Friday, 2017-08-25

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* dtroyer misses focus-follows-mouse17:56
cdentdtroyer: me too17:57
* cdent feels his age17:57
dtroyerwhat's worse, that wasn't even the right location17:57
mordreddtroyer: what did I do?18:16
dtroyertell me once that osc should be using adapters instead of sessions :)18:17
dtroyerI'm at the top of a new rathole18:17
mordreddtroyer: well, hopefully the new support for version discovery in ksa (which you can get to via session or adapter) will make the rathole worthwhile18:18
* mordred needs to push up the openstacksdk patches ...18:18
dtroyerI've been thrashing about with reconciling osc, o-c-c and all that, trying to just simplify everything for osc4.  Am having Zork flashbacks: "a maze of twisty little passages, all alike"18:19
mordreddtroyer: yah. there's a bunch of stuff that's WAY too zork18:29
mordreddtroyer: from the poking I've been doing I think we can _massively_ simplify at this point - but I have a hunch that sitting in a room for a while in denver is gonna be important18:30
dtroyerI am hoping to have much of this back in my short-term mental cache by then18:31
mordreddtroyer: if you have time, go read through and poke at the version-discovery stuff added to ksa in the last release and add it to your short-term cache - it's part of the piece that removes the need for large swaths of complexity that we're both doing currently18:32
dtroyerthat's in a parallel rathole :)18:33
mordreddtroyer: being able to say to ksa "I want an adapter for the block-storage service and I know how to handle v2 and v3" - and gettng that back along with it telling you which version you wound up with is ... helpfuil18:33
mordreddtroyer: woot18:33
dtroyerWhat I have to deal with is how well (or not) the legacy clients can deal with that and patcking it all back together.  that's the bit that I haven't gotten to yet18:34
mordredyah. the legacy clients are a problem18:34
dtroyerit's a lot like the original work to use the same auth across multiple client libs at the same timeā€¦ that was, uh, not fun18:34
mordredI virbrantly suggest you replace your use of them for osc4 - at this point they are an active liability18:34
dtroyerI'd love to, but OSC4 needs to be out this year18:35
mordreddtroyer: so - for my one remaining legacy client that I haven't 100% got rid of, I've got a patch lurking that uses ksa to get an adapater properly for the service, then just pulls info out of the adapter and passes it to the legacy client constructor as overrides18:36
mordreddtroyer: because I very much did not want to go plumbing it all into the legacy client itself18:36
smcginnisWhile we're on client type topics and have some of the right folks around, anyone know if there's an updated version of this around?18:37
mordredbasically endpoint_override=adapter.get_endpoint_data().url18:37
mordredsmcginnis: I don't - although I did go through and update the wiki page about sdks a little while ago18:38
smcginnismordred: This one?
mordredI removed a bunch of stuff that was bong18:39
smcginnisCool, that's got a lot of very useful info too.18:39
dtroyerI suppose golang-client should be mothballed, at least in docs like that18:40
* dtroyer done18:41
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