Wednesday, 2017-08-23

* dims walks in01:01
fungitravelling still so not really around01:05
fungibut i don't seem to be missing much anyway01:05
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dimsAnyone following the Node.js fork story?
mugsieanother one?13:05
cdentonly vaguely13:07
dimsmugsie : y breaking news13:20
smcginnisThey may want it pronounced like "IO" but I'm going to pronounce it like "mayo".13:24
smcginnisIt's got a tangy zip.13:24
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dimssmcginnis : or aioli ? :)14:00
smcginnisdims: Oh, going fancy now. ;)14:04
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openstackgerritChris Dent proposed openstack/governance master: Add Reduce Development Complexity top-5
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