Thursday, 2018-09-20

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AJaegerShrews, mordred, can you approve , please?06:34
AJaegerplease also review - that finishes python3-first goal06:35
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ShrewsAJaeger: mordred: why does that shade job need to be in stable/queens branch when the job itself requires shade master?12:45
AJaegerShrews: that job is *today* configured this way in project-config. If it's wrong, good that we figure that one finally out ;)12:46
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Shrewsi don't see that job in project config, only a reference to it for ansible/ansible12:46
AJaegerShrews: let's double check - which job exactly do you mean?12:47
mordredShrews: oh, good point - I don't think it needs to be there12:47
AJaegerShrews: ah, we can remove it as well completely.12:47
mordredAJaeger, Shrews: lemme fix real quick12:47
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AJaegermordred, Shrews - indeed, why was it added there?12:49
AJaegerShrews: ah see, it - mordred changed shade-ansible-functional-devstack which was in-repo... We could remove that one as well...12:50
mordredAJaeger, Shrews: remote: import zuul job settings from project-config12:50
AJaegerLGTM, want to +2A directly?12:51
mordredwfm - look good to you Shrews ?12:53
AJaegermordred: want to +2A as well? I expect dhellmann to remove his WIP from it once 594393 merged...12:55
Shrewswhere is openstack-cover-jobs template?12:55
AJaegerShrews: in openstack-zuul-jobs - as announed in openstack-dev mailing list12:56
Shrewsoh, my repo wasn't up-to-date12:57
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openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Use discovery instead of config to create proxies
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AJaegermordred: do you know why fails?13:55
mordredAJaeger: I'm going to blame elves13:56
mordredAJaeger: lots of timeout exceptions - maybe just got a super slow node?13:57
AJaegerso, recheck again?13:57
mordredyeah. :(13:57
AJaegerok, thanks13:57
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/openstacksdk master: Update .zuul.yaml
openstackgerritLIU Yulong proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Support firewall service for SDK
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mnasermordred: i remember you mentioning there was a way to get an 'http client' for the placement service using openstacksdk :(15:08
mnaserbut i cant remember where or how15:08
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mnaserit was something that even if there is no placement support, doing something got you an http client15:09
mordredmnaser: conn.placement should be an http client for placement15:18
mordredmnaser: so conn.placement.get('/some/url') should return you a Response object15:18
mnasermordred: wonderful, i'll give that a shot.  writing tooling to do an audit of placement/nova15:18
mordredcool! we should probably add real placement support15:19
mordredmaybe one day I'll sucker cdent into doing that15:19
mnasermordred: mriedem made osc-placement so it cant be that much work15:19
cdentandrey and a few others did a lot of that work15:20
cdentmordred: curl and/or gabbi 4evah15:20
* cdent has clientipathy15:20
mnasermordred: shucks15:23
mnaseri remember us talking about this15:23
mnasermaybe the fix wasn't released15:23
mnasercdent pushed up something about this too15:24
* cdent checks15:25
mriedemyeah i only reviewed osc-placement...15:25
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cdentmnaser: you thinking of this: ?15:26
mriedemcdent: no,15:26
mnasercdent: ah yes15:26
mriedemmore about,15:26
mriedemoh - i think what mnaser is looking for is a tool to look for orphans in placement15:26
mnaserthis is a queens deployment15:26
mriedeme.g. orphaned providers or allocations for things that don't actually exist in nova anymore15:27
mriedemlike compute nodes and instances15:27
mnaserwell that's what im trying to write if i get a working client :p15:27
cdentit's fun to "yes" and "no" to the same thing15:27
mriedempersonally i think that should live in nova-manage placement *15:27
mordredmnaser: ah - that hasn't landed yet :(15:27
mnaseri dont mind adding that in15:27
mriedembut as i said yesterday, we can't know if the providers/allocations in placement are for nova things really without consumer types15:28
mriedemalthough we can probably glean that from knowing if the provider has VCPU inventory15:28
mordredoh - wait - I can't read - it did land15:28
mriedem(1) is it root (2) does it have vcpu inventory, then it's likely a compute node15:28
mnasermordred: landed on the API side in rocky, i dont think sdk works around this somehow locally15:28
mordredmnaser: yah - I do not believe it has any local workarounds. we could maybe make one? I think the best workaround would be to put in a placement_endpoint_override15:29
mnasermriedem: i was going to assume it was a compute node all the time (because in my use case it always is) but i guess adding those stuff can be trivial15:29
mordredin your clouds.yaml or whatever - so that we don't try to run discovery and fail due to lack of status15:29
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mnaserim totally using env variables out of lazyness15:30
mnaserso i assume OS_PLACEMENT_ENDPOINT_OVERRIDE ?15:30
cdentmriedem: speaking of "does it have vcpu inventory" I made in response to digging in some of the placement-db using nova-manage and nova-status stuff15:32
mnasermordred: yay that worked, i'll workaround with that and then maybe i'll ask for help from mriedem to bring that into nova-manage15:33
mnasermerci beaucoup15:33
* mordred can now quit for the day having been at least maginally helpful to someone15:33
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edleafecdent: elmiko: dtantsur: is ready for your review17:04
dtantsurlooks good17:05
cdent"has finally realized" more like "accepted" but yeah: looks good17:07
* elmiko looks17:07
elmikoedleafe: ++ lgtm17:08
edleafecdent: we all realized that about you much earlier :)17:08
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elmikoedleafe cdent , i enjoyed your writeups from the ptg, thanks!17:48
* cdent bows17:49
edleafedtantsur|afk: wish you could have been there too18:02
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