Monday, 2019-09-30

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mordredefried: I'm just now back in sweden and having fun with timezone shifts, so I'm useless atm. however, when I wake up, I'm going to redo the keystoneauth patch to do the 401 retry16:39
efriedmordred: ack, ++16:39
efriedmordred: I've clearly got some more work to do getting nova to allow versioned discovery unauth, but I think I've got it on the run.16:40
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rm_workwith the SDK when I do: `user_cloud = admin_cloud.connect_as_project(user_project)`, and try to access `user_cloud.identity`, it fails because it can't determine the identity api version, but `admin_cloud.identity` works fine. is something not getting copied over correctly?21:10
rm_work^^ looking into whether domain isn't getting set properly -- though it's weird that it works on one but not the other21:10
efriedrm_work: stack trace or log msg?21:11
rm_workyeah sec, it's via another app using it so i'll dig out the exact response21:12
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rm_worktrying to trace in21:13
rm_workthe high level response is: `NotSupported('The identity service for : exists but does not have any supported versions.',)`21:13
rm_workok well i did actually find out that i was wrong21:14
rm_workit didn't work on admin_cloud either21:15
rm_workso that makes more sense21:15
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rm_workand means it's not an issue with copying something, so much as just not being able to set the version correctly21:15
rm_workwhich PROBABLY means that I just need to have some other arg set in the config when I pass it to the connection21:15
efriedwanna show me your connection init?21:16
rm_workfinding it21:16
rm_workit's done via `connection.Connection(config=config.get_one(argparse=options))`21:17
rm_work`config` is an os_client_config.config.OpenStackConfig object21:17
rm_workso, probably "options" needs to have an identity-version set21:18
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efriedGotta run for ~20 mins, will check back...21:19
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rm_workyeah ok so basically there needs to be a way to specify "--os-identity-api-version" in the argparser that's passed in to the config that's then passed to the SDK21:31
rm_workwhich wasn't happening (that isn't apparently part of the os_client_config arguments or the auth-module options :/21:32
rm_workwhich ... seems like maybe a bug there but for now i'll just add that arg explicitly in the app and that does it21:32
rm_work(allows me to even pass that to the application in question)21:32
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rm_workappreciate the prodding, trying to replicate some stuff to paste it to you was exactly what i needed :D21:33
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Shrewsrm_work: you can set identity api version in your clouds.yaml file, or an environment variable21:41
Shrewsthere's a small blurb about that in the last paragraph of
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efriedrm_work: also noting that os-client-config is deprecated :)21:48
efriedor at least superseded21:49
dtroyeryes, o-c-c has been absorbed into the SDK directly.  It is now just a wrapper so it should be a good example of how to use SDK directly21:52
rm_workShrews: yeah but I have to account for the ability for people to not use clouds.yaml21:53
rm_workwhich is where this came up21:53
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rm_workhmmm ok so I should stop importing it21:53
rm_worki'm updating ospurge21:53
rm_workdtroyer: is there an example/doc somewhere about how to replace usage of os_client_config ?21:54
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dtroyerthat is what I meant about looking at o-c-c itself, it now does exactly that, translate to the SDK bits.  Much of it is unchanged just in new module namespaces, but some did and I don't recall what that was offhand21:58
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rm_workah k22:01
rm_workok yeah so i got rid of the os_client_config import22:04
rm_workreplaced it with an import of openstack.config.loader22:04
rm_workand replaced `os_client_config.OpenStackConfig()` with `loader.OpenStackConfig()`22:05
rm_workand it just... works22:05
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openstackgerritSteve Baker proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Support vendor data in configdrive building

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