Thursday, 2017-08-31

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openstackgerritAlexandra Settle proposed openstack/governance master: Updating the documentation team mission statement
openstackgerritAlexandra Settle proposed openstack/governance master: [WIP] Updating the documentation team mission statement
openstackgerritWitold Bedyk proposed openstack/governance master: Add monasca-specs repository
fungii won't be around for the office hour today... stuck in a car from ~1300-1900z but once i get home i'll catch up on whatever awesome things get discussed12:16
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/governance master: add whereto to the list of repos for the docs team
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* smcginnis flips the sign and takes a seat14:51
* dhellmann puts on the kettle14:53
* dims sits down and picks up the cup of tea14:56
dhellmannwhat are folks hoping to get out of the ptg?15:01
smcginnisFried brain, sore feet, general exhausted feeling.15:02
dtroyeralive?   ;)15:02
dhellmannbunch of wise guys15:04
dtroyeroverall, I want to see if I can get a sense of how projects are planning for fewer (traditional) contributors15:05
dtroyerthe sorts that come along with a significant feature and able to do the heavy lifting to implement it15:05
dtroyerI think OSC is one marker of the rate of change/new stuff in projects based on the amount of work in it and plugins that goes on.  and things have really slowed down this cycle15:08
dhellmannwhat about for our tc/swg session?15:08
dtroyerI hope I can be there for more than just a small part of it.15:09
smcginnisI think it would be good to talk about how to handle strategic vs tactical goals.15:09
dhellmannlooks like we have a long list of topics in
johnthetubaguyI think I would like to come out of our session with a feeling we all understand what we think are the highest priority things we should be working on15:17
johnthetubaguyunderstanding the important problems that face us all, what need solutions working on, etc15:17
dhellmannwe have a list of topics to discuss, but prioritizing them isn't explicitly on the list15:20
johnthetubaguyI guess its related to smcginnis saying about balancing strategic and tactical things15:24
johnthetubaguydhellmann: good point, I added that15:24
dhellmanndoes anyone know what the "bucketing" topic is about?15:28
smcginnisWas that related to the layering discussion?15:29
dhellmannmaybe? line 3315:29
dhellmannlooking at this list of topics, and my schedule for monday and tuesday, I wonder if it would be useful for us to plan some time later in the week, too15:34
dhellmannI'm not going to be able to participate monday at all, and will have pretty limited time tuesday15:34
dhellmannwho's going to be around friday?15:35
dhellmannwill other discussions be wrapping up by then?15:35
smcginnisI'm around Friday. Might be good to have an end of week slot as well. Especially so we can bring up anything that was discussed during the week.15:36
dhellmannthat, too15:36
smcginnisCinder will still be going, but I can skip out of some of that now.15:36
dhellmannscheduling for these weeks is still really challenging15:37
smcginnisAgree. If you're only participating in one project, not so bad. But otherwise it's mayhem.15:38
dtroyerI'm around all week, and will also have more time wed-fri15:43
johnthetubaguy+1 on cross project scheduling being crazy hard15:44
johnthetubaguyFriday morning would probably work for me15:44
johnthetubaguythere is other stuff I could be in, but... seems a good time to duck out15:44
dhellmannI could book a couple of hours in ballroom c if folks think that's worthwhile15:46
smcginnisIf the rooms available, let's at least set it aside.15:48
smcginnisIf we end up needing it, we'll have it. If something comes up that prevents it, we can release the room if someone else needs it.15:48
dhellmannoh, wait, we don't need 150 people in that room15:55
smcginnisWell, that would be interesting.15:55
dhellmannwell, vail is only available for 1 hr in the morning15:55
dhellmannhow about after lunch friday? are folks going home that day?15:55
smcginnisI leave later, so that should work for me.15:57
dtroyerafternoon works, I'm leaving Saturday15:57
dhellmannok, I reserved Vail for 2 hrs after lunch Friday15:59
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