Thursday, 2019-02-21

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mordredslaweq: let me know if I can be helpful investigating that devstack/neutron thing - it's hitting all of our patches now00:48
mordredslaweq: I'm pretty open tomorrow and can debug or whatnot if it's helpful00:48
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slaweqmordred: frickler: I found the culprit of Your issue :)08:03
slaweqmordred: frickler: it is this patch
slaweqI proposed revert (just in case):
slaweqbut I will try to fix it in better way than only reverting08:03
slaweqmaybe it will not be very hard :)08:04
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fricklerslaweq: oh, great, so this is only triggered by port-forwarding being enabled? and that scenario is missing in neutron gate?09:13
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slaweqfrickler: to be strict it is problem with multiple loading L3 service plugin09:15
slaweqbecause now it is added as "requirement" for port forwarding service plugin and is loaded from config too in Your scenario09:15
slaweqand that cause this issue09:15
slaweqI'm know what is wrong and now I'm trying to change the logic in such way that it will not init service plugin class twice09:16
fricklerslaweq: o.k., that sounds plausible, I'm still worried that the patch did pass neutron gate09:19
slaweqfrickler: yes, that is something else what I will have to check09:19
slaweqfrickler: but first I would like to fix the issue :)09:20
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fricklerslaweq: sure. fyi I confirmed that your revert fixes the issue in my local devstack, but I'm assuming you are much further in your analysis anyway by now ;)09:53
slaweqfrickler: yes, I have locally patch which should fix this issue without reverting09:54
slaweqfrickler: I hope I will finish it in 1-2 hours and will send to review09:54
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openstackgerritJens Harbott (frickler) proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: DNM: Dummy patch to verify neutron fix
fricklerslaweq: ^^ testing your patch here10:37
slaweqfrickler: ok, thx10:38
slaweqfrickler: I think I know why it didn't failed in neutron gate10:39
slaweqfrickler: we simply don't have any API/scenario tests for port forwarding and we are not configuring this service plugin in our jobs10:40
slaweqfrickler: and that is the only plugin which for now could trigger this issue :)10:40
slaweqI will open another bug for that but I don't know exactly when I will have some time to get to it10:40
fricklerslaweq: maybe just running one of the sdk jobs in neutron as non-voting could be good enough. or at least until you get something proper into neutron-tempest-plugin scenarios10:43
Shrewsmordred: coolio10:44
Shrewsslaweq: thx for looking into that neutron issue10:44
slaweqfrickler: in last denver PTG we agreed that we can add some stadium projects' jobs to neutron queue to avoid such breaks10:44
slaweqfrickler: I think that adding SDK job there would be also good idea10:44
slaweqas it is know it may have some value :)10:45
slaweqfrickler: should I do it or You will propose patch?10:45
fricklerslaweq: I can do it, then you can +2 more easily ;)10:45
slaweqShrews: no problem :) I was one of those who approved broken patch ;)10:45
slaweqfrickler: sure, good idea10:45
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openstackgerritArtem Goncharov proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: handle "paginated" argument in test_list properly
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slaweqfrickler: looks like my patch works and sdk job is happy :)12:01
fricklerslaweq: cool, good work :-)12:08
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slaweqfrickler: thx :)12:24
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mordredslaweq, frickler: yay!14:59
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elmikoedleafe: just a heads up, i have a conflicting meeting today so i will be around but on a high latency delay15:18
elmikodtantsur too ^^15:18
edleafeelmiko: I'm around, but I have a PT sessions scheduled that will keep me from my computer15:18
elmikok, i'll try to keep an eye out15:18
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dtantsurI also have a conflicting meeting btw15:22
elmikook, i'll keep an eye on the chat15:23
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elmikoAPI SIG office hour starts in 5 minutes, prepare your inquiries!15:56
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edleafe...and I'm back16:17
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openstackgerritRodolfo Alonso Hernandez proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Add "name" filter in "list" call when retrieving a single register
cdentelmiko, edleafe : If I have a resource which returns a json object which contains nested json objects, if I have a GETtable subresoruce for one of those nested json objects am I obliged to have subresources for all the nested objects?16:39
elmikocdent: good question16:39
edleafeIt would seem likely that you would need that, but I don't think that you are under any sort of obligation16:40
mordredcdent: when you say nested json objects ...16:40
elmikoyeah "obliged" sounds kinda strong to me, especially if there is no value in exposing the subresources by themselves16:40
mordred(yeah, I agree with edleafe and elmiko on the obligation part)16:40
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cdentAs I hope is fairly obvious, I don't have a real use case here, I just want office hours to have _something_16:42
edleafeAh, I thought someone had posed such a question to you and you were passing it along16:43
dtantsurI don't think we should create subresources for the sake of having them (we're quite guilty of that in ironic)16:43
elmikohaha, cdent ++16:43
* mordred hands cdent a bucket of sloshing something16:43
elmikoi say no to "obliged", yes to "if there is value in exposing the subresource"16:43
mordredcdent: maybe?16:45
cdentI also say no to "obliged" but I know there are some who would feel that way for sake of grammatical parallelism16:45
elmikoi mean, if you have the cycles to burn....16:46
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dtantsureveryone here has a lot of spare time, why even ask?16:52
elmikonow if you are using automagical tooling to create your server... XD16:56
dtantsursounds ironic!16:57
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elmikogonna wander off for some lunch, good chatting with y'all as usual =)17:12
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openstackgerritDavid Rabel proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Only allow project ID in 'image add project'
openstackgerritDavid Rabel proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Fix help message of image add project
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/openstacksdk master: Add image attributes from v2.7
elmikoanyone around who understand pbr reasonably well?20:53
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mordredelmiko: yup.21:05
elmikomordred: so, i'm using it for a new project and trying to work my through the devel cycle kinks. and i've run into this issue where i create a tag, push the dists to pypi, then i'll do work and when i do a `pip install -U .` of my devel stuff pbr complains about semvers and git stuff. have you run into this?21:13
mordredelmiko: I have not run in to that although that makes me have sads :(21:15
elmikomordred: definitely giving me a case of the sads21:15
elmikoi can work around it, just curious why it happens21:16
mordredelmiko: I'm trying to think of a good explanation of why that would happen - if you have the git repo locally, that should Just Work (although fwiw I tend to just do a pip install -e . in my source dir and then months later forget that I'm running off of my local branch :) )21:17
elmikomordred: ack, i am working locally and usually this works. i think i must have futzed with the versions or something.21:25
elmikowhat does the `-e` flag do?21:26
mordredelmiko: it does an 'editable' install - it's like python develop21:27
elmikomordred: interesting, thanks!21:28
mordredelmiko: so, basically, it installs links to your source dir - and as you change python files it's immediately reflected21:28
elmikothat is super useful21:28
mordredif you add new entrypoints in setup.cfg you'll need to re-run pip install -e .21:28
mordredjust fwiw21:28
elmikoack, thanks again =)21:33
elmikomordred ++21:33
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njohnstonHi!  I have a quick question about adding functionality into the openstack sdk.  I want to create functionality in the sdk that will use the neutron bulk port creation method, so that you can supply an array of port information in a single request and all of those ports will be created at once and in streamlined manner.  Will I need to use something other than the generic _create, or can it handle a list of inputs in and a21:44
njohnston list of objects returned?21:44
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mordrednjohnston: that is a a great question! I don't think the generic _create will do what you want - so you might need to just do your own magic method21:49
mordrednjohnston: that said - maybe once you've got that we can abstract out a _create_list or something like that21:49
njohnstonmordred: Great, that is what I thought!  I'll start working on it.  Thanks!21:50
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njohnstonmordred: If I am understanding this code right, it sounds like I might need a different fundamental class than Resource, something like BulkResource that understands that instead of getting **attrs and returning Resource will be getting [attrs, attrs, attrs] and returning [Resource, Resource, Resource].  Does that sound like a sane proposition?22:11
mordrednjohnston: maybe? but also - maybe it's just a method on the proxy? (like, making a BulkResource might be a significant engineering effort - and the main bits of Resource are largely about expressing the remote objects22:18
mordrednjohnston: that said - maybe you do want a BulkResource object that takes another resource class as a parameter and does like you said22:19
mordrednjohnston: so that instead of[args, args, args]) returning [Port, Port, Port] it returns BulkResource which wraps a list of Ports?22:20
mordrednjohnston: I could go either way - might be one of those "get in to it and see which sucks less" sorts of things22:20
njohnstonyeah, sounds like it. :-)22:24
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johnsomThank you for the rechecks. Was just going to check on the gate status.22:37
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mordredjohnsom: I was so excited about the gate status22:41
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/openstacksdk master: Add Octavia (load_balancer) load balancer failover
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/openstacksdk master: Add Octavia (load_balancer) provider API support
openstackgerritMerged openstack/openstacksdk master: Add Octavia (load_balancer) flavor profile API
openstackgerritMerged openstack/openstacksdk master: Add Octavia (load_balancer) flavor API
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