Thursday, 2019-04-04

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dtantsurdustinc, mordred, I've started an etherpad on missing bare metal features in SDK:
dtantsurTheJulia: ^^09:50
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brtknrmordred: sorry to miss you at the OpenInfra days, I was looking forward to your workshop, hope you're feeling better now!10:50
brtknrAre you able to take a look at this again by any chance:
brtknrAny idea what it will take to take things forward?10:51
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mordredbrtknr: yes - I'm also sorry to have missed you and sorry I couldn't give the workshop! :(11:42
mordredbrtknr: although - don't hate me - we just had to release an 0.27.0 for senlin with a backported patch off of stable/stein - so we need to bump that protective version to 0.28.011:45
* cdent shakes tiny fist at mordred 11:45
mordredbrtknr: but if you can do that real quick, I'll leave another shipit, and we'll get mnaser to do the same and it'll land11:45
* mordred coughs at cdent11:45
gtemayeah, I would also like to see SDK release with latest changes11:46
mordredyes. I agree with that11:46
mordredbut I think we're not releasing for train yet11:46
gtemamordred: how to become a maintainer in Ansible, so that I can help with PRs11:46
mordredas soon as we are, we can cut one11:46
gtemamordred: ok11:47
mordredgtema: congratualtions, you're a maintainer11:47
gtemawow, that was fast11:47
gtemathanks a lot11:47
mordred(srrsly, I need to make a patch to a file in the repo - and should get mnaser and/or Shrews and/or someone else to ack it)11:48
gtemawhere is this file hidden? I was not able to find it11:49
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mordredoh - I may not know what I'm talking about anymore -11:50
mordredgtema: we may want to wait for mnaser to be around - I may not actually know how this works anymore11:50
gtemaok, no problem11:51
gtemaI was also expecting a special file, but can't find anything11:51
brtknrmordred: mnaser: I've bumped the min_version up to 0.28.0 so ready for your magic handwaving :)11:51
mordredbrtknr: done11:52
mordredShrews: ^^11:52
brtknrmordred: thanks :D11:53
mordredgtema: nevermind. I'm stupid. .github/BOTMETA.yml11:53
mordredgtema: I was searching for mordred, but my github id is emonty because of sadness11:53
gtemamordred: wow, I think I felt off the file somewhere at top11:54
brtknrthanks gtema  :D11:55
gtemabrtknr: wlcm11:56
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gtemaah, the Ansible bot is picky today. It also failed for me - can't find commit11:59
gtemaI mean shippable11:59
gtemathanks a lot mordred12:00
Shrewsmordred: brtknr: shippable doesn't seem happy with that12:01
mordredShrews: I'm sure I'm a bad person12:01
gtemaShrews - it is necessary to kick it12:01
Shrewsi do not know how one kicks shippable, but i can kick mordred if that makes things better12:02
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gtemathere are 2 possibilities known to me: ask in #ansible and push update to PR12:03
gtemait might be an empty update12:03
mordredgtema: you probably want to read this:
mordredit contains the info about process and whatnot12:05
mordredbrtknr: maybe just squash your patches and push again to re-kick shippable12:06
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gtemamordred: thanks for the link. Will read it12:50
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hoangcxmordred: Hi, Could you please let me know when is the next release of openstacksdk (0.28.0 maybe) be available in planning? Thank you.13:09
mordredhoangcx: hi! I believe we're going to release it as soon as train is open for releases13:13
gtemabrtknr: I have requested re-start of shippable tests in #ansible-devel It is currently running13:14
hoangcxmordred: Cool! Thank you for your information. I assume it will open after the week of Apr 15. I will wait and coordinate our plan with that.13:17
mordredhoangcx: sweet.13:17
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dtantsurmordred: hi! how are things like Connection.baremetal generated?13:43
mordreddtantsur: magic13:45
mordreddtantsur: one sec - getting link13:45
dtantsurmordred: ah, so it's generated from os-service-types. So baremetal-introspection should already be there.13:48
mordredshould be, yes13:51
mordredbut we do those ServiceDescription objects so that we only instantiate the Proxy if someone tries to use it13:52
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* TheJulia supports all forms of magic magic, but not magic13:56
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JeremyHouserAre python-openstackclient functional tests assumed to be ran by a user with admin privileges?14:15
dtroyerJeremyHouser: yes14:16
JeremyHouserFantastic, thank you14:16
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openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: [WIP] Support for the baremetal introspection service
dtantsurinitial bits ^^^ needs testing (later)14:53
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edleafeWelcome one and all to the API-SIG Office Hour!16:00
elmikoquick on the fingers today edleafe  ;)16:00
edleafeShoulda been a pickpocket16:00
gtemaI was already thinking what has happened to Office Hour - again DST effect16:02
* mordred got to have two DSTs this year16:03
mordredone in the US - and then another in EU16:03
* mordred was so excited about that16:03
gtemathis is all such a mess16:03
* edleafe thinks mordred must live a dull life16:03
elmikoi agree gtema16:03
mordrededleafe: so dull16:04
mordrededleafe: especially now that I have NO MORE FLIGHTS until July!!!!!16:04
* mordred does a dance, falls over coughing, looks to find cdent to cough at16:04
gtemawow, good for you16:04
edleafeNot coming to Denver?16:05
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gtemahe will simply walk16:05
elmikomordred: no flights till july? color me jealous ;)16:06
mordrededleafe: I'm driving16:06
edleafeAh, so a metal box instead of tube16:06
mordredyes. much more pleasant16:06
mordrededleafe: we bought a used tesla that's grandfathered in to free supercharging - so road trips are free16:07
mordredalso - used teslas are a great deal right now - they're still depreciating like they have gas engines in them16:07
* cdent just coughed16:07
elmikovery cool about the used tesla16:10
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* mordred highly recommends them. also - go old enough and there's no remotely-hackable-autopilot system16:14
gtemathat's dull not to fight with a hacke on a highway16:15
mordredI know. I'm getting old and lame16:15
cdentmordred: you're totally out of bounds, this is the api-sig office hour. remote hackability is the whole point, yo!16:15
* mordred slinks into the corner16:16
mordredooh - cookies!16:16
edleafeis there a non-hackable auto-pilot system?16:16
* edleafe needs his sleep16:16
elmikolol cdent16:16
dtantsurbut does it have a good API?16:19
gtemaI guess it is only good for black hackers16:20
elmikodtantsur asking the real questions ;)16:20
openstackgerritLIU Yulong proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Add floating IP Port Forwarding commands
dtantsurso, IIRC we have Thursday morning at the PTG, right?16:22
dtantsurdo we need to plan something? or will it be mordred and me drinking whisk^Wcoffee and hacking on things? :)16:22
gtemame too16:22
gtema(if PTG ticket will be finally clarified)16:23
edleafeI'll be there too just to bug you guys16:23
openstackgerritLIU Yulong proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Add floating IP port forwarding related methods
edleafegtema: IBM *finally* approved my travel last week. Only took them two months this time :)16:23
dtantsurgreat, it sounds like we can even have some kind of agenda16:24
edleafe"Item A: make jokes about elmiko"16:24
edleafe"Items B-Z: repeat"16:24
dtantsurit's a recurring item, like reviewing things16:24
gtemaedleafe: as a Summit sponsor we get free tickets to Summit, but not PTG16:24
elmikoedleafe: ++16:25
edleafeAs a past PTG attendee I get a free ticket to the summit but not the PTG16:25
elmikoi hope you take notes though, i could use a good laugh!16:25
dtantsurelmiko: we'll write a spec and propose to our repo16:26
edleafeelmiko: if people know their elmiko jokes are being recorded, they might hold back16:26
elmikoi definitely want elmiko joke guidelines, there has to be /some/ order here!16:27
dtantsurand microversioning16:27
elmikowel obviously, how will now which joke version i am hearing XD16:27
elmikoi also reserve the right to adjust the minimum acceptable microversion, so old jokes won't fly!16:28
edleafeNo - the guidelines clearly state that once you release an elmiko joke, you have to support it forever16:29
elmikooh the maintenance /me draws hand to forehead16:29
dtantsurdo we want to give folks an opportunity to suggest less important agenda items?16:30
edleafedtantsur: well, I guess we sort of have to16:30
dtantsuredleafe: well, we can tell them we have serious business16:31
dtantsurbut yeah, anyone wants to start an etherpad maybe?16:31
edleafedtantsur: like this?
* dtantsur adds to the wiki16:33
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dtantsurokay, we have a few topics proposed, sweet!16:40
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elmikocatch y'all later o/17:05
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openstackgerritJeremy Houser proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Remove hard-coded "admin" in test_port
openstackgerritJeremy Houser proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Remove hard-coded "admin" in test_port
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openstackgerritJeremy Houser proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Remove hard-coded "admin" in test_port
openstackgerritJeremy Houser proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Remove hard-coded "admin" in test_port
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openstackgerritJeremy Houser proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Remove hard-coded "admin" in test_port
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/openstacksdk master: Test _alternate_id logic
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openstackgerritJames E. Blair proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Expand on a brief error message
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