Wednesday, 2017-07-19

fungioffice hour!01:00
fungiwho's with me?01:00
* mtreinish lurks01:05
* fungi is not alone01:06
mtreinishfungi: so I'm curious, has anyone accused you of gerrymandering with yet :)01:11
fungiyou'll be the first, good sir!01:11
mtreinishbecause everytime the election rules change it seems like someone claims there is a conspiracy afoot01:11
mtreinishhmm, that's disappointing. I guess it was maybe just jogo who made up the conspiracy nut fringe01:13
fungihonestly i wish we didn't have governance documents claiming that atcs and apcs have to be foundation individual members (would make the election tooling a lot simpler), but that's a lot harder to get changed01:14
mtreinishI totally agree there01:15
mtreinishTBH, I've never seen what advantage foundation membership provides in practice01:16
* smcginnis takes a seat in the office01:16
fungimy goal here is not to restrict elections, but to find ways to simplify our terrible onboarding process01:16
mtreinishvoting in the individual board member election is a benefit I guess, but I think most people don't care01:16
fungiwelcome smcginnis!01:16
smcginnisIs it some kind of legal protection for us in case someone decides to start putting up proprietary code.01:17
smcginnisSo that we can at least point to the signed membership saying they agreed not to do bad things01:17
funginope. that's the cla (ostensibly anyway)01:18
smcginnisfungi: Oh, right.01:18
fungiwhich we have permission to replace with the dco if we can ever finish doing the other integration necessary to make ccla management more streamlined01:18
smcginnisI think other non-projects I worked with, you needed to somehow be able to define who your "members" are for legal/voting reasons.01:18
fungiright, and for the board at large seats that's needed01:19
fungifor our technical elections we have other criteria we can (and do) use that make something like foundation membership probably unnecessary01:20
mtreinishright, which is why I said most people probably don't care about the individual board member election01:20
mtreinishat least most atcs01:20
fungialso it's annoying that to vote in technical elections you need to be a foundation member, but if you fail to vote in at least one of two consecutive board elections then your membership lapses01:21
mtreinishyep, I've heard several people complain about that before01:21
fungiso basically you either have to keep rejoining the foundation or voting in board elections to qualify to vote in technical elections01:22
mtreinishgranted given that the last tc election had ~13% turnout I guess most people don't care about the technical elections either01:24
smcginnisWas it really that bad?01:25
mtreinishyeah, 427 voted out of 3191 eligible voters01:25
mtreinishheh, at least we don't have a qourum requirement like the xorg foundation. THey often fail to meet the 25% requirement for their board elections01:28
smcginnisWow. Yeah, I won't complain then.01:29
fungiwe do/did have that for bylaws changes but i believe we managed to just barely get the 25% quorum necessary to vote to lower the quorum to 10%01:29
fungibecause we realized it would be next to impossible to get further bylaws changes through otherwise01:30
mtreinishhah, well iirc the xorg foundation requires 75% for bylaws changes :p01:30
fungithis is officially the busiest wednesday 01:00 office hour ever01:31
dimssorry went shopping for a trash can and 2 fans :)01:31
smcginnisdims: Interesting shopping list. :)01:32
dimsi know :)01:32
dimshave you reached your destination smcginnis ?01:32
* fungi doesn't question it01:32
mtreinishit's even more amusing when you factor in the xorg foundation has a membership < 100 typically :)01:32
smcginnisfungi: I'm only here due to travel, but ti does seem like office hours are picking up a little.01:32
smcginnisdims: Yep, got about 6 solid hours of sleep in too.01:32
smcginnisdims: Feeling much better than I was last night. :)01:33
dimshow are you mtreinish, havent talked to you since boston summit01:33
mtreinishdims: heh, that's probably because I was in Japan and China for pretty much all of june :)01:34
dimsback at home? :)01:35
mtreinishbut I'm doing well01:35
mtreinishdims: yeah, for a least a few weeks01:35
* dims stares at the boat load of requirements that need to get in01:36
smcginnisA lot came through yesterday.01:36
mtreinishit's the pre-freeze rush01:36
fungifeature freeze next week, yeah01:36
mtreinisheveyone needs that last minute reqs bump01:37
dimssmcginnis : about glance-store.... any progress?01:37
* mtreinish has never been guilty of doing that :)01:37
dimsmtreinish : this is a full oslo batch01:37
smcginnisdims: I got a little info. There's ac ouple more patches they are trying to land.01:37
smcginnisI think it will likely end up being tomorrow for the final cut.01:37
dimssmcginnis ack, who is "they"?01:37
smcginnisdims: The glance team in general. :)01:38
dimsah ok01:38
smcginnisdims: Did you recheck all of those Jenkins-2 requirements patches?01:39
dimssmcginnis : y i try once or twice and then go look at logs01:40
smcginnisdims: Of the few I checked, they all looked unrelated.01:40
smcginnisI'm guessing typical cram-it-all-in instability that needs to settle.01:40
dimssmcginnis : it's easy to wait for the overnight bot update and shepherding that through, but if there are issues it's harder to nail down which library caused it there.01:42
smcginnisYeah. Too many moving parts right now.01:43
dimsso it's better to try to get a few through individually and then the overnight batch01:43
fungithat wraps up our official office hour slot for now. next is 15:00 thursday02:00
smcginnisWell, ther was at least some activity this time. :)02:03
fungithat was the first 01:00 utc slot with more than about half a dozen lines02:04
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