Monday, 2020-04-20

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ansible-collections-openstack master: Moved openstack inventory script from community.general
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Zuul is temporarily offline; service should be restored in about 15 minutes.13:59
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Gerrit will be restarted to correct a misconfiguration which caused some git mirrors to have outdated references.15:48
nightmare_unrealquick question, If i want to add a new command to openstackclient where should I look into ? for e.g. openstack hypervisor list is an existing cmd. I want to add openstack migration list to it.15:50
nightmare_unrealbasically registering new command.15:50
dtantsurnightmare_unreal: the commands are listed in setup.cfg15:51
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nightmare_unrealso during runtime openstackclient looks at setup.cfg ?15:51
dtantsurnightmare_unreal: VERY roughly speaking, yes15:51
dtantsur(it actually goes through the python's entry point mechanism)15:52
nightmare_unrealhmm okay. Thanks :) .15:52
dtantsurnightmare_unreal: check if you're curious15:52
nightmare_unrealThanks a lot :D15:53
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AJaegercmurphy: could you review this keystoneauth change, please?
cmurphyAJaeger: done17:17
AJaegerthanks, cmurphy17:18
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/keystoneauth master: Cleanup py27 support
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johnsomIs anyone else getting py36/py37 failures on the openstack.tests.unit.baremetal.v1.test_proxy.TestWaitForNodesProvisionState.test_timeout_and_failures_not_fail test for openstacksdk?19:37
johnsomOne of the students I am mentoring pointed out that master seems to have a problem with that test.19:38
smcginnisjohnsom: Just ran py37 and it passes for me.19:42
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johnsomHmm, how odd. I could reproduce the problem he was seeing.19:42
johnsom(That paste above was from running local for me)19:42
smcginnisHmm, very odd.19:42
smcginnisDouble checked. I'm on master and up to date.19:43
smcginnispy38 passed too. Don't think I have py36 on this machine.19:43
smcginnisThis is odd too: expected str instance, Mock found19:44
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smcginnisjohnsom: What do you get with .tox/py37/bin/pip freeze | grep -i mock19:44
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johnsom$ .tox/py37/bin/pip freeze | grep -i mock19:45
smcginnisHmm, same.19:45
johnsomYeah, mine is a fresh clone19:45
smcginnisTrying "git clean -f; tox -re py37"19:46
johnsomI will, but given it's a completely fresh directory/clone seems like it's already there.19:47
smcginnisNo, saying I was going to try that to see if it's something in mine. :)19:47
johnsomOh,  I wonder if it pulled from github at that sync issue is at play. It's an old alias19:47
smcginnisAnd no, that didn't make any difference. My local run still passed.19:47
smcginnisWhat's the commit hash of HEAD?19:47
johnsomNope, it pulled from opendev19:48
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smcginnisOK, yep. That's what I'm at as well.19:51
johnsomIt is not the out-of-sync issue for sure, cloned from both, both bomb on 3.719:51
smcginnisjohnsom: If you want to stare and compare for any other differences:
smcginnisSeems like it has to be an evironmental difference issue.19:53
johnsomYeah, no difference in the list other than you cloned from github19:55
smcginnisWow, must be an old one.19:56
smcginnisFresh clone from into a new directory. Still passes for me.20:00
smcginnisSo something else different in the environment.20:00
johnsomHmm, the failure seems legit at a quick review. There is '3' in sequence, so I can see how a mock would be there.20:00
johnsomYeah, the '3' in the list does in fact cause a mock object to go into the remaining list which the debug tries to get an id from.20:03
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johnsomHm, no, it's the ID which is an int20:07
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johnsomsmcginnis Which python3 are you running? I have python3.7  3.7.5-2~18.0420:18
johnsomHmm, fails on my fedora host as well20:21
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smcginnisjohnsom: Python 3.7.620:33
johnsompython3-3.7.6-2.fc31.x86_64 on fedora20:34
smcginnisYeah, that's probably exactly what I have on this machine.20:34
johnsomThis is so odd, I can do a for-in and print the id number fine, but if it's in the shorthand it blows up.20:35
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openstackgerritNoah Mickus proposed openstack/openstacksdk master:  Add cipher list support for octavia
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