Thursday, 2018-06-21

flwangmordred: i don't there is a good way to do auto detect00:00
flwangmordred: so i'd like to figure out what's the correct way to do the migration in shade00:01
mordredflwang: nod. I'm EOD today - lemme think about it and leave you a note tomorrow or so00:02
flwangmordred: no problem. thanks00:02
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openstackgerritJohn Haan proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Implement image tag into OSC
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openstackgerritDongcan Ye proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Fix volume type functional tests
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openstackgerritChris Dent proposed openstack/api-wg master: Expand error code document to expect clarity
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mordredflwang: actually - clustertemplate got added to magnum a LONG time ago didn't it?11:42
mordredflwang: I think what I'd suggest is something similar to what we do for images - where we support nova image api if the glance one isn't there ...11:43
mordredflwang: and that's to update the code to call the clustertemplate endpoints - but if we get a 404 back, try calling the baymodel endpoint instead. it's an extra api call cost for anybody still using a magnum old enough to not have clustertemplates - but that should be almost nobody11:44
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mordredflwang: then, as an optimization, we can make a flag "self._has_clustertemplates" or something that we can set to true if we ever make a successful call to a clustertemplates endpoint - and if it's true we can skip calls to baymodels - because we've already discovered that the cloud is new enough to have clustertemplates endpoints11:47
tellesnobregagood morning, I sent a patch yesterday to add a variable to FakeApp but it is failing on the gate with some issues volume, the patch is this one
tellesnobregaI'm quite sure the issue is not related to what I did, but I'm not very familiar with openstackclient so, if someone could help me out see the problem I would really appreciate11:48
mordredtellesnobrega: dtroyer has been working on fixing the volumetype tests11:49
mordredtellesnobrega: here:
tellesnobregamordred, awesome, thanks. just wanted to be sure I didn't break the whole thing11:49
mordrednope - not you :)11:50
tellesnobreganot this time anyway, you never know11:50
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openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Adds Senlin support to openstacksdk
openstackgerritJens Harbott (frickler) proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Fix volume type functional tests
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fricklerdtroyer: ^^ one step further, but there is still seeing something fishy with the v3 volume type stuff. the c-api logs errors about "'all_tenants' filter key is not valid." but I cannot find where this comes from12:27
* frickler should really be ready what he types before pushing enter *sigh*12:27
fricklerreading even12:28
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mordredfrickler: I find it better to never think about or read anything I type12:29
fricklermordred: words of wisdom indeed12:30
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fricklermnaser: I found some log in #os-cinder where you seemed to have a similar issue with volume types, did you find a solution for that?12:31
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fricklermnaser: dtroyer: I found a reference to the patch in python-cinderclient that breaks us and created , when that is fixed we should be good again together with the patch above.12:41
openstackLaunchpad bug 1778055 in python-cinderclient "Change in search behaviour for v3 volume type breaks OSC" [Undecided,New]12:41
fricklerI think we should disable volume type v3 tests until then12:41
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mnaserfrickler: Thank you12:57
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rcarrillocruzhey folks13:01
fricklermnaser: I also just confirmed that reverting the patch in question would fix the issue for me locally, but I'll give cinder folks a bit to come up with a better solution13:01
rcarrillocruzdoes work since queens onwards? And is there a need to have some specific setting on keystone config to use that from end user perspective or providing Queens/<version having it> suffices?13:01
rcarrillocruzmnaser, mordred ^13:02
rcarrillocruzyou deal with quite a bit of clouds :-)13:02
mnaserfrickler: yeah it quite most definetly is the cause. Let’s see what happens13:03
mnaserrcarrillocruz: i think it’s just a Queens feature13:03
rcarrillocruzmnaser: where's vexxhost version at?13:03
mnaserQueens :)13:04
rcarrillocruzi'm golden :-)13:04
mnaserLet me know how it goes. I think cmurphy might be interested to see your experience too :)13:04
mordredrcarrillocruz: yah - I hven't actually used them from shade/ansible yet - but it should just work13:07
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cmurphyrcarrillocruz: you need to have [auth]/methods = [...], application_credential in keystone.conf which is the default in queens, otherwise it should just work13:16
cmurphyand yeah we haven't added the crud parts to shade yet but it shade should be able to use them via os-c-c etc13:17
rcarrillocruzcool thx13:18
mordredrcarrillocruz: auth_type: v3applicationcredential in clouds.yaml fwiw13:20
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rcarrillocruzwait a minute13:30
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rcarrillocruzmnaser: , does that mean vexxhost has vpnaas ? i see you are helping out that provider testing, but not sure if vpnaas comes from a devstack or you are already indeed giving that service13:30
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mnaserrcarrillocruz: it should be available and working, if it is not please let me know and i'll dig into it13:32
mnaserthere is a very small volume of users, people end up wanting to spin up their own vms13:32
rcarrillocruzthis is awesome13:32
rcarrillocruzi'm part of ansible network (thx for the tenant btw)13:32
rcarrillocruzworking on
rcarrillocruzwhich is a multicloud vpn role13:33
rcarrillocruzif vpnaas is available there, perfect excuse to add support by using it13:33
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dtroyermnaser, frickler: thank you!  the v3 volume tests are just passthrough to v2 (which I really never liked) and this may be the first instance of us getting bitten hard by different behaviour...13:50
fricklerdtroyer: iiuc the tests are fine, its just that python-cinderclient broke things for their v3 manager13:53
mnaserfrickler: yep ,that was the issue13:57
mnaserrcarrillocruz: sweet :)13:57
openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Implement support for registered limits
openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Implement support for project limits
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slaweqdtroyer: hi, can You find few minutes to check my last comment in ?14:58
slaweqdtroyer: thx in advance14:58
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cdentelmiko, edleafe, dtantsur : I'm going to be on the phone but in attendance during the api-sig meeting, so if one of you can chair/newsletter/etc. At some point I will be on two calls... sigh15:24
dtantsurcdent: I can chair, sure15:28
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elmikocdent: ack15:31
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elmikocdent edleafe dtantsur ready for review/editing
cdentelmiko: your last paragraph seems to suggest there are two new reviews, but they are the same one?16:50
elmikoi'll clarify16:51
edleafeelmiko: what is the storyboard naming issue? The -wg to -sig thing? That will be done as part of the gerrit project rename16:51
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elmikoedleafe: that was it, maybe not even worth mentioning?16:52
edleafeI don't think so.16:52
elmikothanks edleafe16:53
edleafecdent: "in addition" vs "an addition"?16:54
edleafeelmiko: lgtm now16:55
elmikocool, sending16:55
cdentah yeah,16:56
elmikodid i send too quickly?16:56
edleafeelmiko: no, it's fine16:57
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flwang1mordred: still around?17:57
mordredflwang1: yup!17:57
mordredflwang1: and yes, I mean implement the code in openstacksdk - the shade code is in openstack/cloud/ in the openstacksdk repo17:57
mordredso it's basically the same thing at the moment - there's just two copies of it17:58
flwang1i think openstackclient is using the correct magnum api now17:58
flwang1got it17:58
mordreddefinitely let me know if you have any issues - but we also have a magnum functional test job, so we should be set up for you17:59
flwang1fantastic, thanks18:00
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openstackgerritKen Giusti proposed openstack/cliff master: Add test case for interactive help
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flwang1mordred: seems shade only supports cluster template of magnum, no cluster CRUD?22:10
mordredflwang1: yes - the magnum support was started by someone and then they got reassigned so it never progressed further22:11
flwang1mordred: then i'm wondering how should I name the function because I see senlin is trying to use the name like create_cluster....22:12
flwang1what's the rule in shade world for the name convention issue?22:13
mordredflwang1: it's an excellent question - so far we haven't had much conflict - but when we have I think we've tried to figure out some way to distinguish the resources22:15
* mordred is trying to think of a suggestion22:15
mordredflwang1: is there a decent generic word to describe what the magnum cluster is a cluster of?22:16
flwang1mordred: i think create_cluster could be better fitting for Senlin, but the problem is Magnum has already used the xxx_cluster_template, so it's a little bit tricky22:17
flwang1otherwise, I think personally, i don't mind using xxxx_coe_cluster,  xxx_coe_cluster_template, just like we did for OpenStackClient22:17
mordredflwang1: well - we can rename it and make an alias for backwards compat if there's a better word22:17
mordredflwang1: ++22:17
flwang1ok, then let's add the new xxx_coe_cluster_template and link it back to xxx_cluster_template, and deprecate the xxx_cluster_template in the future22:19
mordredsounds perfect to me22:19
flwang1mordred: fantastic, thanks, i will propose patch separately for template and cluster22:19
flwang1to make review easier22:19
* mordred is excited to see magnum get more love22:20
flwang1magnum is deeply loved by some folks in NZ22:20
flwang1cool, see you around in all the openstack channels22:21
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mordredwell, NZ is deeply loved by some of the folks around here ;) (why is NZ so pretty???)22:24
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openstackgerritIan Wienand proposed openstack/osc-lib master: Add cloud to warning about domain related config

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