Friday, 2018-02-02

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ttxchandankumar: still blocked waiting for you to address Ihar's remark09:33
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/governance master: Qinling: Function as a Service in OpenStack
ttxfungi: looks like the governance repo is not published anymore to governance.o.o. The upload times out:
ttxIt's been happening for a while.10:56
ttxhmm actually only one other change 3 days ago failed in the same way:
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openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/governance master: Update policy artifacts for tacker
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fungittx: i've reenqueued the master branch tip of governance into post just to see whether it's intermittent before i start digging deeper. we had a lot of nodes hanging in inap over the past few days (not sure yet whether that's where the problem runs ot scheduled but will look in a bit)14:51
ttxfungi: if that helps,last two syncs failed, previous one worked.14:54
ttxthe logs were not really explicit14:56
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ttxThat stream console is not very chatty15:05
fungiyeah, and ran in rackspace and citycloud so not any provider-specific behavior15:06
ttxNOthing really urgent to publish -- just wanted to link to Qinling project team page on the status update email this morning and could not.15:07
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openstackgerritMatthew Edmonds proposed openstack/governance master: Add PowerStackers project
fungiwell, from the job history it looks like this has ended in post_failure for months, but some content is getting uploaded because the "last updated" in the footer is recent15:57
chandankumarttx: done15:59
ttxchandankumar: thanks!16:01
ttxfungi: uh, annoying16:32
ttxcould it be a real timeout ? Shouldn't take that long16:33
fungittx: my thoughts as well. i'm going to see about adding some temporary verbosity during the copy to hopefully tell whether some specific file(s) are the culprit16:39
fungibut it's only about 15mb and 18k files/directories so half an hour should be way more than enough16:39
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fungittx: i'm giving a try to see if it works any better, before i dig much deeper into troubleshooting20:59
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fungittx: looks like that fixed it! according to the duration of the pyblish-governance-tc job dropped an order of magnitude, and succeeded for the first time in months23:30
fungi is now live23:30

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