia is a bit faint but I think she asked about patches landing in stable branches that didn't land in master?14:01
cdenttc approval (or disapproval) never stopped anyone before14:01
fungidhellmann: correct14:01
smcginnisMaybe that's more of a UC topic?14:01
fungiand the answer was that's not a primary concern14:01
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dhellmanntonyb : I lost the connection14:18
ttxon it14:18
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TheJuliadhellmann: just saw that, I don't think that really matters discussion wise at this point :)14:21
dhellmannTheJulia : yeah, my preference would be to continue with the rule that patches start on master and move backwards as much as we can14:22
TheJuliaYeah, and there is definitely consensus that is preferred but not always perfectly possible14:23
dhellmannthat's good enough for me14:23
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notmynamethanks for having the discussion earlier and letting me speak. I'm pretty happy with where it ended up, and it felt like there was a lot of agreement all around14:38
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jrollhas anyone proposed something like a separate tempest plugin for heat/designate's trademark tests? which could have the right people as reviewers on it?15:05
jrollwould allow folks from qa, heat, interop, or some combination to review the changes15:05
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jrollmugsie: zaneb ^15:06
mugsiejroll: yes15:06
mugsieQA went no15:06
jrollmugsie: did they say no this week or is that another thing they might change their mind on?15:06
jrollbecause every answer from them has changed this week :P15:06
smcginnisSo a specific, separate tempest plugin just for trademark only?15:07
cdentjroll: that was one of the options on the review: a trademark plugin15:09
jrollcdent: yes, I'm thinking more of a trademark plugin for a specific project's tests15:09
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cdentso each project might have two different tempest plugins? that would be pretty good.15:10
jrollyeah, if the concern about out of tree trademark tests is control over the changes, it might be a good medium15:10
jrollget all the right people on the core team15:10
dhellmannI couldn't make out some of the end of that conversation. Was there a resolution?15:10
zanebjroll: yes. proposed that. they don't want to review gabbi tests, period.15:11
jrollzaneb: then the heat cores on the repo can review tests until they want to review the gabbi tests :)15:11
zanebdhellmann: resolution was I will propose a governance review permitting (but not requiring) interop tests in tempest plugins15:11
* jroll brb15:11
zanebdhellmann: and we'll discuss from there :)15:12
dhellmannzaneb : ok15:12
dhellmannzaneb : my response when the qa team proposed that was that they needed to establish some sort of training or documentation for people who were going to be doing those reviews to ensure they understand the brittleness of the interop testing situations so they can adequately review the tests. So, anticipate that being my response to your proposal, too. :-)15:13
dhellmannmaybe mark will help with that from the interop team side15:14
zanebdhellmann: ack, discussing that with Mark as we speak :)15:15
ttxdhellmann: did you want to attend the strategic focus area impact discussion?15:17
ttxshould start in 3 min15:17
dhellmannI'm still on the phone here. I'm interested in hearing what folks have to say about that but I'm not sure I have a lot to add.15:17
ttxok well, if it cuts that means cdent has picked up his phone and went home15:18
dhellmannttx: I think the only other topic on the agenda that I added was the internship thing, and that was mostly a "what if" question rather than a serious proposal15:20
cdentphone still working dhellmann ?15:23
dhellmanncdent : yes, I can hear fine, thanks!15:23
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dhellmanncdent : I'm getting enough background noise that following is becoming difficult. Rather than delay the conversation for my technical issues, I'm just going to drop off. I'll be around the laptop so ping me here if something else comes up and folks want me to dial back in. Thank you for burning up some of your minutes on my behalf.15:49
cdentdhellmann: roger that15:49
cdentand you're very welcome15:49
cdentdhellmann: we've decided to stop. everyone has gone super vague and tired15:52
dhellmannsounds like a good call15:53
dhellmannit was good to see everyone again!15:53
cdentwe'll raise a glass for you15:54
dhellmannI'm crossing my fingers that the pub around the corner opens so I can do the same15:54
dtroyersomething something what cdent said15:54
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