Monday, 2020-02-10

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adriantNow... this is a SILLY edge case... the the CLI keystone commands don't handle well the case where someone has a project called "default" in a domain that isn't "Default". Because it seems the project name default is clashing with the ID for the 'Default' domain, so things like role assignment list and such don't work when specifying01:41
adriant"--project-domain" because I guess the ID lookup happens first.01:41
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openstackgerritLajos Katona proposed openstack/keystoneauth stable/stein: add handling for multiple error returns
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sshnaidmI wonder if anyone from SDK can comment on an issue with tags and update_image_properties -
mordredadriant: wow, that's an amazing edge case14:08
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KeithMnemonicanyone feel like getting this through finally
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KeithMnemonicalso  this one please if someone can pull the trigger
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dtantsurelmiko: hey! at some point (maybe on Thu) we should talk about PTG plans.15:36
dtantsursshnaidm: btw, have we got a new meeting time for the ansible meeting?15:37
sshnaidmdtantsur, I think yes, we'll have it in Tue 3pm UTC as winning from
dtantsursshnaidm: have you announced it already? especially if you expect it to happen tomorrow :)15:39
sshnaidmdtantsur, right, I'll announce it today15:40
dtantsur++ thx15:40
sshnaidmI think all that wanted to vote have already voted15:40
dtantsurI'll be able to attend again \o/15:41
sshnaidmdtantsur, welcome back! :)15:41
sshnaidmdtantsur, do you know who can help with images work in SDK wrt ?15:43
gtemasshnaidm, what is exactly the question with that?15:43
dtantsurI was about to mention gtema :)15:43
sshnaidmgtema, seems like there is a bug with tagz and update_image_properties call15:44
gtemaI was taking care of rework of image and on the other side not happy with overall tag approach of modules15:44
gtemaah, ok15:44
sshnaidmgtema, I wouldn't like to pass workarounds to modules because of SDK bugs, but if no choice..15:44
gtemawill have a look on that tomorrow15:44
sshnaidmgtema, great, appreciate that15:45
gtemabtw, just a question in the round: I want to have a separate module for doing tags operations, instead of implementing the whole madness in each module15:45
gtemaI was even proposing change in ansible, but it never got merged15:45
gtemawhat do you think of such approach?15:45
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sshnaidmgtema_, I'd say we can try, can you submit an example patch?15:58
gtema_yes, when will find a time. But sure. The benefit is that in each module we need to repeat some logic otherwise15:59
sshnaidmgtema_, I suppose it should go to modules_utils/ somewhere?16:00
gtema_well, this is another option, which is also on my desk16:00
gtema_1st option was to add os_tag module, which take resource reference16:01
gtema_and 2nd is to integrate tag logic into base module16:01
gtema_okay. Sorry guys, need to fix my Zuul, therefore can't spend much time here now16:03
gtema_dtantsur, mordred: please please please
* dtantsur adds to the top of his queue16:04
mordredgtema_: yes - I'm halfway through it :)16:05
sshnaidmdo we need openstack-ansible-modules session in PTG?16:25
sshnaidmI wonder if it can be part of SDK session if there is one16:25
dtantsurit won't hurt, I think16:25
dtantsursshnaidm: a good topic to raise on the tomorrow's meeting16:25
gtema_I would like to have openstack-ansible-modules, I would like to have SDK. And that if I am allowed to go ;-)16:25
* dtantsur turns his attention to gtema_'s poem :)16:37
gtema_it was just vol.1 - more to come16:37
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* mordred applauds the poetry17:24
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adriantmordred: I find all the best edge cases and bugs :P22:52
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