Wednesday, 2018-06-13

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umbSublimewhen creating a connection with openstack.connect, how can I specify an alternate path to the default clouds.yaml file ?07:55
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fricklermnaser: mordred: dtroyer: IIUC it would make sense to release OSC and sdk together, after having this merged
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* frickler wouldn't mind if some of the other neutron feature parity things were included, too ;)08:21
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openstackgerrittianhui proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Compute: Add tags support for server
openstackgerrittianhui proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Compute: Add tags support for server
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openstackgerrityanpuqing proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Modify the argument when setting floating ip other properties
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openstackgerrityanpuqing proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Do not require port argument when updating floating IP
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umbSublimeHow can I specify an arbitrary cloud config file  when using the openstacksdk ?12:17
umbSublimerather "arbitrary path for the cloud config file"12:18
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mordredumbSublime: you can either set the env var OS_CLIENT_CONFIG_FILE or you can pass a list of paths to the config_files parameter of openstack.config.OpenStackConfig- so like: config = openstack.config.OpenStackConfig(config_files=['/path/to/file']) ; cloud_region = config.get_one(cloud='my_cloud') ; conn = openstack.connection.Connection(config=cloud_region)12:57
mordredfrickler: I'm getting failing osc-tips jobs on but it doesn't make immediate sense to me why - does it make sense to you?12:58
mordredmnaser: ah - interesting. "Skipping over invalid version data. No stability status in version."12:58
mordredcdent: ^^ does placement's version discovery doc not have a status field?12:59
* cdent looks12:59
mordredcdent: is the paste in question13:00
cdentmordred: apparently not. I can fix that13:00
cdentwhat is it supposed to say. or rather, which of your tomes tells me what to do?13:00
cdentnm, this seems good enough:
mordredcdent: yes - that would be ideal13:01
mordredmnaser: in the mean time, try setting placement_endpoint_override to your placement endpoint13:02
cdenthmmm. we've always had a id, {min,max}_version, but never a status13:02
cdentwhat's different from what mnaser is doing and what what the scheduler report client (which uses ksa) is doing?13:02
mordredcdent: when keystoneauth does version discovery it filters out statuses that are not CURRENT or SUPPORTED unless you provide a flag13:03
mordredcdent: I'm not 100% sure yet why it's working in nova13:03
mordredcdent: where can I look at the scheduler report client?13:04
mordredcdent: weird. I'll have to dig a bit more to figure it out13:06
umbSublimeawesome thanks mordred13:06
cdentmordred: it may be in the way nova.utils.get_ksa_adapter is happening13:07
cdentbut in any case, I'll add a status13:08
mordredcdent: something something API-SIG recommendations something something13:08
cdentindeed, but also, something something someone ate my clones something something13:09
mordreddarned clone eaters13:10
mordredI made you such nice ones just the other day13:10
cdentsuch brief candles13:12
mordredout. out13:14
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openstackgerritPavlo Shchelokovskyy proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Skip calls to glance and nova when got no servers
openstackgerritPavlo Shchelokovskyy proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Add --name-lookup option to server list
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openstackgerritGraham Hayes proposed openstack/os-api-ref master: Use 'sphinx.util.logging'
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cdentmordred: help me believe that the version discovery doc is not itself microversioned. If it is I'm going to gouge my eyes out13:37
cdentand collapse into a logical black hole13:37
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mordredcdent: it is, in fact, not microversioned13:40
cdentbless you13:40
mordredcdent: and I contend that any changes to it that align it more with the API-SIG guidelines are not breaking API changes13:40
cdentas would I13:41
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* mnaser reads buffer13:55
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mnasermordred: thanks.  `placement = os_client_config.make_rest_client('placement', placement_endpoint_override='')` doesn't seem to do the trick however?13:56
mordredmnaser: well that's annoying13:58
mnasermordred: my wip is
mordredmnaser: I'm unfortunately in a morning of meetings - but I'm very interested in helping to solve this for real -so if I go dark for chunks of time I haven't forgotten about you13:59
mnaseri tried openstacksdk and i was running into the same issues too, alongside is_public not being something changable (that has since been fixed but not released)13:59
mnasermordred: oh don't worry about it, as async as you want, im not in a total rush about this13:59
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mordredmnaser: fwiw, I can reproduce it locally:14:02
mordred>>> import openstack14:02
mordred>>> c=openstack.connect(cloud='vexxhost')14:02
mordred>>> c.placement.get('/allocation_candidates')14:02
mordred(give me same traceback)14:02
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mnasermordred: at least it's not me doing something wrong, yay.  if there's anything on our side to do, i can look into it but this is a queens deployment14:03
mordredmnaser: how hard would it be for you to cherry-pick onto your nova?14:04
mnasermordred: not very, but i'd be much happier doing it if that type of thing gets backported14:05
mnaserlike: if you want a cherry pick to see how it looks like with no guarantee that it will stay there (because we will redeploy from upstream stable and the cherry pick will disappear)14:05
cdentmnaser: that _will_ get back ported14:06
mordredcdent: what do you think the chances are we convince anyone to cherry-pick your patch back to stable/queens?14:06
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mnaserthis seems to be relatively low touch14:06
mnaserlets break stuff now14:06
* mordred also wants to figure out how nova can use ksa to talk to placement already - but hasn't had time yet14:06
mnaseri guess there will be a merge conflict because it looks like placement exists in `nova/api/openstack/placement/` in queens but we can take care of that easily in the backport14:07
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mnasermordred, cdent: cherry-picked and i can see it in effect
mnaseri'm still getting a traceback in my code but who knows14:11
cdentsame or different?14:11
cdent(traceback and code)14:11
mnasersame code giving same traceback14:12
cdentdrop the override?14:12
mnaseroh right14:12
* mnaser just realized14:12
cdentI'm concered confused by why the override didn't work, but I'm struggling to speculate because of lack of familiarity with the tools14:14
* mnaser sighs14:15
mnaseri cant even get my `clouds.yaml` running properly14:15
mnaserok no my clouds.yaml is fine14:17
mnaser gives me
mnaser(the nova print flavors parts works fine)14:17
openstackgerritGraham Hayes proposed openstack/os-api-ref master: General overhaul of testing setup
cdentmnaser: i guess something is having trouble understanding how to define auth handling durig make_rest_client, but again, I've got no insight into that code.14:23
mnasercdent: yeah i tried digging into it but it is way beyond me :( it's not a fun user experience but then again not many people interact with the placement api directly i assume14:24
cdentas far as I can tell the problems you're experience aren't because of placement itself, it is something about how the libraries are trying to contact it14:24
cdentplacement itself is way simple14:24
cdentif curl to placement with a valid keystone token, it will just work14:25
* cdent interacts with placement directly all the time14:25
cdentbut i'm not normal14:25
mnasercdent: oh yeah, i agree, but i'm saying that the tooling to get me something that interacts with it relatively cleanly doesn't exist fully yet14:28
mordredcdent, mnaser: I'm confused both as to why override did not work and also why it's not working now- I still get the same error as before14:28
mnaserdon't want to start building out something using requests etc14:29
mordredoh - I think I have an idea14:29
* cdent holds breath14:29
mordredmnaser: can you try adding placement_api_version to your clouds.yaml? (we're still 2 patches away from having discovery work right without having a configured api version)14:31
mordredmnaser: so placement_api_version: 114:31
mnaser"IndexError: list index out of range"14:31
* mordred is going to have to _actually_ debug this14:31
mnasermordred: this is where i am at right now14:32
mordredyah- that looks right14:32
mnaserfeel free to throw things my way but i've hit a wall personally, i'd have to figure out the inner working of all of this to work any further14:36
mordredyah - I'll figure it out14:37
openstackgerritGraham Hayes proposed openstack/os-api-ref master: General overhaul of testing setup
mordredcdent: $ curl
mordred{"versions": [{"status": "CURRENT", "min_version": "1.0", "max_version": "1.17", "id": "v1.0"}]}14:41
mordredthere's no links dict14:42
cdentyeah, never has been. is that a problem too?14:42
mordredit's what tells a discovery client where the given endpoint is14:42
cdentyou're already there14:42
mordredbut a discovery consumer doesn't know that14:43
cdentone sec14:43
mordredfor all of the other services, the discovery document is an index to where the actual endpoints are14:43
mordred$ curl
mordred{"versions": [{"status": "SUPPORTED", "updated": "2011-01-21T11:33:21Z", "links": [{"href": "", "rel": "self"}], "min_version": "", "version": "", "id": "v2.0"}, {"status": "CURRENT", "updated": "2013-07-23T11:33:21Z", "links": [{"href": "", "rel": "self"}], "min_version": "2.1", "version": "2.60", "id": "v2.1"}]}14:43
cdentbecause they are hilariously antiquated things that do weird things like put versions in urls on the same service endpoint for14:44
mordredwell - sure14:44
cdentfor modern things that don't do such blasphemy, if no link rel self then endpoint is what you already requested14:44
cdentthat was supposed to come out as a question, not a dammit!14:45
cdentmordred: i can stick it in too, to that same patch, but it seems...weird14:45
mordredthat would be a potential behavior change in keystoneauth ...
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mordredkmalloc: ^^ if we stopped skipping entries with no self link and used that to infer that the existing endpoint was the self-link - would you consider that a breaking change to keystoneauth?14:46
cdenti'm happy to fix placement to make life easier14:46
cdentbut I think we want to make room for a future where endpoints are endpoints and that's it14:47
kmallocmordred: hm14:47
kmallocreading up14:47
kmallocmordred: it would be a breaking change, behavior changes are breaking =/14:48
mordrednod. we can queue that up for keystoneauth214:48
cdentstill confused on how it is currently working for nova?14:49
mordredcdent: that is honestly a fascinating question14:49
kmallocyeah. i am inclined to say we should ksa2 at this point and drop some behavior14:49
cdents/still/I am still/14:49
kmallocwell... if it has links but no self14:49
kmallocit doesn't skip14:49
cdentno links at all14:49
cdentso maybe the problem is not at the ksa level?14:50
cdentin which case I'd argue against changing placement /, perhaps?14:50
mordredcdent: yah - it might be that sdk is triggering version discovery where nova + plain ksa is not14:50
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kmallocsdk does stuff in some more indirect ways.14:51
mordredcdent: I would prefer to not special-case placement in sdk with a "please don't try version discovery on placement" - also, it'll break discovering available microversions14:51
kmallocmordred: ftr, i would love to stop skipping no-link items14:51
cdenti'm not suggesting to avoid version discovery14:51
kmalloci just see some "this might actually break someone"14:51
cdentwell if you both feel that way I'll add a link14:52
mordredcdent: yah - but nova's use of ksa is really only likely able to work by using ksa in such a way that version discovery is being avoided14:52
cdentI don't feel strongly about it14:52
kmalloccdent: i don't want you to add a link, i don't think we can change ksa's behavior14:52
mordredyah - I think the link is silly14:52
kmalloccdent: so, adding a link might be the correct way14:52
kmallocjust not the desirable one14:52
cdentwhat I do feel strongly about is having version numbers in urls and double endpoints14:53
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kmallocmordred: i dislike the volume of inherited ick we carried over from ksc.session14:53
mordredkmalloc: yah14:53
cdentbut we are in the reality we are in so...14:53
mordredcdent: totally.14:53
kmalloccdent: please please please don't do version numbers in urls  if you can avoid.14:53
kmalloccdent: so.. i am with you there14:53
kmallocmordred: how bad would it be to cut a ksa2 and drop compat behaviors [for sdk]14:53
cdentkmalloc: yeah, don't plan to: placement was designed from the outset to never do that14:54
kmallocand start iterating on that instead of ksa1 continues?14:54
kmalloccdent: ++ and i appreciate that so very much!14:54
mordredkmalloc: I don't think it would be _bad_ - but I think it would take us a few months14:54
kmallocmordred: well we'd need to ksa2 work anyway. i'm inclined to talk to lbragstad about it14:54
kmallocksa1 is pretty stable, and we could make ksa2 just without all the icky compat stuff.14:55
cdentcan you guys speculate what ksa or the sdk would do if I set the href for the self link to ''14:55
mordredI'll show you the code14:55
cdentI want to do that because no where in placement does placemet know its own scheme, hostname, port, base url. And it is very important that it stay that way14:56
cdentsorry about my n key14:56
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mordred(although there is a bug in that that needs fixing)14:57
cdentI read that as "should be okay": it will result in the discovery url, which is what we want14:57
mordredcdent: yes. I believe that is true - also, we can make mnaser deploy it and we can find out for sure ;)14:58
kmalloccdent: it should work afaict.14:58
kmallocbut, honestly,sometimes discovery stuff is wonkier than expected -- we have a lot of carry-over magic in lots of places.14:59
* kmalloc runs off to meeting.14:59
cdentyeah, we shall see14:59
mordredcdent, kmalloc: yup. this is the result of having to support the epic amount of incompatible pre-existing mush15:00
mnaseri don't mind making changes if they're not too wild15:01
mordredmnaser: btw - placement_enpdoint_override just worked for me15:02
mordred    placement_endpoint_override:
mnasermaybe because i'm using os_client_config i guess15:03
mnaserwait wait wait15:03
mnasermordred: remember the bug i mentioned about endpoint override not working?!15:03
mnaseryou fixed it but we might not had a release since15:03
mordredyah - we need a release15:03
fricklermordred: nothing obvious on for me, either. though I seem to remember having seen this fail earlier with what I suspected to be race conditions, but on the detach side15:08
fricklermordred: might either be an unstable test and the two in a row just unlucky, or some subtle change in timing somewhere15:09
mordredfrickler: nod. I'll recheck again just to be sure15:09
fricklermordred: yeah, if that still has the same failure, I'll start comparing versions with the passing runs earlier15:10
cdentwoot on 56548915:14
cdentmordred, mnaser, kmalloc updated to add links15:19
mnaserif that seems okay to mordred and other reviews i can push that up to test15:22
mordredmnaser: I think it's worth trying - also, we totally need to make an sdk release15:25
mnasermordred: ill wait for some nova reviews to roll in before i make that change15:27
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kmalloccdent: ++15:32
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openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Add test to verify behavior on '' in self link
mordredcdent, kmalloc, mnaser: ^^ that satisfies me that the link of '' from placement will do the right thing from sdk16:17
kmallocmordred: are we cross-gating sdk and ksa?16:17
kmallocif not, lets get that encoded in a test in KSA too16:17
kmalloci don't want to accidently break someone down the line.16:18
mordredwe are16:18
kmallocbecause the behavior changes because of some other "fix" that we miss.16:18
kmallocok cool16:18
kmallocwfm then16:18
mordredand yes - I think a test for that case in ksa is a good idea16:18
mordredbut also we cross-gate :)16:18
kmalloccross-gate makes me happy. i wont ever say no to more quality behavior tests ;)16:18
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/openstacksdk master: Add tests to verify behavior on '' in self link
mordredcdent: ^^ added a second test just to verify microversion info is found correctly16:19
cdentmordred: Imma have to take your word for it, that last test its hard to tell what it is actually doing16:22
cdentbut overall sanity seems to be in place16:22
mordredcdent: the last test is basically just showing that the metainfo about the service's endpoint (placement.get_endpoint_data()) contains the microversion info that's in the discovery document ... namely that keystoneauth properly discovered the microversion ranges16:25
mordredcdent: but - taking my word for it is also fine :)16:25
cdentyeah, i figured that out once I read the json files, but the assert_calls remains dark16:27
mnaseri like that test, ill keep an eye on it16:40
mordredcdent: yah - for that you have to know a bit more about all of the requests_mock fixtures in that test suite16:46
mordredcdent: the point of "assert_calls()" is to make sure that at the end of the test the http calls you told it to mock were all called and nothing was called that you didn't tell it to mock16:47
mordredkeeping in mind that the base class already mocks out the "get me a token" interaction from keystone16:48
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openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Implement support for registered limits
openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Implement support for project limits
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openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Add ability to filter image list by tag
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openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/python-openstackclient master: Add ability to filter image list by tag
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rm_workrunning into some issues with openstacksdk between 0.9.19 and 0.10.0 with networking commands, maybe something with version discovery on old clouds?23:14
rm_workI was gonna go through the commits and see if I could figure out what might have caused it, but noticed that between 0.9.19 and 0.10.0 the repo more than doubled in commit count T_T23:14
rm_workanyone have any immediate thoughts about what might be going on?23:14
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