Thursday, 2018-08-02

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usr2033mordred: i got project data on 1 of my 7 calls.05:54
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openstackgerritLajos Katona proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Detailed help message for QoS max-burst-kbps value
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samueldmqdoes anybody know if I can do LIBS_FROM_GIT=openstacksdk12:37
samueldmqin devstack?12:38
dimssamueldmq : yes. that should work12:42
samueldmqdims: nice, thanks12:49
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imacdonnmordred: around?16:34
mordredimacdonn: yes - although I'm about to do an ops-related thing, so I might not be very responsive for a bit16:35
imacdonnmordred: ok... will throw this out anyway ... maybe someone else has input16:36
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imacdonntrying to use new openstacksdk via ansible to create a volume, and it's coughing up "keystoneauth1.exceptions.catalog.EndpointNotFound: public endpoint for block-storage service not found"16:37
imacdonnseems to be due to
imacdonnthe release note for that says "There should be no behavior differences" .......... ;)16:38
mordredthere should be ;)16:38
imacdonnahhh, the old "should" "_16:39
mordredyou have latest openstacksdk and latest keystoneauth installed?16:39
imacdonnI probably don't have the latest ksa16:39
mordredpip isn't super great at ensuring things get upgraded when they need to be16:39
mordredlatest openstacksdk depends on latest keystoneauth for that to work properly- can you try upgrading ksa?16:40
imacdonnwell this is actually RDO RPMs ... but if this is the cause, the RPM needs an updated "requires"16:40
imacdonnyep, working on that now16:40
mordredcool. *fingers crossed*16:41
elmikocdent dtantsur edleafe for your review,
edleafeelmiko: reading...16:43
* cdent reads16:43
dtantsurelmiko: LGTM, leaving it up to edleafe to nitpick16:43
imacdonnmordred: Yep, that fixed it - thanks! Will have to explore the dependencies a bit ... mapping constraints to RPM parameters for RDO can be entertaining16:44
dtantsuroh yes, it can16:44
edleafeToo many repetitions of "the group" when discussing the IETF draft. You can just say "we"16:44
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cdentalso: let's make a rule to never say REST in relation to OpenStack APIs16:46
mordredimacdonn: yay!16:46
cdentif we need microversions, we aren't doing REST16:46
elmikoack, good point cdent16:46
elmikoi like HTTP APIs better, that makes more sense16:46
* cdent cuts edleafe 16:46
mordredto be fair- nobody actually does REST16:46
edleafethat's why we're so tired?16:47
cdentthus it is a useless term16:47
elmikois it even /possible/ to do REST? XD16:47
mordredkind of like "agile"16:47
edleafebut IBM has "agile development rooms"!16:47
elmikois that like some sort of code punishment chamber?16:48
edleafeelmiko: ok, LGTM now16:48
mordrededleafe: there are so many responses possible that I think it's best to just remaim silent16:48
elmikoedleafe: thanks!16:48
elmikomordred: hahaha16:48
edleafe"We will do agile, and we will all do it identically!!"16:48
elmikocdent: you good with that copy?16:48
elmikothanks, sending16:49
* edleafe has to run out for a bit16:49
cdentelmiko: I'm grateful do you for not suggesting that I was either drunk or high at the meeting16:52
cdentFTR: I'm not.16:52
elmikoi would never16:52
cdentIt's just that it really is the most fun and liberating moment in my openstack week, relatively speaking.16:53
elmikoit's generally a high point for me as well, and makes me want to do more openstack stuff17:04
elmikosadly, that's tough to square with all the kube stuff i've got going17:04
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