Sunday, 2017-09-10

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fungistill planning to meet in the lobby at 08:15 mdt, to coordinate carpools?03:25
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persiafungi: I have heard that is the case from multiple sources, and the conflicts mostly said 8:20.  I have also been advised there is some potential for a 24-seat van to be available for hire (although that source wasn't authoritative), if that helps.04:10
fungithanks persia!04:14
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openstackgerritKevin Benton proposed openstack/governance master: Change Neutron PTL to Miguel Lavalle
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* cdent makes conspiratorial noises15:07
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cdentdims: what’s the link of the etherpad you are unofficially noting on?15:39
dimscdent :
cdentheh, I didn’t know he was in the room when I made my comment. He’s the one who effectively said “openstack governance is broken and we need to work around it"17:05
cdentI’d rather hear “we need to fix it”17:10
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dhellmannthat has been a long standing issue from that particular quarter17:15
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