Thursday, 2020-06-18

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/openstacksdk master: Add query parameter 'id' for security_groups
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openstackgerritPratik Raj proposed openstack/cliff master: optimize size and time using --no-cache-dir
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openstackgerritjayaditya gupta proposed openstack/cliff master: Output correct json for security groups in 'openstack server show'
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mordredslaweq: see comment from frickler on - it's possible there is a neutron bug12:13
slaweqmordred: looking12:13
mordredslaweq: (it's possible it's not - but when I see "unintended information leak" ...)12:14
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slaweqmordred: I just opened
openstackLaunchpad bug 1884067 in neutron "[API] Filtering by fields not allowed to see is possible for regular users" [High,Confirmed]12:34
slaweqmordred: frickler thx for finding this12:34
slaweqmordred: frickler I think we are not checking what fields are available for user during filtering, we are only removing such fields from the returned data12:35
fricklerslaweq: sorry, I wanted to ping you earlier about this but then got distracted, it just looked odd to me when testing mnaser's patch12:35
slaweqI will ask amotoki to take a look into it12:35
mordred\o/. we're helpful! good catch frickler  :)12:38
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mordredmnaser: you made things betterer12:38
mnaserwhat did I do oops12:39
mnaseroh no12:39
mnaserthat’s no good12:39
mnaserwe should fix that soon :)12:40
mnaser(and if no one has the time to do that, I can, cause you know, that’s a little important)12:40
mnaserI’m not that worried though, we don’t expose the host id anywhere so I don’t think anyone can see it to use it later12:41
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shaohe_fenghi, mordred and gtema13:51
shaohe_fengthere is a issue when I connect glance from cyborg13:52
shaohe_fengNeed you help13:52
shaohe_fengTraceback (most recent call last):13:53
shaohe_feng"/opt/stack/cyborg/cyborg/image/", line 163, in download13:53
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mordredI want to help shaohe_feng13:56
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shaohe_fengTraceback (most recent call last):13:56
shaohe_feng"/opt/stack/cyborg/cyborg/image/", line 163, in download13:56
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mordredshaohe_feng: try pasting to and then copying the link here14:12
shaohe_fengmordred: this is the traceback
shaohe_fengmordred: this is the conf
shaohe_fengmordred:  this is the cyborg repo   and  glance api  code is here:
mordredshaohe_feng: sadly I don't think we're going to be much help with that - it's using glanceclient not openstacksdk - I'm really not sure  what's going on :(14:20
shaohe_fengmordred I'm using SDK:14:21
shaohe_feng+    ksa_adap = utils.get_sdk_adapter(14:21
shaohe_fengin my code I chage it to get_sdk_adapter14:22
shaohe_fenghere I change get_ksa_adapter to get_sdk_adapter
mordredshaohe_feng: yes - but the traceback you pasted is flowing through glanceclient - so it seems that sdk adapter is just being used to find the list of glance servers14:24
mordredso - at some point that info is being passed to a Glanceclient constructor - and god only knows what it's doing14:25
shaohe_feng^ mordred: what the get_sdk_adapter   define14:25
shaohe_fengso why it still use glanceclient ?14:26
shaohe_fengI already change it to get_sdk_adapter14:26
shaohe_fengsomething wrong when I change it to get_sdk_adapter  ?14:26
shaohe_fengmordred can you tell me what should I do?14:27
mordredshaohe_feng: that looks fine - but there is still this:
mordredshaohe_feng: let me look at the code a little more and see if I can make some suggestions14:28
shaohe_fengmordred: thank you.14:28
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gtemashaone_feng - I guess you should be targeting dropping your cyborg/image/glance completely and modify cyborg/image/api to use SDK instead14:30
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mordredgtema: looking at the master branch, it looks like they're laready doing that14:31
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gtemaoh, I was looking to the posted particular commit14:31
mordredoh - wait14:31
mordredZOMG - the method is returning a GlanceClient and calling it a session14:32
gtemaeven in master there is still from cyborg.image import glance14:32
mordredI was fooled by "session.delete()"14:33
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shaohe_fenggtema: mordred: I'm still use GlanceClient ?14:38
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mordredgtema: they're going to nerdsnipe me in to fixing cyborg aren't they?14:39
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gtemashaone_feng - you stacktrace exactly points into that14:42
gtemamordred - right14:42
shaohe_fenggtema: mordred: sorry, I'm offline just now. something wrong with my network.14:42
shaohe_fengmay I missing something?14:43
gtemashaohe_feng - guess not14:43
mordredshaohe_feng: cyborg.image.api.API._get_session_and_image_id is constructing a Glanceclient object14:43
mordredshaohe_feng: which in turn is used in API.download14:44
shaohe_fenggood,  so what should I change?14:44
mordredprobably the entire cyborg/image/ file14:44
shaohe_fengthe FPGA need to download image14:44
gtemayes - drop it and modify the cyborg/image/api14:44
shaohe_fengwe need to program the FPGA14:44
shaohe_fengany example for it?14:44
mordredshaohe_feng: I'm going to see if I can make a non-working example patch that can point you in the right direction14:44
shaohe_fengmordred good. thanks.14:45
mordredgtema: it's the same code as from nova, so if we fix it here for cyborg, we'll have a good example of how to fix it for nova too :)14:45
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elmikoAPI SIG office hour open16:02
elmikomordred: i haven't seen much more activity on the service discovery PRs, i'm going to move towards a freeze and asking for wider review if that sounds good to you?16:04
mordredelmiko: ++16:07
elmikothank you sir =)16:07
mordredthank you!16:09
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elmikook, frozen and email sent16:34
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elmikohave a good weekend all, stay safe and healthy out there =) o/17:08
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystoneauth stable/ussuri: Fix E741 pep8 failure
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