Friday, 2019-08-16

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openstackgerritBrin Zhang proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Microversion 2.77: Support Specifying AZ to unshelve
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openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: WIP: Connection(strict_proxies)
mordredefried: I like your version. that ^^ fixes it so that the existing tests work - I'm gonna add new tests now11:27
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efriedmordred: awesome. I will try to spin up a nova patch that Depends-On it, but I've had trouble making that work recently.12:31
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Add strict_proxies option for Connection
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mordredefried: that now has tests (that showed some issues, so they're good tests :) )12:32
efriedgood stuff12:32
mordredefried: I turned on strict_proxies in the from_conf tests - since the overlap of the two is gonna be pretty common12:33
efriedmordred: Do you think there's value in getting some real cloud to play around with before we unleash this on the world?12:33
efriedSince the last couple of iterations have only uncovered more problems we couldn't really have known about12:34
mordredyeah. this is a tricky one12:34
efriedThe release process is pretty smooth, but still takes a couple of days, so it would be nice to be able to iterate faster.12:34
mordredalthough isn't it devstack that found the ironic thing?12:34
efriedIt was devstack CI12:34
efriedwhich I don't have a way to do, I don't think.12:35
mordredyeah - so that's at least good :)12:35
efriedI mean locally12:35
efriedDonny at Fortnebula is a teammate, and loves slinging hardware at me, so this is a thing that could be set up in quite short order, and then both of us could play on it.12:36
mordreddtantsur|afk: could use your eyes on - it's related to stuff found between ironic and nova originally12:36
mordredoh cool, donny is awesome12:36
efriedmordred: Does _strict_proxies need to be private for some arcane reason related to "Connection objects need to be parsimonious about their public symbols"?12:47
efriedCause as currently used it's accessed through an object, not through `self`, which makes my IDE sad (but is otherwise valid python)12:48
mordredefried: weird that it makes your IDE sad... no, not really - I just tend to make all attributes private unless there's a reason to do otherwise. don't need to stand on principle or anything though12:50
efriednot sad like suicidal, just a faint grey underline with hover text like "Accessing a private thing from outside"12:51
mordredoh - because of the instance thing ... private to class and private to library being concepts the ide likely can't just figure out. makes sense at least13:00
efriedIt can figure them out, it's just a style rule that I have enabled (and personally like anyway)13:01
efriedit's totally nbd, I was just curious why you reverted that13:01
mordredwe can totally swap it back ... it's also totally nbd here13:03
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Shrewsoh, i read that as "ndb", which scared me13:14
Shrewsbecause history13:15
efriedat the risk of making a fool of myself... what's ndb?13:15
Shrewsa mysql thing mordred and i did stuff worth waaaaaay back in time13:16
Shrewsbefore open source companies sold for billions of $$$13:17
mordredback in the day ...13:20
efriedthe air is thick with nostalgia13:21
Shrewsooooh, that's what that stench is13:21
mordredI thought it was jus tme13:22
efriedall work work work with you, never time for personal hygiene.13:25
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cmorpheusmordred: dtantsur|afk thoughts on ?15:04
efriedcmorpheus: Does this not percolate down from ?15:06
cmorpheusthey don't want to use an adapter for some reason15:06
efried...or do you need it directly settable on the actual Session (vs the Adapter)?15:06
efriedthere's a few things that are missing in that case.15:06
efried(in general, not related to retries)15:06
efriedIf you're going to do that, you'll probably also want the other three15:07
efriedstatus code retries, and intervals for both.15:07
mordredyeah. I think they'd be better served by removing all that custom code and using sdk - but I might be biased15:07
efriedoh, /me sees the comments now.15:07
cmorpheusmordred: heh15:07
mordredI mean - there's a TON of code in heat/common/context.py15:07
mordredbut - maybe there's a reason15:08
mordredhonestly, I can't think of a reason to _not_ support adding all of the retry options directly to session - since ultimately it is a session that is the one doing the http layer work and the adapter is an openstack service config layer on top of it15:08
mordredbut I agree I think we should add all of them if we're going to add them15:09
mordredbut I still think we should start thinking about how we can delete that file from heat15:10
efriedmordred: I think it was when I was adding global_request_id (??) that we talked about this and decided it was only necessary to do it on Adapter.15:10
efriedoh, actually, I added it to Session.request, never mind.15:11
cmorpheusmy general thought was that if you knew you had a flaky service you might want to set retries for that, if all your services are so flaky that you want to set it globally in the session then that is sad times15:11
cmorpheusbut i agree i can't think of a really serious reason not to add it to the session15:11
efriedcmorpheus: From the comments on that review, and the link into their code, I don't see where they're using a session at all15:12
cmorpheusyeah it is really hard to follow the heat code15:12
efried...they could wrap that sucker in an Adapter very easily.15:13
mordredyeah. I agree with cmorpheus that it's sad if you have to wrap it for everythig - and with efried that it's hard to see where this would get applied15:13
efriedugh -- they should really be using ks loading15:14
cmorpheusyep :(15:14
mordredthis is just an attempt to nerdsnipe me in to rewriting this code in heat isn' tit?15:14
efriedrather than ask ksa to retrofit to support them doing stuff the old way, we should ask them to get with the times15:15
cmorpheusmordred: is it working?15:15
mordredcmorpheus: it's getting close15:15
efriedI would say -1 that patch and tell them to do ^ first, unless they can give some really good reason that's not viable.15:16
efriedIf it helps, here's how nova does it:15:18
efriedget_ksa_adapter (uses load_adapter_from_conf_options):
efried_get_auth_and_session (uses load_{auth|session}_from_conf_options):
cmorpheussweet, thanks for the input guys15:19
efriedand this stuff
efriedshould be replaced by something more like
efried(ks_loading.register_*_conf_options ^ )15:21
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mordredkmalloc: if you get a sec, would you look at  and - I think you've probably got more context on that than most people16:07
kmallocooh those ones.. going to take me a few to review it, want to make sure the use is sane.16:10
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mordredkmalloc: yes please16:23
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kmallocmordred: phew, this review is making my brain work :)18:50
kmallocmordred: because i need to keep looking at the fixture :P18:50
kmalloci *think* your changes are right.18:50
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mordredkmalloc: they seem to work  at least ...19:06
mordredkmalloc: the goal here is to pull all of the stuff you did with requests-mock into a fixture that provides catalogs and discovery documents and methods to manipulate those things based on the published ksa fixtures19:07
mordredthis was step one19:07
mordredkmalloc: but yeah - it's ... right down deep in there19:07
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kmallocmordred: added comment to, it looks correct but I am confirming an assertion the test is making.21:17
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