Sunday, 2020-01-26

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fricklermordred: this should fix the stable/stein testing Fix branch for stable job testing09:25
fricklerI thinking that this pinning to master might generally be obsolete now that we do seem to have stable branches everywhere09:26
fricklermordred: dtroyer: /me thinks we should also see stable branch patches here, proposed Adapt branches for sdk projects in gerritbot09:30
yoctozeptofrickler, mordred, dtroyer: you might also like the patchbot we have in a few channels (e.g. #openstack-kolla) around (provided by timburke) - it responds to gerrit links like openstack to launchpad's10:04
yoctozepto11:04:22 <yoctozepto> testing...10:04
yoctozepto11:04:24 <yoctozepto>
yoctozepto11:04:25 <patchbot> patch 704244 - project-config - Adapt branches for sdk projects in gerritbot - 1 patch set10:04
yoctozeptogmann: while we are at it, qa might also like it ^10:05
frickleryoctozepto: yes I've seen patchbot but I have a difficult time to decide whether I consider it more useful than noisy. I'd also prefer it to be infra-managed if people decide they want it11:15
yoctozeptofrickler: good point, it is a tradeoff but I'm obviously in favor of the extra help so that I don't have to type out descriptions of changes I am linking to11:53
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