Friday, 2017-06-09

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cdentI have become an excuse or joke:
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dtroyercdent: does that mean the TC is really an advice-ocracy?12:27
cdentcould be could be12:28
dtroyerI've been pondering the mertocracy thing, fungi's link above had come comments around "creative tension" that describes what I think we _do_ have in our current structure.  Sure there were survey comments in the vision about us old guys (in the 'been around OpenStack a long time' sense) blindly running the whole shebang, but we  _have_ had plenty of cases where not-old-guys step up, contribute and are recognized and rewarded i12:41
dtroyerThere were also comments about 'one of us' being a bad thing.  That is in the 4 opens and part of how we decide if you are on our side or not when evaluating official inclusion.  ie, one of the tests of meritocracy at a project level.  I know that word carries negatives for some, maybe we need to be more clear about the context and process and intent?12:44
dtroyer[[ just some last thoughts of someone about to go get two teeth pulled, so evaluate in that context too if necessary :) ]]12:45
cdentgood coments, dtroyer, I hadn't yet seen those links from fungi, looking now12:50
cdentI agree that the "one of us" thing is a bit...awkward12:50
cdentyeah, do-ocracy doesn't feel good either12:51
cdentit has the same problems with regard to who is defining what an action is12:51
cdentI'm not sure how much it is worth worrying about this, though. As in I'm sure there's other stuff that's more concerning, it just that this particular thing gets stuck in my craw sometimes12:52
dtroyerI do think looking at things like this from time to time is good to re-establish reasons why things are or should be further examined.  And in our specific case, there are still things in our oral history that are not written down yet, maybe this is another that should be at least written informally in a blog post...13:02
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notmynamecdent: wow. what's the context of that commit?17:11
cdentnotmyname: ?17:14
notmynamecdent: your "unassailable authority" :-)17:14
cdentoh, that. someone asked me for advice on something and worried about how to justify his position to his colleagues17:15
cdentsince I supposed his position he figured he could use that quip17:15
cdentapparently one of the colleagues end up saying "now he's quoting grey hairs"17:16
* fungi is not ashamed to have grey hairs... just glad they're hanging in there at all!19:00
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