Thursday, 2019-11-07

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elmikoAPI SIG office hour is now starting16:00
efrieddoes the API SIG extend its tentacles into osc ux?16:01
elmikonot specifically, but we have had talks in the past about helping the user community if possible16:02
elmikosadly, that work never really panned out16:02
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dtroyerefried: I'm afraid all of the blame for OSC UX falls on my shoulders (except for putting the resource name in front of the verb.  That I resisted for a long time)16:12
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efrieddtroyer: I'm not slinging blame, I think it's pretty cool given the scope of what it needs to do. I was just going to solicit an opinion on the thing we were talking about last night with johnsom16:13
efriedand really ux where u is "developer" more than anything, though there are routes we could take where u is the docs consumer16:13
elmikoefried: from that standpoint, the api-sig explicitly does not get into the business of regular "code" apis16:14
johnsomOSC is a huge leap forward from the old clients. We have also got a lot of positive feedback about it for our project.  Just saying....16:14
johnsomThat said, yeah, the topic here is good-form for shared library method signatures.16:19
johnsomefried FYI, it looks like the tips job on my patch with the depends-on did pass.16:21
johnsomThe others will not pass now until your osc-lib patch merges given the other changes.16:21
efriedjohnsom: Okay, I hadn't looked yet this morning. IRL we would have to get it released and through u-c and required by python-openstackclient before merging.16:22
johnsomWell, merges, releases, and upper-constraints merges16:22
johnsomYeah, all that16:22
efriedThere was another osc-lib change I was looking for...16:22
johnsomThus my grumpy mood yesterday16:22
efriedoh, it was this: right now the generated docs from within python-openstackclient are still tagged with "This command is provided by the python-openstackclient plugin"16:23
efriedI was trying to fix that from osc-lib, but I think I found out it has to be fixed either from python-openstackclient itself or from cliff, or possibly both, I can't remember if I closed the gap all the way yet.16:24
efriedoh yeah, I ended up with this:16:25
dtroyerefried: I gave that cliff review a +2 but you might want to remove WIP from the commit just for cleanliness sake.16:30
dtroyerotherwise it looks good16:31
gtemadtroyer, you are finally online at the same time as I.16:31
gtemaWhat about - switch image to SDK16:31
gtemaI know it's huge, but we need to do something16:32
dtroyerI'm still pondering on, I'm assuming it isn't done yet, update_tags_for_set() isn't touched...16:32
dtroyergtema: yes, it is huge and I haven't been able to get the kind of block of time to go through that yet.  I also want to make sure we have decent enough functional tests to validate everything before and after (you may have that)16:33
gtemaI understand. Just want to get clear on that change to decide what/how to do next.16:34
* dtroyer is considering taking vacation next week to get time to focus on osc16:35
gtemaI introduced in this change another sdk_utils, and wanted in the followup to clean it up in compute16:35
dtroyergtema: is that something that maybe belings in osc-lib?  would plugins want it?16:36
gtemawell, this is something what any SDK based plugin might want16:36
dtroyerwe're gearing up to release osc-lib soon for the tags changes anyway16:36
gtemashould I propose adding it there then?16:37
dtroyerif you think it is stable, sure.  if it makes more sense to expand it to another API first to make sure it is 'done' then maybe wait.  I'll try to take a look at that today16:38
gtemawell, it is there since network uses SDK, so yes, it is stable16:38
gtemait's basically more or less just to kinda "show" SDK resource16:39
dtroyeryeah, even if they don't belong in osc-lib network does have some things that should be generalized for osc itself16:39
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efrieddtroyer: none of the update_tags_for_* methods are touched. How would they be?16:55
efrieddtroyer: I think the cliff WIP might have been because I wanted to add some kind of testing.16:56
dtroyerefried: doh, right on update_*()16:56
efriedphew, cause I couldn't imagine how that would work :P16:56
dtroyercliff is used outside OpenStack so we're a bit more cautious about changes there, I don't see this one as an issue, but yeah, tests++16:57
efrieddtroyer: also wanted to make sure stephenfin had a crack at the concept before I invested too much time in it.16:57
efrieddtroyer: btw, the other approach was to override Command etc. to provide a dummy App from within python-openstackclient16:58
efriedbecause that's what cliff is bouncing off of when it generates that line.16:58
efriedI tried doing that from within osc-lib but then the package is... osc-lib, and you get the message anyway :(16:58
dtroyeryeah, there is a small set of things like that that can't move into osc-lib16:59
efriedalso, the App superclass is *really* not designed to be "docs build" oriented, so that would be a serious hack.16:59
efriedso as long as stephenfin / other cliff maintainers are okay with "polluting" the config space with another option, this solution is reasonably simple and clean.17:00
efriedI'll go back and add tests if I get some time, but I'm not in a rush as I don't expect stephenfin to look until next week at the very earliest.17:00
elmikolater all, have a good weekend o/17:00
efriedo/ elmiko17:00
cdentthat is all17:02
elmikohey cdent! =)17:02
gtema_looks like "That's all Folks"17:02
dtroyergtema_: so I'm just making time now, as that isn't as large as I remembered and I didn't realize you only did v2…17:13
dtroyerthe deal with image create from stdin isn a significant change and at a bare minimum needs to be release-noted.  There are a few placed it would break scripts I've written17:13
gtema_yeah, this is exactly the next point - what do we want to do with v1 (drop or port it in followup)17:13
dtroyerI don't want to drop v1, we'll need to convert it too eventuallly, I _REALLY_ want to get rid of glancelcient and it's weird deps17:14
gtema_for the moment create from stdin is supported, but not efficient17:14
gtema_ok, then I can work on v1 in a followup. I had nowhere a real v1 to test it works and didn't want change to explode17:15
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dtroyeryeah, that was supposed to be tested with other ancient APIs in that devstack-like mitaka cloud I was working on when starlingx destroyed my (work) life…17:16
gtema_what I find funny - in real usage OSC becomes faster in lots of cases, but osc tests are tiny bit longer17:16
gtema_the func-ones I mean17:17
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gtema_dtroyer: thanks. wrt pagination: currently if limit is set in osc it return only single page. "paginate" flag in SDK used to fetch everything to the end17:43
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