Friday, 2019-08-30

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openstackgerritArtem Goncharov proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Remove Accept header with empty value for HEAD and DELETE requests
gtemadtantsur, mordred: please please please my stat change07:22
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mordredgtema: re: accept headers - I think the default value of '' is weird and it seems like changing that isn't a bad idea08:08
gtemaI'm glad08:08
gtemamordred: can you please have another look on stats change? After your +2 I only addressed dtantsurs review - no functional changes08:10
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gtemaI'm just tired rebasing my dockerfile, where I checkout this change08:10
mordredgtema: yup. just re-reviewed08:10
gtemacool, thanks08:11
mordredgtema: does that accept patch work on your cloud? I though someone was saying requests adds a */* if you don't do anything and you needed to pass accept: None if you wanted no header ...08:11
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mordred(although it looks like the unit tests show no header - so I guess it does)08:11
gtemawell, with this I was only only checking the Swift - and it works this way08:12
gtemaActually even swiftclient if you look is not passing any "Accept" header08:12
gtemabut since I modified HEAD and DELETE globally - this might bring problems somewhere08:13
mordredI doubt it... but I guess anything is possible :)08:13
dtantsurI think we should start with being standard compliant, and only add hacks if proved required08:13
gtemathat's exactly the problem - everything is possible08:13
mordreddtantsur: ++08:13
* dtantsur has approved the stats patch08:14
gtemadtantsur: now I definitely owe you a beer. Let's see when we can meet08:14
dtantsur++ :)08:14
gtemabtw, I hope in one-two weeks I plan to come back to switching remaining stuff in cloud to proxy/resource08:15
gtemabut we need to address one thing - caching08:15
gtemait's either we still cast everything to dict in the cloud return, or we teach dogpile/etc to serialize Resource (what it can't do now)08:17
gtemadtantsur: I also answered your question in - it's a default microver, so no change is required08:18
mordredgtema: oh - yeah - I have some thoughts about that - I should write them down so we can discuss whether they're any good08:19
dtantsurgtema: approved as well08:21
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/openstacksdk master: Rework statistics reporting
openstackgerritBo Tran proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Add a fields meta_data to result of Senlin API
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fricklermordred: dtroyer: I'm still seeing this "location | Munch..." spam in osc output, I thought we had fixed that some time ago already. can we get that fixed for the upcoming release still?
fricklerthe issue is triggered by openstacksdk>=0.24.0 but I can't remember whether it needs fixing in sdk or on osc side12:24
Shrewsfrickler: yeah, that's less than pleasing. I'm guessing it should be osc side since sdk is supposed to return Munch objects to the callers12:27
dtroyerfrickler: one of the things we pushed in for osc4 is the output formatting changes, it may have crept back in with that sinne some of those were rather old12:30
dtroyerthe good news there is that it might only be ne place to change… I do not recall what the fix was initially12:30
gtema_dtroyer, since you are here and I remember this. I am going to finally come back to glanceclient=>SDK replacement (I think I need to redo this from scratch, rather then try to rebase).12:32
fricklerdtroyer: it seems to happen with all 3.x released version I've tested, so possibly it never got fixed12:32
gtema_should I do this in osc4 branch or in master?12:32
dtroyergtema_: the osc4 branch is dormant.  I rebased what we had into back into master after the last release so osc4 is in master now and will be the next release12:34
gtema_ah, cool.12:34
dtroyerfrickler: ah, ok.  next Q then is if it happens only in columns with the new formatting or olny not in those.  I've seen it but not kept track of exactly where…12:36
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fricklerdtroyer: I'm not sure I understand that question. from a quick test up to now I only see this issue for command showing/creating items living in the neutron api12:45
dtroyerfrickler: that is probably true as the others do not use SDK12:50
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dtroyerthe change is the introduction of osc_lib.format_columns module to de-pythonize structured output, a recent example is on
dtroyerwithout looking I am hoping we can just make DictColumn understand Munch12:52
dtroyerif Much shows up in columns that are not handled by format_columns then we'll need to fix it on those columns specifically12:53
fricklerdtroyer: hmm, I can fix it for one object by inserting invisible_columns = ['location'] here, but I think it would be nice to have a more global solution
mordredfrickler: yeah - I think it would be nice to generally teach $something what to do when it sees a munch - or a Resource for that matter13:01
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dtroyerfrickler: I have a thing this morning, will dig in to that after lunch if you guys haven't already solved it all :)13:03
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fricklermordred: like that?
fricklerhmm, that looks nice enough to me, I'll submit a patch for it13:13
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openstackgerritJens Harbott (frickler) proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Don't display Munch objects in the output
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gtemafrickler: just hiding munch columns is not a nice idea. Any complex structure will come out of SDK as munch, so you potentially loose important data13:27
gtemaand while currently there is nothing else then location/project, it may be any time later13:27
fricklergtema: the idea is that it should be re-formatted to something that makes sense to an end user before it reaches that point. seeing "Munch(whatever)" in the cli output IMO should never happen13:29
gtemaI know, but simply hiding that is also not a way to go13:29
gtematreat is as a dict and show correspondingly, but not simply hide13:29
fricklergtema: the other option would be to just drop the 'location' column for all network objects. the content isn't relevant afaict13:30
mordredfrickler: it's a property of every object in sdk actually13:31
frickler... in an osc context. it sure is relevant in the sdk context13:31
mordredfrickler: nod. I'm not sure if it's useful to output from osc - it's mostly there so if you're doing multi-cloud-region things you can tell where a given object is from the object13:32
gtemaI wouldn't hide location by definition. In some contexts it might make sense13:32
mordredit might not be super hard to make a generalized location renderer13:32
gtemayea, as mordred said13:32
gtemait's not actually only about location - it will be same for any complex structure in the SDK resource13:33
gtemaso there need to be a "apply dict formatter to any munch", and then in the network you can additionally hide location13:33
mordredgtema: yeah. s/munch/resource or munch/13:34
gtemait's following us in multiple contexts :)13:35
mordredgtema: maybe it's not terrible to hide it for now then do a followup patch that unhides it as a placeholder to remind us t deal with it?13:36
gtemabeah, I am afraid it would be immediately forgotten13:36
gtemabut ok, let us then have a fat TODO/NOTE for that13:37
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/openstacksdk master: Volume.Backup restore fixes
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* dtroyer is back15:53
dtroyerso the column formatting is exactly what we added in osc_lib.format_columns, to produce useful output rather than python-formatted strings.  We need to either treat Munch as a dict and use DictColumn() or make a MunchColumn() to handle those.  I am assuming that type is predictable per column?15:54
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mordreddtroyer: yeah. I think treating Munch as a dict type is likely the right choice16:06
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mordredhrm. or - maybe a MunchColumn type woudl be right - that way we could run toDict() on it16:14
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/osc-lib master: Add a MunchColumn type
mordreddtroyer, frickler: ^^ something liek that perhaps16:14
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dtroyermordred: see, I knew if I had lunch first… :)    That approach works, is there enough difference to not just use DictColumn()?  Other than having to call to_dict().   I am trying to decide if developers should know (or care) if they have a Much or a dict16:19
mordreddtroyer: no - it _should_ behave just the same16:20
mordredoh - yeah - actually - format_dict should totally work perfectly well with either Munch or Resource objects16:21
dtroyerso we really just need to apply the DictColum calls to them… am trying that now16:22
dtroyer\o/  I needed to make a pass through output one more time to catch columns added since the original work was done, that gets it16:25
dtroyernow, nested Munch/dicts :)16:25
dtroyerI am not sure how to represent those in the prettytable output16:26
mordreddtroyer: maybe just as emoji16:26
mordreddtroyer: or, more seriously, maybe with dotted notation ...16:27
mordreddo like
dtroyerthat would be the cleanest visually16:27
mordredfor location = { project: { name: "foo" }}16:27
* mordred doesn't really want to think about writing that rendering code ...16:28
mordredI mean - I say that - it's probably not really that hard as a recursive call16:28
dtroyerI don't recall if other dicts we processed are nested, I didn't notice that location was before now16:28
mordredI made it nested just to make life harder16:29
dtroyerI would also totally buy doing that in a follow-up16:29
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dtroyerI think that could be limited to osc_lib  format_dict(), so we'd pick it up when it that gets released16:32
* mordred playing with it right now16:33
dtroyermordred: off-topic: do you have a preferred ansible role to run Gerrit?  I have not found one that seems to be an obvious choice that seems actively maintained...16:34
mordredfunny story - we're working on making one of those right now :)16:35
mordreddtroyer: so ask me that again in couple of weeks16:36
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dtroyerheh, wish I could wait…  to be part of windmill?16:36
mordreddtroyer: for opendev - we're aiming to switch from puppet to ansible-driven-docker16:37
mordreddtroyer: that said - we install gerrit from upstream docker containers in the zuul docker-compose file and there's ansible around that to set it up ... maybe there's enough there to be helpful?16:38
dtroyeris that the QuickStart?  I've been down that path and am trying to generalize it a bit16:39
dtroyerI'm using windmill for the rest and was headed in that direction, sounds like you are too16:39
* dtroyer finds another opportunity to learn patience16:39
dtroyerkk, thanks. we can return to our regularly scheduled client-ish topics16:40
* mordred is very ready to be on docker-driven gerrit ...16:40
mordreddtroyer: is the beginning of the change - it's very WIP and needs a bunch more - but that's my current infra task16:41
dtroyerI'll take a peek, thanks16:41
mordred(after a week of Gerrit User Summit though I've finally got the docker images all building solidly :) )16:41
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openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/osc-lib master: Handle nested dicts
mordreddtroyer: ^^ that almost works - but seems to have an off-by-one for some reason16:47
dtroyerso ps2 looks good there at first glance16:58
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openstackgerritDean Troyer proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Format location columns in network commands
dtroyermordred, frickler: ^^ is formatting the network location columns.  There may be other network columns that need addressing, this puts the mechanism in place to handle those easily17:55
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lifelesswin 8419:12
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openstackgerritDean Troyer proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Bump min osc-lib to 1.14.0
openstackgerritMerged openstack/openstackclient master: Add Python 3 Train unit tests
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