Wednesday, 2017-11-22

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fungitc-members: office hours engage01:00
SamYaplefungi: that is definetely a good point. but to date ive not really seen a deployment tool that didnt want to cover the "100%", certainly not one that limits it by scope01:15
fungiall the more reason to give it a go01:19
fungiso is loci then an opinionated, security-oriented/hardened deployment model?01:20
fungior are you starting another deployment project?01:20
SamYapleno. loci is just image building01:20
SamYapleloci has a hard "no deployment tool" policy attached to it01:20
fungiahh, so building on top of it01:20
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SamYapleconsuming it just like OSH is consuming it01:21
fungiosh... openstack-helm?01:22
fungii find it best not to make assumptions about abbreviations/acronyms around these parts ;)01:28
SamYaplereasonable :)01:28
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openstackgerritTristan Cacqueray proposed openstack/governance master: Add log-classify to infra project
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openstackgerritJulien Danjou proposed openstack/governance master: Retired ceilometerclient
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openstackgerritJulien Danjou proposed openstack/governance master: Retired ceilometerclient
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cdentgood writeup mugsie19:53
mugsiecheers :)19:53
cdentI reckon if we merged all of them together in some massive writeup we’d have a very colorful view of the world19:54
mugsiemade sure your survey got a shout out :)19:54
cdentyeah, thanks for that19:54
mugsiemerging them would be interesting alright19:55
mugsieI know mine go to planet openstack, but that can get busy19:56
cdentI suppose since everyone saw something different we would either get a very complete picture, or everything would cancel each other out19:56
cdent“it was a great summit” + “this seemed like the weakest one yet” = 019:56
mugsieyeah - but I think we will have those 2 sides for each and every summit.20:01
mugsieI do think combining these from people who were at different sessions / tracks or even Forum / Summit might give a good overview20:02
mugsiee.g. I spend 90% of my time on the 4th floor at the forum20:02
dhellmannmugsie : I share your concern about the top-down roadmap thing.20:13
mugsiedhellmann: yeah - I wish they could have had time to expand on it, just incase I missed something20:15
mugsiebut what i saw on the slide did worry me20:15
dhellmanna similar sort of message came up at the board meeting in boston from the same person20:15
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cdentmugsie: similar stuff shows up in many of the “openstack and nfv gaps” presentations20:33
cdentit’s all mostly led by telcos who are dissatisfied with the velocity of “their” labor pool20:34
mugsieyeah, and telcos that are trying to fork lift what was appliances directly into the cloud with little to no changes20:35
mugsieif you need a VM with numa pinning, PCI device thru, and SR-IOV with 40Gb/s bandwith, just put it on a bare metal machine20:36
mugsiedevice passthrough*20:36
cdenteverybody wants openstack-in-a-box20:40
cdentbut with performance guarantees20:40
dhellmannand yet when nebula sold that it didn't go so well20:40
cdentwhich perhaps that’s a thing, but that’s not cloud20:40
cdentdhellmann: yeah, weird, huh?20:40
dhellmannnah, I have lots of experience with people who won't pay for what they ask for20:41
cdentplenty of common things are weird...20:44
dhellmanntrue. weird but not unusual.20:44
cdentnotmyname: aw shit, did you just imply I’m an insider? I’ve been co-opted and lost my cool...20:47
* cdent weeps20:47
notmynamecdent: ;-)20:47
cdentI think that’s a good enough reason for me to leave the internets for the day. Thank you and good night.20:48
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mugsiein a great show of integrating the "edge" people with the rest of openstack, they now have their own mailing list -_-21:07
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fungimugsie: i got the impression it was more for the administrative traffic since it's being set up as a separate community under the openstack foundation rather than part of openstack itself. there's a whole "unbranding" effort pending for us to de-openstack anything that's not openstack-the-product, so if we can swing it that ml will move to a different vhost on a separate domain in an effort to encourage22:36
fungiparticipation from organizaions/people who are otherwise turned off by the idea/perception that they might be working on openstack22:36
fungiit's not at all about inegrating the edge computing community with openstack, but rather giving them somewhere to form a community of their own without the shadow of openstack22:37
fungiat least, that was my understanding of the presentation to the foundation board22:38
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* dhellmann wonders what we will call the things the openstack foundation does that don't want to have openstack in their name23:17
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fungigödel incompleteness?23:37
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* fungi sometimes wonders whether his jokes are too steeped in math theory23:40
fungiperhaps instead i should have simply likened it to the xkcd strip about defining new standards23:43
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