Saturday, 2017-11-04

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smcginnisSamYaple: I don't believe there is a specific timeframe called out anywhere.03:03
SamYapleoh hmm. i thought i remembered seeing "last week to vote on X" emails before04:22
smcginnisSamYaple: Probably just based on our own decision to not drag it out anymore.05:24
smcginnisSamYaple: Or something that had reached majority vote that we've decided to give a period to allow for any other input.05:25
SamYaplesmcginnis: got it. that makes sense. appreciate the insight05:25
dhellmannSamYaple , smcginnis :
SamYapledhellmann: ah perfect!06:38
SamYapleseems like a decent model06:38
openstackgerritDai Dang Van proposed openstack/governance master: Add policy artifacts for senlin
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