Friday, 2017-10-06

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ttxjohnthetubaguy: can you check your objection on ?07:37
openstackgerritMerged openstack/governance master: Add api interop assert tag to nova
openstackgerritMerged openstack/governance master: Remove stable:follows-policy tag from TripleO
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ttxLooks like the Telemetry is opting out of participating in the split-tempest-plugins goal:
amrithttx, what was the recourse in those circumstances? (asking for a friend :))09:47
chandankumarttx: hello09:56
chandankumarttx: regarding aodh tempest plugin i need to do some background work on using gabbi with tempest09:56
chandankumarthen they will proceed.09:56
flaper87ttx saw rhat piece yday on Twitter. Think cdent posted it. I def want to read it. Thanks for sharing09:59
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ttxchandankumar: great! Thanks again for working on that11:40
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openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/governance master: Add heat planning and completion artifacts
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mtreinishttx, chandankumar: fwiw I view telemetry as opting out of the goal. Creating a separate plugin doing something new is outside the scope of the goal20:14
mtreinishthe goal was for migrating the existing in tree plugins to a separate python package20:14
mtreinishcreating a new plugin doesn't solve the problems having their exisitng plugin intree causes20:15
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EmilienMdims: you made my day, thank you for that22:07
EmilienMdims: the good news is your email for the next round is ready22:07
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fungimtreinish: does it at least mean tempest can go ahead and delete the in-tree plugin for them?23:58

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