Monday, 2019-04-08

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ITD27M01mordred: Hi. If you have a time, can you please participate in discussion ?09:08
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gtemaITD27M01: which API filters are you missing on the nova side? Let's say covering existing filters in SDK is not a problem10:10
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ITD27M01gtema: The basic idea is to transfer the filtering to nova API itself. In this way, the nova api will produce only requested data and we will get less work on the client side. As I said, the benefit will be the same for the server itself - fewer data will be transferred to the client. For large environments, this does lead to problems. Significant delays in processing large amounts of data.10:29
gtemathat's clear. As I read your message you want to extend nova filtering. What are you missing here. It currently support a lot (what we do not support so far, I'm preparing change for it now)10:31
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mordredITD27M01: responded to email10:46
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openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Improve error message for version_kwargs mismatch
mordreddtantsur: ^^ fixed your suggestion in a followup10:49
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ITD27M01mordred: Thank you, I am in the process of understanding.10:52
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openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Fix get_server to work with use_direct_get
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gtemamordred: I'm currently working on switching Image in OSC from glanceclient to SDK and found, that OSC has a use-case to only create "placeholder" for image without data.11:03
dtantsurthanks mordred11:03
gtemawe currently do not "support" that in SDK. Any thoughts? Simply implement?11:03
mordredgtema: you can't just create an Image resource?11:06
mordredgtema: oh - you mean a remote image without uploading data to it yet?11:06
gtemawell, you can, but currently with a deprecated warning11:07
gtemayes. We have create_image method, but it throws deprecated warn11:07
gtemacoming from cloud restruct11:07
mordredyeah - I don't see any reason to not support doing that11:08
gtemaok, will implement it then11:08
mordredthat said -upload image should be the deprecatred one and create_image should be the good one11:08
gtemaP.S. would be then very good to get it released soon not to block OSC switch11:09
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gtemaack. In work :D11:10
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ITD27M01gtema: If I understand it correctly the "metadata" of server currently cannot be used for API-side filtering. Only those items that described at the link I have provided. Is your question about this?11:13
gtemaI mean I understood your message, that you miss some filtering capabilities in nova. I was asking - which. If you only mean 'metadata' - ok11:14
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ITD27M01gtema: Yes, metadata.11:16
gtemaok, got it11:17
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openstackgerritLIU Yulong proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Add floating IP port forwarding related methods
mordredgtema: do we have support in Resource for listing two different remote keys that a field MIGHT be?11:43
gtemanot as I know11:43
mordredok. fiddle.11:44
* mordred is starting to work through server stuff, starting with flavors, which are "easy"11:44
gtemayou mean sdk_name vs remote_name?11:44
mordredI mean over time there are two possible remote names11:44
mordredfor instance, extra_specs vs. OS-FLV-WITH-EXT-SPECS:extra_specs11:45
gtemabtw, wait with server - I will push in a minute refresh with new attrs, complete query_params11:45
mordredOS-FLV-WITH-EXT-SPECS:extra_specs being teh old name from an old nova extension - extra_specs being the current name11:45
mordredgtema: cool.11:45
mordredgtema: I'm going to start thinking about the caching layer soon11:45
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gtemaah, so you mean basically multiple remote attr names for single sdk attr11:46
mordredyeah. obviousl will only work sanely for read - not for write11:46
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openstackgerritArtem Goncharov proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Update compute.server resource
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mordredgtema: left a couple of comments - only the microversion one is important (and dtantsur|brb - check me that I'm right about that)12:41
gtemamordred: ok, thanks12:42
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* dtantsur checks12:47
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dtantsurmordred: you're right about that12:48
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dtantsurAPI SIG folks, mordred, cdent, elmiko, edleafe, would you be interested in a guideline on discovering openstack API endpoints with mdns?12:49
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cdentdtantsur: are you using that?12:50
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edleafedtantsur: um, I don't have a lot of experience (read: any experience) with mdns. What would be the main advantage?12:51
dtantsurcdent: I have an ask to add discovery of ironic API via mdns12:51
* cdent doesn't speak to people who use "ask" in that fashion12:51
dtantsurit could replace endpoint_override for standalone inter-service interaction, but my use case is a bit more specific:12:51
* dtantsur mutes cdent12:51
dtantsurwe have a ramdisk in ironic that has to talk back to ironic and/or ironic-inspector on booting12:52
cdentit does rather make sense in that context12:52
dtantsurto do that, it needs to know ironic URL (keystone service catalog is out of question, we don't have credentials, and probably don't have access to keystone at all)12:52
cdentbut in others, now so sure12:52
dtantsurcurrently we pass the ironic URL via kernel command line when PXE booting. works, but is somewhat annoying.12:53
dtantsurnow people want to do things like pre-flashing ironic ramdisk to hard drives or using a flash drive with ironic or something12:53
dtantsurno PXE here, no way to pass kernel params12:54
dtantsurokay, this was the background. the question for this channel is whether it's something we're interested to provide guidance one12:54
cdentI think I'd wait12:54
cdentif you get two people wanting to do something, then's the time for guidance?12:55
dtantsurright, okay12:55
edleafeIt does sound more like a "how to" than a guideline12:55
dtantsurwell, there is at least a question of providing a standard service fqdn12:55
dtantsure.g. ironic._http._tcp or openstack-baremetal._http._tcp or something more complex12:55
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dtantsur(I'm still looking at subtypes to have something like baremetal._http._tcp._openstack)12:56
dtantsurTheJulia: if you're curious ^^^12:56
TheJuliacurious and interested... and have 3 hours of meetings ahead of me12:56
dtantsurouch :(12:56
edleafeOK, the fqdn does sound like a good candidate for guidance, so that various services don't implement contrary designs12:57
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cdentI'm still curious if we can up with a situation where something other than Ironic would find this useful (I suspect we can, but I'm not thinking of it off the top of my head)12:58
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cdentThat is: it's not something we'd want to encourage as "the other way of getting endpoints" because having two ways would be tireseome, presumably?12:59
mordredoh my- many scrollbacks12:59
* cdent considers coughing on mordred 12:59
cdentnope, I got nothing12:59
mordreddtantsur: hrm. interesting13:00
mordreddtantsur: so - we've got the well-known url entry (Which we really need to advertise more) for finding the keystone auth_url - I don't think that helps here though. .. HOWEVER13:01
mordredif we built off of that so that the base URL/domain one would be doing a well-known url check on would similarly be the domain on which the SRV record would be looked up on - then that might not be super terrible13:02
mordredI'd _definitely_ go with service-type keys rather than name though - baremetal._http._tcp vs ironic13:03
mordreddtantsur: also - jamielennox started some work in keystoneauth AGES ago to be able to look things up optionally using dns13:04
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cdent(yeah, I was kind of taking service-type (not name) for granted)13:04
dtantsurmordred: but how do we know *any* URL? (esp. if we don't have keystone, but we can assume we do for the sake of the exercise)13:05
mordreddtantsur: ^^ might be worth looking at - it's more about finding auth_url - and we wound up using well-known for that13:06
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dtantsurah, so you lookup for _openstack_keystone13:06
mordreddtantsur: yeah - totally - I could see using mDNS for finding a root domain for local things - but sort of just thinking through it13:06
dtantsurbtw why _openstack_keystone, not just _openstack?13:07
mordredyeah - but I agree - there's a different use case for "I'm inside of a firewall looking for the local ironic" - and "I'm looking for the auth_url to a cloud that I know is over there"13:08
mordreddtantsur: agree. I think since the well-known url location is /.well-known/openstack/api ... then finding the auth_url via SRV record, if we supported that, would want to jst look for _openstack13:09
mordredbut then, I think given your usecase, a SRV record for _baremetal._openstack would be potentially nice - but it still requires pre-knowing a domain13:09
mordredwhich would be where an mDNS option would come in I'd guess13:10
* mordred is mostly just thinking out loud here13:11
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mordreddtantsur: I think this _is_ a thing where we should consider a holistic design - because for sanity sake client-side support for it as an alternate endpoint finding method would want to go into keystoneauth13:12
mordredgiven where in the stack doing these actions happens13:12
mordredwhich means at the very least agreeing to and defining a protocol for it - even if ironic is the one one that implements it server-side for now13:13
dtantsurour ramdisk doesn't use keystoneauth, otherwise I agree13:13
dtantsurI will think more about it when I don't have to listen to a meeting :(13:14
* dtantsur dives into
mordreddtantsur: fair enough re: ramdisk13:16
mordreddtantsur: it sounds like a thing that would be a nice usability feature for ironic users anyway though - so I think definitely worth more discussion13:16
* mordred really hates things that mock object internals rather than API boundaries13:27
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* cdent shows mordred nova13:30
* mordred shows cdent
* cdent burns everything down13:32
mordredthere is some really complicated testing that the mock system mocks the things that were mocked and some really tiny slices of the behavior work correctly when the rest of the stack is mocked out13:32
mordred*basically* I think that's used to verify that self._list is called13:32
cdentit's a sickness, a bit like heroin addiction13:32
* mordred has been _very_ pleased with the shade layer unittests once we switched it all to mocking http interactions (and only http interactions) using requests_mock13:33
mordredsometimes setup takes a little more work - but you get to test "does this payload from the server result in the correct object behavior in the client" - which is, of course, the thing you actually care about13:34
mordred"Does layer 1 call hidden method 2" is completely useless to know13:34
* mordred throws a cdent at the wet cats13:34
cdentthat's the same spirit that drives gabbi, on the other side13:34
dtantsurthis file is awful indeed13:35
mordreddtantsur: I keep wanting to rip out all of the unittests using it and replace them with requests-mock based tests- but it took us about 8 months to do that with shade and it was MINDNUMBING so I haven't gotten angry enough to do it with these yet13:36
dtantsurwe could start with replacing it with mocking Session. it's not perfect, but tests much more.13:37
dtantsuras you know, I tend to write my unit tests like that13:37
mordredyeah - althuogh we've already got a Session in each unit test that is set up with requests-mock - like, the plumbing is all there, so we don't really even have to mock session13:38
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mordredwith auth and catalogs already even! :)13:40
mordredI think the real issue is that we need to dig in to "What is this test supposed to be testing"13:40
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Add logger to Proxy object
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Support microversion 2.61 for nova flavors
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: WIP Use resource layer for compute flavors
mordredthat stack is a bit of a mess still - but it's getting close13:54
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elmikodtantsur: hey, just saw the conversation14:47
elmikoi would need to read more about mdns before giving an opinion, but is it something we want to promote across openstack?14:48
dtantsurI don't think I want to promote it :)14:48
elmikoi guess that's my position re: new guidelines, is it something we think everyone /should/ be doing?14:48
dtantsurI don't think everyone should. My thought was: if ppl other than ironic do it, maybe they should do it consistently.14:49
elmikook, i can definitely get behind that15:07
elmikoso perhaps this is more us setting a good example through the guidance to help generate consistency if needed?15:08
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elmikodtantsur: given all that, i think you've made a good case for writing something about it. no objection from me =)15:21
dtantsurcool :) I'll try to be brief15:22
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openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Support microversion 2.61 for nova flavors
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Use resource layer for compute flavors
mordredShrews: look! ^^ using the resource layer for flavors!20:24
* Shrews looks away20:25
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