Friday, 2020-01-10

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openstackgerritVishakha Agarwal proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Adding options to user cli
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fricklermordred: dtroyer: can the osc4 feature branch be dropped? we do have v4 in master now, don't we?12:31
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dtroyerfrickler: yes it can15:14
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vkmchey all o/15:40
vkmcwe are working on implementing the plugin for osc for manila15:40
vkmcwondering if there are guidelines for creating documentation for it15:40
vkmcI've seen that the osc client has their own docs, which each of the commands that it's implemented15:40
mordredvkmc: if it's a new plugin, it would be *awesome* if we could base it on openstacksdk and get the manila support in sdk solid - for docs, that's a good question ... dtroyer?15:45
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vkmcmordred, yes, brand new plugin15:45
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vkmcmaaritamm, o/15:49
vkmcmordred, dtroyer, so maaritamm (outreachy intern) is the main lead on the manila plugin development15:50
vkmcwe want to make sure we comply to any existing process that the community might have wrt to creating user docs for the client15:50
mordredyay outreachy intern! hi maaritamm15:50
maaritammhi to all :)15:51
mordredI'm honestly not sure what the osc plugin docs story is ... maybe dtroyer or dtantsur|brb knows?15:52
mordredor amotoki if he's around15:52
dtroyerI think the docs story has changed a bit recently, efried was doing a lot of work on autodoc at the end of last year, and I think that has affected the story for plugins, but I don't have that in my head at the moment15:53
vkmcwhen is is the weekly meeting for this team? maybe we can use some minutes to talk about this15:54
vkmcif that works for you15:54
amotokiI haven't caught up the recent change on autodoc in osc, but as long as neutronclient osc plugin I think the autogen of OSC plugin CLI still works15:55
dtroyervkmc: We haven't had weekly meetings in quite some time15:56
vkmcoh ok15:56
dtroyerPretty much everything happens here as needed15:56
vkmcok :)15:56
efriedvkmc: Plugin docs should live in the plugin. The python-openstackclient should be updated to pull them in via an autoprogram-cliff directive. Let me grab some links...15:57
amotokivkmc: you can find an example OSC plugin document at
amotokivkmc: all OSC plguin CLI document is generated automatically15:58
vkmcperfect... yes, I assumed there was something to automatize the generation of docs but I wasn't sure15:58
vkmcamotoki, thanks for the sample15:58
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amotokivkmc: I am going to bed soon. if you have questions, feel free to drop them in this channel.16:00
vkmcamotoki, will do, thanks again!16:00
mordreddtroyer: if you have a sec, there's a naming question in that we discussed, but it hasn't landed yet, so would love your ack on where we wound up16:03
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dtantsurvkmc: you can check what ironicclient is doing. currently we're hosting its docs as part of docs.o.o/python-ironicclient16:09
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vkmcdtantsur, perfect, I'll take a look at those too16:13
efriedvkmc: Okay, using octavia as an example:16:14
efried- Your plugin's setup.cfg needs to define entry_points for each subcommand in this spirit:
efried==> The left-hand side is the subcommand syntax, s/ /_/16:14
efried==> The right-hand side is the package:class that handles that.16:14
efriedI think that's just standard fare for plugin-ness. But the important point is that the docs will be generated from the argparse helps defined in the classes' get_parser overrides.16:14
efriedThen in python-openstackclient you need to:16:14
efried- Include your plugin in doc/requirements.txt, like:
efried- Set up a page with a title and any desired preamble text (preferably keep that minimal) with an autoprogram-cliff directive that references your entry point, like:
efried- Don't forget to add your new page ^ to the index
efriedI *think* that's it.16:14
efriedWhat would be really neat is if you could scribble this process into a doc of its own and publish it in python-openstackclient for future contributors...16:14
vkmcefried, yep, we definitely need to add this16:16
vkmcI can do that16:16
johnsomvkmc You can also ping me if you have questions. I authored the docs setup for octaviaclient and ironicclient.16:17
johnsomWell, at least the auto generate bits16:18
vkmcjohnsom, oh nice, that would be helpful... in case we get stuck with anything there16:20
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efriedphew, thanks johnsom -- cause all I did was framework stuff, no real clue how the docs themselves work :P16:22
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openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Raise hacking to more recent 2.0.0
openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Stop testing python2
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smcginnismordred: Restored and updated your patch, but let me know if there were other conversations around that that I am not aware of. ^^18:01
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smcginnisdtroyer: Note that dropping py2 support requires a major version bump, so not sure if there are any other major-version-bumping-worthy changes in the works that we might want to get in along with that cycle goal change before doing an official release. ^18:06
dtroyersmcginnis: I don't have any waiting since we just did 4.0, there may be some that I have not seen yet.  But that likely needs some work on the openstackclient repo to match, I think I saw some stuff going on about that earlier this week (sorry I wasn't able to actually follow along with that)18:08
smcginnisI'm not aware either. Really just a heads up in case we had anything we were waiting on for an opportune time. ;)18:09
dtroyersure, thanks.  I have a vague memory that mriedem did run across one or two small things, not sure where to find that now18:10
smcginnisWe can see how many major versions we can get over the next cycle or two.18:11
smcginnisOh, I totally missed Oh well, still a couple little things needed per the cycle goal instructions.18:13
openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Stop testing python2
openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Stop testing python2
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openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Raise flake8-import-order version to latest
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KeithMnemonicsmcginnis: Thank you very much for helping get the stable openstackclient branches working. it is very appreciated21:36
smcginnisKeithMnemonic: No problem, thanks for getting a lot of that in place to start with.21:37
smcginnisHopefully we can get those stable branches cleaned up and jobs working again.21:37
smcginnisOnly a few outstanding patches, but most look like good fixes to get merged if we can.21:38
KeithMnemonici agree , it will be a much less stressful when just having to debug the code in the fix itself and not other external issues21:39
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