Saturday, 2018-10-13

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openstackgerritAndreas Jaeger proposed openstack/osc-lib master: Do not merge: Testing legacy-tempest-dsvm-neutron-src
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openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Add stackviz processing to functional tests
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mordredsamueldmq, smcginnis: we just landed zuul dashboard support for web pages for each job. so, for instance,
mordredsamueldmq: it would not be a bad idea to add more explanation into the description fields of our jobs though12:46
samueldmqmordred: that's awesome. infra team always doing a great job12:48
samueldmqmordred: and I agree having a better description would be nice, specially for newcomer willing to understand what we test12:49
mordredlike, if you go up the stack a bit, you hit - which has a much more verbose description :)12:50
samueldmqmordred: btw why do we need a neutron-grenade job?12:50
mordredbecause openstacksdk is used in openstackclient which is used in devstack - so we have to make sure patches to openstacksdk don't break the entire gate for everybody :)12:51
samueldmqmordred: aha that's cool. I'm documenting that too12:51
samueldmqif a broken release goes out and is adopted by the ci system. you break the whole openstack ci12:52
mordrednow - to be fair - we'd eventually catch that when trying to raise the constraints12:52
samueldmqgreat powers, great responsibility12:52
mordredbut yeah - exactly12:53
mordredbetter safe than sorry12:53
samueldmqmordred: is there a test first thing for raising contraints?12:53
mordredthere is12:53
mordreda patch gets submitted to openstack/requirements raising the constraints, and that runs devstack jobs too12:53
samueldmqawesome. ci in openstack is quite impressive12:54
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/openstacksdk master: Fix list_recordsets to deal with top-level key
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mnasermordred: in my triaging ... seems like a REALLY weird bug15:35
mnaseri dunno.. it doesnt make sense that shade would do that15:37
mnaserbut maybe there is behaviour that does that?15:37
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mordredmnaser: I can't think of any - that's super strange15:42
mnasermordred: yeah.. weird :\15:44
mnaseri wonder if like somehow ansible is filtering things15:44
mnasermordred: do you know if ansible modules has a 'rule' of supporting a certain range of openstack clouds?16:29
mnaseri.e. seems to be probably because it's against a kilo deployment16:29
mnaserso not sure if there's some "we aim to support X openstack releases"16:29
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mordredmnaser: the general support policy is mostly based on that of openstacksdk - which is "all of them"21:52
mnasermordred: ok cool, ran into a few fun ones earlier and didnt want to say "but you're running kilo..."21:52
mordredmnaser: yah - I mean, sometimes it's tough to get enough debugging info to figure out why it's not working - and I imagine that the discovery code is only going to expose more bugs like that21:53
mnasermordred: sometimes it's just openstacksdk changes for API changes in $service that were done a long time ago with no backwards compatible fixes21:54
mnasermainly because no one thought of going all the way back to kilo to check if it worked then21:54
mordredmnaser: yah - and our requests-mock unit tests are more recent22:02
mordredit's super easy to maintain compat with older versions if we have a requests-mock test for a thing22:03
mnaseryeah, way easier than deploy devstack for kilo :)22:04

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