Thursday, 2019-01-10

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openstackgerritBruno Haleblian proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Bug : identity v3 Proxy role assignments only support instances.
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openstackgerritKailun Qin proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Add network segment range resource
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openstackgerritlijunjie proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Fix the misspelling of "argument"
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openstackgerritlijunjie proposed openstack/osc-lib master: Fix the misspelling of "argument"
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openstackgerritJens Harbott (frickler) proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Use devstack-system-admin cloud for limit tests
fricklermordred: ^^ fixed some more bits. probably needs to be merged with the os-cloud patch anyway unless you want to fiddle with the jobs12:29
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bha_77Hi all, I've some newby questions about repeated failures of my zuul checks, seem unrelated to my patchSet14:17
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Use os-cloud instead of OS env vars for functional tests
mordredfrickler: thanks! I fixed a pep8 error and then squashed, because yeah, you're right - otherwise it's too much to deal with14:21
fricklerbha_77: which patchset?14:21
mordredbha_77: if it's python-openstackclient patches and failures related to keystone and limits, there is an issue that the patch I just pushed up *should* fix14:22
mordredoh - that's an sdk patch - and that failure is new to me :(14:23
fricklermordred: bha_77: indeed the failure is seen for other patches as well14:24
mordredfrickler: "yay"14:26
fricklermordred: that doesn't sound very conviced to me, can you repeat with more effort?14:27
mordredfrickler: I was wondering if the devstack-system-admin patch might have broken something14:32
mordredbut the clouds.yaml for that patch looks fine -and I think more things would have been broken otherwise14:32
fricklermordred: yeah, that failure to me seems too small for that. sadly I won't be able to dig deeper today, I can check tomorrow if you don't find anything today14:34
mordredoh - wait14:37
mordredI think it is related14:37
mordredthat test is getting an inventory for every cloud in clouds.yaml14:38
bha_77just let me know if I can help;  or else just push a recheck...14:41
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Restrict inventory test to devstack-admin
mordredbha_77: ^^ that *might* fix it - if it comes back green, we'll get it landed and you can recheck14:44
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edleafeAPI-SIG Office Hours have begun! Huzzah!16:00
* elmiko puts coffee on desk16:02
cdentoh hey16:02
elmikoso, edleafe, dtantsur, i got a question from the sahara team yesterday about microversions =)16:02
* edleafe thinks you should put coffee in mouth16:02
elmikotosky: you around here?16:02
elmikothe sahara team is on the precipice of releasing their v2 api16:03
elmikoit does not currently contain support for microversion16:03
elmikobut they would like to know if it acceptable to add that support mid-cycle16:03
elmikotosky, check me if i've got that wrong16:03
cdentsince you have to opt in to use a later microversion it is safe to add them at any point16:04
toskythat's correct, I'd just like to add that it may not be a problem in the end (the patch is in a better shape than what we originally though) but still, just to be sure16:04
cdentand the "first" microversion is usually what's "now"16:04
toskythe point is: if we merge the patch which declare APIv2 as stable today or tomorrow, would adding microversioning support before (say) M3 of this cycle break the API?16:05
edleafeWhat cdent said. What you release now will always be the default unless otherwise requested16:05
elmikocdent: that was my position too16:05
elmikosee tosky, no big deal =)16:05
toskyoh, ok, thanks16:05
elmikoyay, we're helping!16:06
toskyout of curiosity, and a bit of history, why did cinder decide to bump to v3 instead of reusing v2, if their v3 is just v2+microversioning?16:06
smcginnistosky: The concern was that v2 did not have any awareness of microversions.16:06
cdentand v2 had been around for a long time, yes?16:07
smcginnistosky: So conceivable someone could send a microversioned request to an older v2 deployment expencting a certain behavior, but not getting it.16:07
smcginnisAnd having some unintended side effects that could be risky.16:07
toskyoh, I see16:07
smcginnisSo it was decided with the addition of microversions we would also create a new v3 api that was identical, but guaranteed to be able to handle microversions correctly16:08
toskythanks, our case is a bit different because the first release of v2 in few months (two?) will have microversioning16:08
smcginniscdent: Yeah, v2 was around for quite a while.16:08
edleafesmcginnis: so you didn't take advantage of the major version bump to get rid of any old cruftiness?16:09
smcginnisedleafe: No, unfortunately. We weren't prepared to remove anything, and we did want to make the transition from v2 to v3 as easy as possible to make it more likely that we could drop v2 in the near future and be able to get to the point of only having one API.16:10
edleafesmcginnis: fair enough16:10
edleafeAlthough there will be clients looking to use v2 foreever...16:11
edleafeforever, even16:11
smcginnisIt's at least marked as deprecated.16:11
smcginnisI had planned on spending some time reaching out to different SDKs and helping them get over to v3, but no time.16:12
elmikoedleafe: i think foreever was correct, at least the way it sounded in my head XD16:13
cdent"but not time" (there it is again)16:13
cdentI have a question about guidelines16:14
cdentI have a couple of to do items for guidelines that need to be written16:14
edleafesmcginnis: Well, even if every SDK updated to use v3 only, there are old copies in the wild being used.16:14
mordredsmcginnis: I really need to get a v3 layer in sdk16:14
cdentBut ennui has me doing a bit of a "does anyyone really read these things anymore?" so I'm not compelled16:14
elmikocdent: i can empathize16:15
mordredsmcginnis: the shade layer supports v3, but the sdk layer doesn't - and it's obviously stupid that this is the case16:15
mordredbut - yeah - time16:15
* cdent gives all his time to mordred and takes off16:15
mordredcdent: TAKE IT BACK!16:16
cdentno backsies16:16
smcginnismordred: Ah, I wasn't aware of that.16:16
gtemacdent: I would love to have additional 5-10 hours in each day16:16
mordredsmcginnis: there is a patch up that's in merge conflict that I need to revive16:17
elmikocdent: did you want to move the items from your todo list back into the free pool?16:17
smcginnismordred: Feel free to add me when you do and I can see if there's any way I can help.16:18
mordredwill do!16:18
mordredinitial support should be really easy - since it can just be a copy of the v2 tree16:18
cdentelmiko: I don't they were ever really in the free pool and then assigned to me in the first place, just ideas I had or stuff that seemed like a natural fit. The question isn't "what should we do about these things to do". It's should _anyone_ bother to do these things?16:18
elmikocdent: ahh, gotcha16:19
edleafecdent: sounds like your TC ennui is spreading...16:19
* dtantsur is only partly available today16:19
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elmikoi think it would be nice to capture what you were thinking about, maybe in storyboard, but i don't see a pressing need to conscript folks into action16:19
cdentedleafe: it's basically about making sure that any effort spent is effort that enough people require16:19
elmikoi just like the idea of not losing the ideas you had16:20
cdentand the difficult is that people require something, but not what is at hand16:20
cdentelmiko: yeah, ack to that16:20
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elmikolater edleafe, cdent, dtantsur, if i don't see you later have a good weekend =)17:01
* cdent bows17:02
edleafeC ya, elmiko!17:02
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mordreddtroyer, frickler, amotoki: is green and unbreaks the OSC gate22:57
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