Monday, 2020-05-04

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nightmare_unrealcan someone review this : . Thanks12:19
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openstackgerritsubham rai proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: baremetal: support for volume connectors API
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ansible-collections-openstack master: os_server_action: pass imageRef to rebuild
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dtroyermordred: Do you know of anyone using multi-factor auth with SDK or OSC?19:45
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mordreddtroyer: I wanna say yes19:46
mordreddtroyer: I know adriant was working on it19:46
mordredand I feel like it was important to someone else19:46
mordreddtroyer: (with osc - not so much with sdk)19:46
mordredcmurphy, dtantsur|afk : ^^ do you know?19:47
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dtroyerOk, thanks.  I am about to find out the hard way just how badly OSC is broken here with a cloud that does not have app creds enabled…19:47
mordreddtroyer: hahaha. "yay"19:48
mordreddtroyer: I *think* it "works" for some value of "it" and "works19:49
cmurphymordred: dtroyer afaik adriant hasn't gotten around to adding support for MFA receipts ( to osc so it is still pretty broken19:49
mordredcmurphy: ah - ok . so I'm probably remembering "someone *wants* to use it" more than "someone is using it"19:49
cmurphyit's possible that osc could use the v3multifactor auth plugin from ksa and it could just work19:52
cmurphythat wouldn't require the receipts workflow19:53
dtroyercmurphy: Reading through that, is it only the OSC bit that is still undone?  Horizon is working on the cloud I am testing on, OSC is not (no well anyway)19:53
dtroyerhmmm… I need to learn about v3multifactor19:53
cmurphydtroyer: afaik horizon doesn't have it yet either but i could be out of date19:54
dtroyerI do not know exactly how this cloud is configured, they are using Duo if that means anything specific19:55
mordreddtroyer: if only you knew someone who could add multifactor support to osc19:58
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dtroyeri know, right?20:00
dtroyeractually, some of what I am seeing so far may be around the session/token not getting re-used properly.  and if we only had some insecure method of caching that between commands20:03
mordreddtroyer: if only20:19
mordreddtroyer: I feel like someone should have thought about this before20:19
openstackgerritNoah Mickus proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Add TLS protocol support for Octavia
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adriantcmurphy, mordred: I was working on Horizon and got side tracked/stuck with that, but never touched OSC22:02
adriantthe support is in KSA, just doesn't exist in the cli tools properly unless you get/set a token somehow yourself and then use the tools22:02
adriantI don't have the time for it, but will gladly review/comment on the design of the support in OSC etc22:03
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rm_workah mordred: this changed the behavior of the image lookup in the server commands :(22:19
rm_workjust caught it internally today22:19
rm_worknow lookups by image *name* fail, where they worked before22:19
rm_workbecause it seems the switch to the SDK used the id lookup function directly, rather than emulating that "id, then name" lookup feature the old code had22:20
rm_work(I believe)22:20
rm_workyeah, patch incoming23:05
openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Correct image lookup during server rebuild
rm_workmordred: ^^ should resolve it23:12
rm_workwill be testing locally today/tomorrow23:12
rm_workoh right, this is client, tested locally just now and it resolved the issue :)23:20
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