Sunday, 2018-02-18

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amrithpersia, how'd that work out for you?12:34
amrithfungi, like lubricants, more is not always better12:35
persiaamrith: It was interesting, but I don't remember any concrete takeaways.  I will say that the presence of a teetotaler in the discussion helped make the point.  Anecdotal observations of other teetotalers in our community is that they either have to learn interesting soft drinks to order in bars at conferences, or they don't seem to achieve the social integration that might be desired.12:58
persiaIt can also complicate other aspects: I remember a discussion with a meetup organiser for a local OpenStack group who received complaints about the service of alcohol at events: some folk felt they couldn't go to a meetup if alcohol was served.  Other folk were uncomfortable going to a meetup if alcohol wasn't served.  I don't think he ever found a solution that worked (although I know he organised meetups with and without alcohol, and provided13:00
persiaplenty of soft drinks when alcohol was served).13:00
persiaAs I spent most of my life in a culture with mandatory drinking of alcohol as part of employment, I have little personal experience with what others might consider sensible solutions to the problem (as "just drink, and we'll carry you to the hospital later" isn't the right solution for a global project).13:16
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Zuul has been restarted and queues were saved. However, patches uploaded after 14:40UTC may have been missed. Please recheck your patchsets where needed.15:56
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amrithpersia, true. I guess you and I agree that it isn't wise to have drunk people carrying you anywhere; even the hospital.16:37
openstackgerritMerged openstack/governance master: Fix small oversight in Python PTI for tests
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