Monday, 2017-06-19

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ttxfungi: you can consider my draft as CC-BY. Note that Todd is working on making a beautified version of it07:33
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fungittx: thanks. is there a vector source or just raster?11:36
ttxIt's originally a google draw thing. There are probably export formats11:38
* ttx looks up11:38
ttxhas SVG11:38
ttxthat said you probably want to remix the one that will come out of Mrey's labs11:39
fungik, thanks!11:42
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ttxfungi: I was planning to spend some time analyzing what was on stackforge^Wunofficial^Whosted space atm, but don't want to duplicate your work, if you've done any12:40
ttxso I'll wait for your go-ahead12:40
fungias an initial data point, right at 2/3 of the openstack{,-dev,-infra}/.* repos are deliverables for official teams in governance13:13
ttxfungi: ok. if you haven't started to dig deeper, I'll do it now13:14
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fungii haven't. trying to figure out what sorts of metrics we can come up with that would represent any useful information... like i can probably map out percentage of job runs for unofficial projects, though scaling that to runtimes may be much harder13:17
ttxfungi: wanted to try to get an idea of which are potentially in scope for an official project vs. not13:18
ttxthat involves looking at what the project actually does, which is time consuming :)13:18
ttxI'll probably dump the data in an etherpad13:18
ttxbasically try to see how many we have in each category, and how much activity that represents13:19
funginot a bad idea. so classifying the different unofficial projects by use basically?13:20
ttxyeah, I had 3 categories in mind. Things that could totally be official if only they applied, things that are side-projects that we want close, like orphaned libs we took over, and things that are just not in scope13:22
ttxI'll extract the project list to an etherpad and create categories, then people who know about a given project could help categorize13:23
fungithere are descriptions in openstack-infra/project-config gerrit/projects.yaml that may be relatively accurate, at least13:25
ttxI'll extract both pieces, and remove "official" stuff to get the negative space13:26
ttxfungi: we still have stackforge/* stuff in projects.yaml -- does that mean that projects keep their old name in the file when they are renamed ? Or am I missing something13:30
fungittx: those are basically dead. they're the projects whose owners were unresponsive over the course of the 6 months we repeatedly tried to reach them about the rename13:41
fungiwe consider them effectively abandoned13:42
ttx for those following at home13:49
ttxneed to fix a few entries that are found outside projects.yaml (like the TC and the UC list)13:51
fungithat's a useful starting point--thanks!14:05
ttxwow there are things that should definitely be official in there :)14:06
fungisome, yes. it occasionally takes convincing people of that (like the fuel team really seemed to prefer not taking responsibility for most of their plugins even though they retained core review rights over them)14:21
fungisome are just an oversight where people forget to file the governance change14:21
fungiand some would make sense to be official but aren't a fit for an existing team14:22
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ttxLots of those had a couple commits and never went further14:56
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