Thursday, 2017-06-22

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ttxYay office hours15:00
dtroyerGood morning office15:01
ttxGood afternoon office15:05
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stevemarglad to see you back online dtroyer15:18
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thingeeare we going to merge the policy goal based on yesterday's TC meeting?
thingeeor rather last meeting15:44
thingeettx: I'm about to send out the email that talks about how we can complete goals better and the ones for queens15:45
ttxthingee: go for it!15:47
ttxthingee: I don't think we can based on the relatively-low attendance on that meeting15:48
ttx(merge the policy goal)15:48
ttxI think if we get enough +2 on selecting this set on the thread, we could reflect that on the reviews15:48
ttxI mean, what do others think ? Should we go ahead and merge policy-goal to accompany split-tempest-plugins ?15:49
ttxOr should we first decide on champions and ask for some on each proposed goal ?15:49
dtroyerif we are going to ask for champions for goals, we should start that now and not have to retro-fit them (we already do for the tempest goal).  lack of a champion may be an indicator of the available energy to implement the goal15:55
ttxdtroyer: ++15:57
ttxthingee: let's resolve the champion question first, should be non-controversial (although people like to find issues in anything proposed)15:58
ttxthen we can ask each goal to add a champion, and make the final call based on that15:58
ttxYou can still indicate the two that are currently leading the pack15:58
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thingeethanks all :)17:15
fungidarn, i missed office hours (though i'm technically not supposed to be around today anyway, so just as well)17:44
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