Monday, 2017-07-31

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openstackgerritAndreas Jaeger proposed openstack/project-team-guide master: Update docs: It's bindep.txt now
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dtantsurhi folks! can someone please clarify my doubts on (see the last comment)?11:10
cdentsuch a troublemaker dtantsur ;)11:15
dtantsurjust imagine how boring it could be ;)11:16
cdentI would guess it comes down to the extent of the application of that tag. I would assume it matters for anything "users" see. And Ironic bends those definitions too, so... ?11:18
mugsiewell, IPA being internal should be excluded IMHO (its closer to an oslo.messaging RPCAPI than a HTTP API isn't it?). Inspector should come under it - it is a public API provided by the project11:18
mugsieunless we need to revisit how tags are applied :P11:19
dtantsurthis is my feeling too11:19
dtantsurmeaning, we're not quite ready, and don't have a clear ETA when we are going to be11:19
cdentsounds right to me11:19
cdentalso the part where you don't actually like the tag, so...11:20
dtantsurit does not *really* matter what I feel about the tag11:20
dtantsurif we were to apply for it, I'd prefer the team to review and vote, rather than my personal decisions be applied11:20
dtantsurI may even vote "for" it, despite not liking the whole microversioning11:21
cdentI was using "you" as a proxy for the ironic team in general11:21
dtantsurAs a team, we have mixed feelings. I would expect the consensus to be to accept the tag, so not with 100% "pro" vote :)11:22
cdentBut maybe opportunistically: I'm reluctant to see the tag applied to anything (except maybe nova) until people really stop to think about what it means and have a broader think about what and who tags are for.11:22
dtantsurYeah, this is also the part of the question. *Who* is it for, and *what* does it tell them?11:22
dtantsurcdent: should I move the summary of this discussion to the patch?11:25
cdentyeah, probably. you can link to it:
cdentAnd thanks for not blandly accepting the tag when you weren't sure it was right. Doing so would have continued the trend of tags not mattering much.11:34
dtantsurno prob :)11:34
fungiit does strike me as odd for a team-level tag when it's an assertion about specific software (would make more sense applied to a deliverable)12:51
fungiand, indeed, it is only about specific deliverables (the "ironic" deliverable with repo openstack/ironic and the "nova" deliverable with repo openstack/nova)12:53
cdentfungi: I think we've not fully adapted everywhere to the idea that teams often have multiple deliverables12:53
cdentnor the idea that some _repos_ can have multipe deliverables (for example apis)12:53
cdent(placement being a pain for the docs migration at the moment)12:54
fungilooking at the diff, it's not being applied to teams or to all deliverables for those teams, just to those two specific deliverables/source repositories12:54
cdentfungi: do you think that users of tags will see that distinction? (again, still unclear on who the users of tags are)12:55
fungibut yeah, multiple services per repo with different apis is a bit of a corner case in openstack which explains why mtreinish might have just assumed the ironic api for that repo12:55
fungiusers of tags were mainly supposed to be people deciding whether or not to run the software in their environments12:56
fungiso for example i as a deployer/operator might decide not to use ironic because it doesn't declare api interoperability support, but go ahead with my plans to include nova in my environment because it does12:57
fungianyway, in this case dtantsur and by extension the ironic team seem to be concerned that applying this tag to the ironic team would make a too-vague statement (with which i agree) about ironic-inspector and ironic-python-agent, but it's actually only applied to the ironic _deliverable_ and so doesn't make any statement about the others (which are in their own git repositories within separate13:01
fungiat least according to the yaml file there13:01
dtantsurre deployers making choices based on tags: this is why IMO we should be clearer what tags mean13:02
dtantsur"this software supports interoperability" is a horrible way to characterize this particular one13:03
dtantsurI guess the way it's put "End users of a given service need to have confidence that the API they are using and relying on won’t break when they upgrade a cloud or start using their code on a new OpenStack cloud. This tag asserts that a service adheres to this principle and follows the requirements to ensure this."13:05
dtantsuractually presses me into accepting this tag, otherwise "your service can break API!!1"13:06
dtantsuranyway, thanks for clarification fungi13:06
fungiyou're welcome13:06
fungii don't personally have a strong opinion on whether that tag is useful for its intended purpose since i'm not part of the target audience; i can only really repeat the intent as it has been explained in the past13:07
openstackgerritMerged openstack/project-team-guide master: Update docs: It's bindep.txt now
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flaper87hey folks, I'll be on PTO for the rest of the week (in case you need me for anything)16:03
dhellmannflaper87 : thanks for the heads-up16:04
cdentflaper87: I need some of your pto?16:08
* EmilienM thinks flaper87 is always on PTO16:21
fungii don't actually need any extra time off, i just need to get better about staying away from the computer when i have decided that i'm off (for example... now)16:44
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cdentI think no matter how much I have, because it is a scarce resource I habitually horde it.16:49
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dhellmannfungi : I thought I saw that your area was being evacuated because a power outage or something. Is that just the tourists?17:41
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openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/project-team-guide master: Update feature branch creation details
dimsfungi : y'all ok? (reading news on evac after seeing doug's note above)18:25
smcginnisThe lack of response is a little concerning. I hope things are OK.18:32
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openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/project-team-guide master: Update feature branch creation details
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openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/project-team-guide master: Update feature branch creation details
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dhellmanndims, smcginnis : that news was from the weekend, and he's been on and off since then20:09
smcginnisI thought I saw him around earlier.20:09
dhellmannyeah, he was20:09
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