Thursday, 2019-03-14

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openstackgerritBharat Kunwar proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Do not disregard tags when updating stacks
openstackgerritBharat Kunwar proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Do not disregard tags when updating stacks
openstackgerritBharat Kunwar proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Do not disregard tags when updating stacks
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adriantmordred: patch is good. And I forget I still have +2 powers on the SDK. But with the cleanup goal coming that will probably be useful!02:33
adriantI just tested it with: conn = connection.Connection(auth=dict(auth_url=os.environ.get('OS_AUTH_URL'), username=os.environ.get('OS_USERNAME'), password=os.environ.get('OS_PASSWORD'), user_domain_name='default'))02:33
adriantand then: list(conn.identity.user_projects(conn.session.get_user_id()))02:33
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openstackgerritArtem Goncharov proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: WIP Split OpenStackCloud into reasonable pieces
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openstackgerritBharat Kunwar proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Do not disregard tags when updating stacks
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openstackgerritPierre Riteau proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Do not disregard tags when updating stacks
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openstackgerritPierre Riteau proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Do not disregard tags when updating stacks
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mordredadriant: \o/13:51
mordredShrews: if you have a minute - mind reviewing today ? we need it for the nodepool patches14:18
Shrewsmordred: ack14:19
Shrewsmordred: are counter stats for statsd the only thing we're going to use?14:25
Shrewss/thing/stats type/14:26
mordredShrews: they're the only thing we have been using I think?14:28
mordredShrews: I basically grabbed the statsd code from the nodepool taskmanager and shoved it in there14:29
Shrewsmordred: hrm, i thought nodepool made use of gauge stats somewhere14:29
Shrewsmordred: i'll look more in a bit. gotta afk for an appt for a few14:30
mordredShrews: I think it does - but not for sdk operations14:30
mordredShrews: fwiw - I also started working on an abstraction library:
openstackgerritMerged openstack/promstat master: Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss
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edleafeFor you DST-challenged folks, the API-SIG Office hour starts one hour from now15:01
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gtemadtantsur: where have you left your mobile in Frankfurt going to USA Embassy? I am hopefully going to the Summit I will manage everything in time15:56
dtantsurgtema: I left at the hotel. but in practice, despite ugly warnings, they accept mobile phones for storing at the security15:57
gtemadtantsur: ok, thanks. It is really interesting. I am traveling with a train for a day, so hotel is no option.15:58
dtantsurgtema: I guess it takes you less time to get there :)15:58
gtemathat's for sure15:59
dtantsurfor me the fastest ICE is 4 hours, I think15:59
gtemabut not if you mean train - 3 hours15:59
gtemaah, ok15:59
gtemaand I am not with ICE: RB+RE+ICE15:59
elmikoAPI SIG office hour is now starting!16:00
edleafeLet the API-SIG Office Hour begin!16:00
dtantsurgtema: it may make sense to get there 30 minutes before your appointment. lines everywhere.16:00
elmikohaha ^5 edleafe =)16:00
dtantsurtoday we discuss US visas \o/16:00
elmikoi like that we both thought it was exciting enough to add an exclamation mark to the end16:01
gtemapure drive - 2 Std, plus lots of waitings and delays16:01
edleafeelmiko: well, duh! They are always exciting!16:01
elmikohahaha =)16:01
edleafedtantsur: so are you having an issue getting a visa for Denver?16:01
gtemadtantsur: thanks for hint. Will be there anyway earlier due to the schedule. How much time did it took you in the embassy?16:02
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dtantsuredleafe: I've got mine already. As unpleasant as usual, and now more expensive.16:02
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gtemaedleafe: it is not easy. To apply you need to fill a form with 1000 of questions, with contact data of everyone, each previous employee, address of the university, DNA sample end so on ;-)16:03
dtantsurgtema: forever. arrived there around 11:00, I got back to the main station around 14:0016:03
edleafedtantsur: just curious - what does a visa cost for you?16:03
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gtemaah, ok. My appointment is also at 1116:03
gtemaedleafe: around 180Euro16:04
dtantsuredleafe: (fortunately not for me, for Red Hat) $160 is application, $143 to issue a 3 year visa for a Russian16:04
gtemaplus travel costs to embassy16:04
dtantsurand then I had to stay overnight and the trains are pretty expensive too16:04
dtantsur(actually, the hotel was the cheapest part)16:04
edleafeI thought with Trump in office Russians get in for free!16:04
gtemain addition to application you need to pay immediately for the passport delivery back to you (I think it was aroung 20€)16:05
dtantsurweeellll... these things work on high levels :)16:05
dtantsurgtema: right, 18+ EUR16:05
edleafegtema: I don't envy you16:05
edleafeSounds like a super hassle16:05
dtantsuredleafe: you may get some taste of it with the Summit in China ;)16:06
gtemait's quite unique - they send your pass back to you per UPS16:06
gtemaand if you need it in the meanwhile - no luck16:06
elmikoseems like travel to the EU might be changing for us as well16:06
dtantsurgtema: it was less than a week for me though16:06
edleafedtantsur: yeah, if IBM ever gets their shit together. I still haven't gotten approval for Denver!16:06
dtantsurunlike for Canada, where I had to send my passport THERE by post, and then receive it back.16:06
elmikoouch edleafe16:07
elmikodtantsur: w.t.f.16:07
dtantsuredleafe: 1. wait for the acquisition, 2. move to the Red Hat part, 3...., 4. PROFIT16:07
gtemaI got my approval just last week, and it is recommended to start whole visa process minimum 2 month in advance16:07
dtantsurgtema: don't want to scare you, but the worst case is 6 months :)16:08
gtemaha-ha. Let's see. The money is anyway already "gone"16:08
dtantsuroh, and for Canada the embassy was in a different country (Austria covers for CZ)16:08
dtantsurindeed :)16:08
* cdent is reminded to check his esta16:08
gtemaGerman visa from Ukraine was a half day activity (plus 1-2 month waiting for an appointment)16:09
dtantsurwaiting for appointments is a national thing here :)16:09
dtantsurgtema: are you coming for the whole week?16:10
edleafeWell, after all that effort, the least we from the US can do is by a beer for all of you!16:10
gtemahopefully: 27.04-04.0516:10
gtemaand from the whole travel the hotel is the most expensive - 2000$. It's crazy16:11
dtantsuryeah, it's ridiculous. I even got a relatively cheap flight ("only" ~700 EUR). but the hotel...16:12
elmikois that the denver renaissance hotel that is $2000?16:12
dtantsuryeah, the default one16:12
elmikodid they raise their prices or something?16:12
dtantsurI think it is $1400+ for me with all discounts16:12
dtantsurit's $250 per night16:13
dtantsur+ taxes if I recall correctly16:13
elmikofor 1 week, 1400 seems about right16:13
elmikobut i mean, it's not like that hotel is "downtown"16:13
dtantsurwell, wait16:13
dtantsurthis is a different place now, not the choo-choo hotel16:13
elmikooooh, ok16:13
elmikoi thought it was the same16:13
dtantsurit IS downtown, like very-very fancy downtown16:13
edleafeyeah, no trains for the Train summit16:14
elmikoalright then, that seems more "reasonable" XD16:14
gtemaare there any additional discounts available? I get only 250$ per night16:15
gtemawow, just recognized. If I am departing on 27.04 I am there on 28.04, so I need only 7 days, and not 8. Whew, -250$16:17
dtantsurgtema: depends on your flight, but usually road to the west is the same day16:19
gtemayes, you are right. Checking math of my daughter confused me. Hi-hi16:20
gtemaso back to 8 nights16:20
elmiko /o\16:21
edleafeI added an item to the agenda
edleafe"Discuss the advice on setting tags on existing resources. Why should that be a separate call? See for the background discussion.16:22
dtantsurah, that patch I was too lazy to review :)16:22
edleafeBasically, it comes down to: why do tags need a distinct endpoint to be set? Why can't they be treated like any other attribute of a resource16:23
gtemaand I had absolutely no time to make a patch for keystone region configuration. Spending the whole day on the phone or writing emails16:23
elmikoedleafe: that seems entirely reasonable to me, on the surface16:23
dtantsuredleafe: it may depend on the exact API, I guess?16:24
dtantsurif tags are just a field of an object - fine16:24
dtantsurif you can do something like PUT /v1/bananas/b1/tags/VERY_TASTY, it's a bit different story16:24
gtemaI also dislike requirement to PUT tags in a separate call and sometimes need to fetch them separately16:25
elmikothat latter style seems painful to some part of me16:25
edleafedtantsur: it's PUT /resouce/{id}/tags with a body containing the list of tags16:25
dtantsuredleafe: then I agree with you16:26
edleafeI'm not understanding why tags were considered special in the first place as far as URIs are concerned. The guidance about tag limitations make sense16:26
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edleafeDoes anyone here know Miguel Grinberg? Git blame shows him as the primary author of that guideline16:27
dtantsurThe first time I hear this name16:28
elmikoi know him16:28
elmikohe was active in the "wg" when we first started, pretty sure you might have met him at one of those meetings edleafe16:28
elmikohe's also highly active in the flask community16:29
edleafeelmiko: do you recall any of the discussions about tag URIs?16:29
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elmikoedleafe: only very vaguely, dtantsur callout of the `PUT /v1/bananas/b1/tags/VERY_TASTY` kicks some dust, but not enough16:30
elmikofwiw, i tend to agree with the discussion now about making this like a normal resource update16:31
gtemaI would prefer if both ways work: normal resource op and a separate16:32
edleafeHere is the original patch that created that guideline:
elmikoas far as guidance goes, i like the idea of prescribing the normal resource op, but not making that the /only/ option16:33
edleafewell, ignore the @15 part16:33
edleafebut it seems that the idea was to give the ability to set and delete individual tags using /resource/{id}/tags/foo16:33
edleafewith no body16:34
elmikohmm, the "Tags Resource URLs" sheds some light on the reasoning imo16:34
elmikoheh, you and me edleafe, just same thought train today lol16:34
edleafeelmiko: so it seems that the idea is to provide some shortcuts when creating/deleting/searching tags16:36
elmiko++, certainly seems so16:36
edleafeinstead of "you must work with tags this way!"16:36
elmiko"Note that this representation differs from the one adopted by Nova."16:37
gtemabtw about searching tags. Is there any guidance/service/project/etc to search all resources based on tags?16:37
elmikogood question, i'm not sure immediately. would have to check16:38
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elmikogtema: would that be guidance about creating an api for doing that type of search?16:39
elmikoor on the merits of that type of search?16:39
edleafegtema: there is
edleafegtema: or did you mean something more?16:39
gtemawell, I was meaning more global. I.e. in AWS you can search all different resource types having specific tag set16:40
elmikoimo, that would be highly project dependent but could still follow the advice that edleafe linked16:40
elmikolike if your project wanted it, why not have a `GET /all?tags=foo` or whatever makes sense16:41
elmikoor are you talking about cross-project?16:41
gtemawell, even only project base is already a very good beginning16:41
gtemathis is to some extend same issue as with project cleanup - find everything in a project16:42
edleafegtema: and it would be an equally difficult task to do that across OpenStack16:43
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gtemabut here users might mark all own resources with a specific tag and would probably like to find all resources they have created to clean them up16:43
gtemaedleafe: I know16:43
elmikoyeah, for cross-project stuff i think about searchlight. weren't they doing stuff in this area about finding resources?16:43
gtemathat is simply something with exist as a ugly bad custom "solution" in our cloud16:44
edleafegtema: So I understand the benefit of resource cleanup when a project is deleted. What would the benefit of tag search be?16:44
elmikogtema: have you seen ?16:44
gtemaas a user I want to find all resources in a project, that belong to me16:44
gtemano, not yet16:44
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gtemamy problem is that I need to fight (and will definitely loose) the game - let us also use this project16:45
elmikoi just remembered it as an effort to do something similar to what you are talking about16:46
gtemause = install16:46
gtemaok, thanks for point. Will dig further16:46
gtemaone reasonable use case: I leave the company (or go for a longer vacation, etc) and would like to clean only my resources (which were tagged) from the shared project16:48
elmikomakes sense to me16:50
elmikobut like, you will need to query multiple servies to get that info16:50
edleafegtema: I agree that that would be useful. I just cringe at the thought of getting all OpenStack teams to implement it16:50
elmikoi had /thought/ that's what searchlight was about16:50
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elmikoedleafe: cringe is a good reaction, iiuc searchlight uses elasticsearch to index all the info, so it's no lightweight solution16:52
edleafeelmiko: True, but again that requires that all OpenStack projects either a) agree to push their information to searchlight, or b) provide an API that searchlight can query for the info16:53
elmikoand i am not sure how they addressed that issue, i just remember watching some cool talks and demos about it =)16:54
gtemacurrent list of supported OpenStack services are: Cinder, Designate, Glance, Neutron, Nova, Swift16:56
edleafeElasticsearch is pretty awesome. Getting OpenStack projects to agree on something isn't :)16:57
gtemaEach OpenStack service will place notifications for any state change in RabbitMQ16:57
elmikoedleafe: LOL yes!!!16:57
gtemathat's what API-SIG is doing, isn't it ;-)16:57
edleafegtema: yeah, let's re-invent distributed databases!16:57
elmikogtema: well, we provide guidance but we have always said that we are not the api police ;)16:58
gtemaand that's sad. Sometimes the police (or even S.W.A.T.) is necessary to bring things back16:58
edleafeAlthough we might look pretty snazzy in our API Police uniforms!16:59
edleafegtema: unfortunately, OpenStack has always been more about not hurting anyone's feelings than creating great software16:59
* gtema is crying17:00
* edleafe hands gtema a tissue17:00
edleafeWell, the office hour is over, and I have to run out for a bit.17:00
elmikowell, also, in the beginning there was no api guidance and to empower open collaboration and development you kinda have to let everyone in if you don't have standards ;)17:00
elmikolater edleafe o/17:00
elmikoit's a tough issue17:01
gtemaI know. Closed-source is bad, but opensource has also problems17:02
elmikoyup, no magic solutions17:02
elmikoi'm gonna grab some lunch, take care o/17:02
gtemayup. have a nice day17:03
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openstackgerritRodolfo Alonso Hernandez proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Add "name" filter in "list" call when retrieving a single register
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