Monday, 2019-11-18

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Horrorcatmoin. we’re currently troubleshooting keystone-to-keystone federation not working with recent openstackclient versions. the problem manifests itself in that `openstack catalog list` shows the correct endpoints, but for example `openstack server list` claims that no compute endpoint exists in the default region09:16
HorrorcatWe reported this issue a while back!/story/2004016 and haven’t gotten any feedback.09:16
HorrorcatI now found a super-hacky solution, which is adding `self._cli_options._auth = self.auth` after the `if self._cli_options.service_provider` block in `ClientManager.setup_auth` in osc_lib/clientmanager.py09:17
Horrorcatthis feels so wrong, but from the control flow it doesn’t appear to me that this can be solved in a different way. the setup_auth method essentially *has* to replace the auth plugin of the _cli_options (really a CloudRegion object) thing09:17
Horrorcatbecause it detects k2k federation, which requires replacing the auth plugin.09:17
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openstackgerritDaniel Bengtsson proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Stop configuring install_command in tox and stop use pip.
Horrorcathere’s the patch:
openstackgerritMerged openstack/openstacksdk master: baremetal node: 'error' is a failed state
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/openstacksdk master: Add router add/remove route operations
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